Horse Racing Betting

Welcome to the Horse Racing Betting section of our site. We are working on developing this section into the best Horse Racing Betting Guide on the Internet so that you will not need to visit any other websites in order to find out anything you would want to know about betting on horses.

If you are new to betting on horses or just want some tips on how to win more money with your horse racing betting, you have found the right place. Below we explain how horse racing betting works, and give some tips and strategies on how you can win money betting on horse races.

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How To Bet on Horse Racing

There are a variety of different types of horse racing bets you can place on each race. The most common types of bets (especially with beginner horse racing bettors) are the win, place, and show bets. A win bet is simply picking which horse you think will win the horse race, a place bet is a bet on a horse to finish first or second in the race, and a show bet is betting on a horse to finish in the top three. Of course the win bet will payout more money than the place bet, which pays out more money than the show bet.

Betting on the order in which the horses finish the race is another very common type of betting, and is referred to as exotic horse racing betting. The four main types of exotic bets are quinella, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. The quinella bet is picking which two horses will finish first and second and the order of the finish doesn’t matter. The exacta bet is picking the first place and second place horse in order. A trifecta bet involves picking the horses that finish in the top three spots in order of finish. The superfecta bet is by far the hardest bet to win and involves picking the order of the first four horses in order, with the payouts often being very, very big.

Lesser known types of horse racing betting to casual horse race bettors include the daily double, pick 3, win 4 and pick 6 bets, which are all pretty easy to understand. The daily double horse racing bet involves picking the winner of two consecutive races. The pick 3 bet is picking the winner of three consecutive horse races. Win 4 betting is picking the winning horse in four consecutive horse races. And finally the pick 6 horse racing bet is picking the winning horse in six straight horse races, and is a bet that can help you on your way to retirement if you can hit it!

Wheel Betting is also popular for more experienced horse racing bettors. Learn more by visiting our Horse Racing Wheel Betting article.

Triple Crown Horse Racing Betting

By far the most popular horse racing events to bet on in North America are the Triple Crown races. For those who are new to horse racing betting, the Triple Crown consists of the famous Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes races. The Kentucky Derby is actually one of the most bet on sporting events in North America each year.

Online Horse Racing Betting

Not only can you bet on the popular Triple Crown horse races online, but there are a variety of different online sportsbooks which allow you to bet on daily horse races from popular horse racing tracks around North America. The top online sportsbooks have a separate racebook section on their site, which is perfect for horse racing betting fans. My favorite thing about betting on horse races online is that you can bet on whatever tracks you want to bet on, at any time of the day, from the comfort of your own home. You will also be rewarded with special free money bonuses and rebates on any losses from horse racing betting.

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