Best Online Roulette Sites 2022

If you want to play online roulette for real money, you’re in the right place. Our expert casino review team has hand-picked the roulette online casinos listed on this page for their superior roulette selection.

Roulette casino sites offer a welcome bonus, and many of them offer reload bonuses, cashback offers, and other promotions. Visit the online casinos with roulette if you’re interested in finding out more.

Further down this page, we’ll also explain how to play roulette, the advantages of doing so online, and we’ll introduce you to a few cool roulette variants.

Best Roulette Online Casinos

These are the best online roulette casinos online. We’ve spent over 70 hours researching online casinos that offer roulette. And of all the sites we came across and reviewed, these got the highest scores. Because of how we’ve set up our table rankings, if you can see the site below, you can play at it, so there’s no need to worry about whether the roulette site will accept you.

We address our intense process for choosing the casinos we recommend in the section below.

How We Select the Best Roulette Casinos

As one of the leading gambling sites online, we get constant pitches from casino operators asking us to review their products. That means we encounter hundreds of roulette casinos every year. How did we narrow the best roulette casinos down to the list on the table above? By using our expert-created assessment criteria. We’ll tell you more about what we consider important in this section.

Game Variety

It’s important to us that there are plenty of real money online roulette games to play. These should include a good mix of digital and live dealer roulette games. Most roulette casinos offer American, European, and French roulette. The best roulette sites also offer interesting variants like Lightning Roulette, Age of the Gods Roulette, Speed Roulette, and others.

Casino Live Software Providers Logos - Playtech, Authentic Gaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Visionary iGaming

As well as game variety, we place a lot of value on quality. We need to see roulette games from top software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, Rival, and live games companies like Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Visionary iGaming.

Safety and Security

It doesn’t matter what games a roulette site offers if it isn’t safe, secure, and legitimate. To establish legitimacy, we look at the licenses a casino has, the software providers it works with, the history of the operator behind the scenes, and a few other factors such as existing player testimonials.

All of our approved roulette sites operate on secure, SSL encrypted connections. You’ll notice the “https://” before the web addresses when you visit them. This means your financial data and personal information is safe from hackers.

User Interface

The last thing you want is to sign up to a casino site, excited to play roulette for real money, and have to spend the next 10 minutes trying to find the roulette games. Or, even worse, finding a game and discovering that it doesn’t load or operate properly.

We check all of the roulette online casinos and roulette casino apps to make sure they function properly on all devices. All of the roulette games will be easy to find, well-organized, and they’ll load quickly. We know this because we play the games when reviewing the real money online casinos and the roulette apps.

Real Money Gambling Options

Money Coming Out of a Laptop CartoonIf you want to win money playing roulette, you’ll need to deposit and risk real money. To do so safely, you need to have at least a few secure payment options. Most of the online roulette sites listed on this page accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Bitcoin. Some of them also accept e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

The payment options available to you will depend on where you are in the world. However, whatever options you end up using, you’ll get fast payouts with low or zero fees. If you play roulette with Bitcoin, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to pay any fees.

Bonuses and Promotions

We all want real money roulette bonuses, right? It’s one of the top reasons to look for new gambling sites with roulette in the first place. As you can see from our table above, there are some enticing roulette welcome bonuses available. Yet, what you don’t see above is the ongoing bonuses and promos for regular players. You can read more about those in our reviews.

While bonus size matters, we are much more concerned with fairness. We’d rather take a $100 bonus with fair terms than a $1,000 bonus we have no chance of cashing out. We check the minimum deposits, playthrough requirements, and cashout limits of every roulette bonus.

How to Play Roulette for Real Money Online

Playing at online roulette casinos is easier than you might think. If you’ve never done it before, we’re going to guide you through the process here.

