Sports Betting Articles

Welcome to the Sports Betting Articles section of The Sports Geek. Here you will find a list of articles and a breakdown of the different sections we have at our website, which cover everything you would want to know about sports betting. This includes sports betting tips and strategies, sports betting systems, our popular sports betting picks blog, Las Vegas sports betting information, sports betting odds, and information on betting on individual sports.

Sports Betting Strategy

Of course while betting on sports is a lot of fun, the main goal for most sports bettors is to make money or a profit from betting on the sports. When looking to profit from sports betting you will want to give yourself the best chances to win over the long run. This can be accomplished by following different sports betting tips or strategies.

Advanced Sports Betting Strategy Articles:

Current Betting Market

Visit our Sports Betting Strategy section to find general tips and strategies for betting on sports, and sports betting strategy articles for individual sports.

Sports Betting Odds

Whether you are new to sports betting and want to learn how to read betting odds, or are already into sports betting and want to check live odds for today’s betting events we have you covered. In our sports betting odds section beginner bettors will find an explanation of the most common sports betting odds used (American odds and decimal style odds) to help you understand how they work. You will also find a real time live odds feed for any sport you are interested in checking out the betting odds for.
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Sports Picks

The most popular section of The Sports Geek is our news blog, which we also refer to as the Sports Betting Picks. We have a handful of sports betting writers who contribute to writing sports betting related articles, mainly focusing on free betting picks for upcoming sports betting events. If you want some free sports betting picks and inside information about any big upcoming games or events head over to our blog which is updated on a daily basis.
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Sports Betting Systems

A sports betting system is basically a system that pulls in past data to predict winning sports bets or picks, and can be based on a variety of different factors. Proven sports betting systems to make your picks can help you win money, but you will probably either have to create your own sports betting system or purchase picks from a winning handicapper who has their own system. Learn more about these systems in our Sports Betting Systems section.
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Individual Sports Betting Articles

We also have sports betting articles that are focused on the most popular North American sports and the most bet on sports leagues. You will find an intro on betting the sport, and information on the different types of betting which can be done for that sport. Here is a full list of sports we have covered:

Other Sports Betting Articles:

We hope you enjoy all of our sports betting articles and if you have any questions or want to suggest a new topic for us to write about you can contact us.