  1. First, find where to play roulette online, an excellent place to start would be to check our table above. You’ll need to fill in a registration form, create a username and password, and register some personal details such as your name and contact details.
  2. Once you have verified your account, you’ll need to make a deposit. As soon as it has landed, you can select one of the roulette variants from the game library. We highly recommend trying live dealer roulette for real money.
  3. You might wonder how to place bets at an roulette table. Whether you play digital or live games, you’ll see a digital roulette board with all of the numbers and betting possibilities. Place digital chips worth as much as you want to bet on the board. Remember that each game has a minimum and maximum bets per spin.
  4. If you’re playing a digital game, click spin. If you’re playing a live dealer game, the dealer will spin the wheel when the betting window closes.
  5. Wait for the outcome. On some of the live real money online roulette games, you’ll get an up-close view of the roulette wheel, and some even offer slow-motion replays.
After the roulette spin is settled, your balance will be credited or debited automatically, depending on whether you won or lost. You can then play another round or choose another roulette game.

Best Real Money Roulette Games

Here are currently some of the best roulette games to take advantage of today! It does not matter if you are getting your feet wet in the world of roulette or looking for the best games to help you to rake in some handsome real money wins. Visit one of our favorite online casinos today and get in on some great roulette action in just minutes!

Game Casino Bonus Real Money Free Play Mobile
European Roulette Las Atlantis Logo280% up to $14,000 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
French Roulette Bovada Logo100% up to $3,000 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
American Roulette Wild Casino Logo250% up to $5,000 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Live Dealer Roulette Super Slots Logo250% up to $6,000 ✔️ ✔️
Zoom Roulette BetUS Casino Logo200% up to $5,000 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

What are you waiting for? Sign up today at one of our best online casinos for roulette and earn a few real money bonuses in the process!

Real Money Roulette Variations

Not so long ago, you had two choices when it came to online roulette, American Roulette or European Roulette, and both were digital games. Those days are over, and now, there are dozens of online roulette games to choose from, particularly in the live roulette sphere. We’ll look at five games that can be found at roulette online casinos here.

European Roulette

European Roulette is always the best variant to play because it only has one zero pocket. Since it only has a single zero pocket, it has a house edge of 2.7%. Most live roulette games use European Roulette wheels.

American and European Roulette Wheel

American Roulette

American Roulette games have two zero pockets. This significantly increases the house edge to 5.26%. That’s a heck of a difference when compared to European Roulette. It really makes a difference over hundreds and thousands of spins. Some people choose to play American Roulette, but we can’t say we see any good reason to do so given the much higher house edge.

French Roulette

French Roulette is a variant of European Roulette, as you might have guessed, and it has two interesting rules that can benefit you. Usually, when you lose an even-money bet because the ball lands on zero, you lose your money.

However, in French Roulette, there are two rules that kick in if the ball lands in the zero pocket. First, the La Partage rule gives you half of your bet back. Second, there’s the En Prison rule that holds your money until the next spin and gives you a chance to win it back.

French Roulette is a great choice because of these player-friendly rules.

Lightning Roulette

The leading company in live dealer roulette games is Evolution Gaming. No other live games developer comes close to the pace of innovation that this firm consistently demonstrates. This online roulette game is one example of that.

In Lightning Roulette, as many as five numbers will be selected, and multipliers of up to 500x will be applied. If you want to play straight bets for real money, this game could be worth a look.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods is one of the most successful slot machine franchises from Playtech. These progressive jackpot slots are a huge hit with players, and Playtech periodically releases new games in the series.

AOTG roulette has an extra pocket on the wheel that unlocks a mini slot machine. You spin the reels for a chance to win the Age of the Gods progressive jackpots. The biggest of these could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Best Roulette Strategies

Now that you know where to play, how to sign up, and are familiar with some of the best roulette variations – let’s discuss roulette strategies and odds.

Just like there’s more than one roulette variant to play, there’s also more than one roulette strategy. You may already be familiar with these popular roulette strategies.

  • Martingale System
  • Labouchere System
  • Reverse Labouchere
  • Paroli System
  • D’Alembert System
  • Contra D’Alembert System
  • Andrucci System
  • Fibonacci Roulette System
  • 1 3 2 6 System
  • 3 2 System

Martingale System

The Martingale System is probably the most well-known roulette strategy. The basis is simple – every time you lose a bet, you double the next bet. Then, when you win, the amount you previously lost is recovered plus a slight profit.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere System works by increasing your stake after a losing bet and following a series of steps.

  • Set the amount you want to win
  • Divide it into a series of small numbers that add up to the set amount in step one
  • Add the first and last numbers together to determine the next bet
  • If the bet wins, cross out the numbers used and add the second and second to last numbers together to determine the next bet
  • If the bet loses, the amount is added to the top of the number sequence and added to the bottom number to determine the next bet
  • There’s a wide range of odds based on how many numbers or bet types you’ve selected. But, the
  • Since there are 38 numbers in roulette, the odds of hitting the number you picked for a straight up bet are 37 to 1.

The Reverse Labouchere System follows the same steps but starts by increasing your stake after a winning bet.

Paroli System

If you’re using the Paroli System, you’ll double the wager each time you win a bet until you’ve won three consecutive bets.

The strategy is similar to the Martingale, but considered to be less aggressive.

Roulette Strategy Tips and Odds

When using roulette strategies, you must also consider the impact various factors have. Game type, minimum and maximum bets, and payout amounts will all have an effect on the strategy you employ when playing online roulette.

Since there are 38 numbers in roulette, the payout odds are 37 to 1.

The easiest bet to take advantage of these odds is the straight-up bet. The other factor to consider when examining the odds is the house edge, which invariably affects the payout.

For instance, if the house edge is 5.26%, then the odds go from 37 to 1 to 35 to 1.

When thinking in terms of odds consider these factors:

  • Outside bets have higher odds, but lower payouts
  • Inside bets have lower odds, but higher payouts

If you’re looking for 1:1 odds these bets are for you.

1:1 Roulette Odds
Bets Spaces Odds
Even/Odd Place a bet on all odd or all even numbers 1:1
Low Place a bet on numbers 1-18 1:1
High Place a bet on numbers 19-36 1:1
Red/Black Place a bet on all the black or all the red numbers 1:1

Why Play Online Roulette for Money?

There are several good reasons to play roulette for real money. We’ll explain the biggest advantages in this section.

Generous Payouts

Real money online roulette offers generous payouts, and you have a very decent chance of winning any given spin. If you make a red/black bet and win, you’ll get a 1:1 even money payout. Bet on a single number and win, and the payout will be 35:1 in standard roulette variants.

Fast-Paced Fun

Roulette IconRoulette is one of the most exciting games in the casino. Each spin takes around 40 to 50 seconds from start to finish. If you play Speed Roulette, you can squeeze almost double the number of spins in. Online roulette will give you a rush like few other casino games.

Effective Strategies

We aren’t here to pull the wool over your eyes; there isn’t a single roulette strategy that will give you a long-term advantage over the house. However, strategies like the Paroli system can give you short-term leverage. In this roulette system, you double your bet after a win on an even-money bet. This can cause your balance to mushroom extremely quickly.

Just make sure you have the sense to walk away before your luck runs out.

Interesting Variants

We’ve mentioned some of the different roulette variants in another section above. The truth is, this list is only scratching the surface. There are many other roulette games to choose from, and casinos are always innovating. You’ll never get bored playing roulette.

Beautiful Dealers

One of the advantages of playing real money roulette online versus in a real-world casino is that you can pick from hundreds of dealers. Yup, many roulette sites offer that experience. Or maybe you’d prefer a dashing young guy from Europe? There are plenty of those running roulette games from live studios, too. Playing roulette online gives you the control to select the dealer you like best, and you can usually interact with them through live chat features.

Playing Free Roulette vs Playing For Money

One of the best things about playing roulette online at one of our preferred online casinos is the chance to both play for real money and to play in demo mode! Players now have their choice between enjoying real money roulette where they can grow their online bankroll or by playing roulette in demo mode where there is no money on the line whatsoever!

Both formats have some excellent perks and benefits to offer any type of roulette player out there!

Real Money Roulette Free Play Roulette
• You have the chance to win real money but also to lose real money as well.
• You can use real money bonuses and promotions playing roulette for real money.
• Real money roulette offers a Wider range of games.
• Signing up for a new account and setting up your bankroll is required.
• Players can earn points toward the online casino’s loyalty program.
• Real money roulette opens up the opportunity for live dealer tables.
• No money comes out of your online bankroll. You also cannot win anything (cash, jackpots, free spins).
• Free play allows you to get familiar with the game, learn the rules, and develop strategies.
• Free play mode roulette games do not feature as many varieties.
• There is no registration required.
• You miss out on using bonuses or promotions that are being offered.
• Demo mode roulette can be enjoyed without divulging financial information.

Either way you go on this one, there is a lot to be gained! If your desire is to grow your online account, we recommend real money roulette. If leisure is your thing, it might be best to go with free play or demo mode. Playing for free is also a great way to develop strategies and hone your skills so there is also an important place for the more money-driven players here as well!

Mobile Roulette Gaming

The beauty of this game is most online roulette sites are mobile-friendly! So, whether you’re riding passenger in the car, waiting in line at the grocery store, or just getting some relaxed time in, roulette can go wherever you need it to be.

At casinos which offer mobile roulette, the roulette variations transfer seamlessly regardless of your choice of smart device. You’ll find the same games, bonuses, loyalty perks, and banking options that you’d find on a desktop.

Conclusion on Roulette Online Casinos

Playing roulette online for real money is a great choice. Just make sure that you select a safe, legit casino site to play at. Our team has done the legwork for you, so now all you have to do is visit the casinos above and decide what one you like best.

Good luck, and we hope you experience an unforgettable roulette winning streak!

Real Money Online Roulette FAQ

The simple answer is that it depends on what casino you play at. There are plenty of safe, legitimate roulette sites, and there are also a few scammers out there running rigged games. Stick with our approved online roulette sites, and you’ll be safe.

Why should you trust us? Read some of our roulette online casino reviews, and you’ll have no doubt that we understand what we’re talking about. We don’t just praise casinos and point out the positives. We’re not afraid to point out the downsides, even at the casinos we ultimately recommend.

There are many great variants, but whichever one you choose, make sure it uses a European roulette wheel. As we explained above, it has a much lower house edge than the American roulette wheel. If you’re looking for a specific suggestion, we recommend trying Quantum Roulette by Playtech. You can win multipliers of up to 500x on straight bets.

Yes, there are real money casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. You can also play with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and several other altcoins.

You do not necessarily have to download the gaming software to your mobile device or desktop PC in order to online roulette action. It really depends on which online casino you are using as some will require a download of the software. But in many cases, players can simply sign up for a new account at an online casino and use their web browser to access the gaming content. Most of the time all you need is a mobile device or computer with a web browser and a reliable internet connection, and you are good to go!

Yes, you can play roulette online in free play or demo mode which means that you can play without any money coming out of your online bankroll! Nowadays, you are hard-pressed to find any online casinos that do not offer free versions of classic roulette games. Free play games are perfect for players who want to get more familiar with their roulette games, their rules, and the way it works. They are also a great avenue for players who enjoy these games for leisure.

Roulette games that we promote are not rigged by any means. All online casinos on our recommendation list for the best in roulette are ruled and regulated by a handful of legit, trustworthy gambling authorities and gaming commissions. These entities are the ones that keep these online casinos fully licensed. Online casinos are, therefore, requires to adhere to certain regulations such as rigorous third-party audits and the inclusion of random number generators. These RNGs ensure completely random results on the roulette wheels with the computer standing in for the duties of the dealer.

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Honestly, we highly recommend just going with one of the online casinos that we feature in this review! We have already done all the important leg work and found these gambling sites to be reputable, safe, and secure in every respect. You really cannot go wrong with one of these online casinos, but we completely understand if you prefer to look elsewhere. Just know that you will have to do your own vetting and research!