Top Live Betting Sites in 2021

Long gone are the days when you had to place a wager on who would win and wait until the end of the match to settle your bet.

These days, live betting sites have revolutionized the industry, and as a bettor, you now have more options than ever. From outright bets on results to whether or not the next penalty will be scored, live betting sites bring a whole new level of action to having a punt.

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Let’s take a look at the state of live betting today, and some of the best live betting sites online.

The Pros and Cons of Live Betting Sites

Nothing in this world is all good or all bad, and live betting sites are no exception. After placing bets on thousands of them, we’ve come up with a definitive list of the goods and bads.

The Good Stuff

We’re positive people, so we’ll focus on the good stuff first. The following are the things we really like about live betting sites:

Extra Betting Opportunities

Live betting has opened up untold opportunities when it comes to betting on sports. Not so long ago, you could just bet on an outcome, final score, or who would score most goals or points.

Now, things have changed completely. Proposition bets come up and last only seconds. For example, in soccer live betting, you can bet on the outcome of a corner kick or throw-in. These events only last a few seconds, and then the bets are settled.

For experts in a given sport, these sorts of bets open up lots of opportunities to profit on lots of little events, as well as the big ‘macro’ bets most people engage in.

Cash-Out Options

As live betting has evolved, the ‘cash-out’ option has become a much-loved feature at most great live bookmakers.

The option to cash out is simply a chance to take profits early. You can also cut your losses early if things don’t go as planned.

For Example

Let’s say you’ve bet on Manchester United to win a certain football match, and the opposition goes 2-0 up within minutes. Rather than lose your entire bet, you can cash out and minimize the damage. Likewise, you can take profits early if Manchester United go 2-0 in the lead.

Super-Fun Experience

There’s no doubt that apart from the money, lots of people bet because it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Live betting takes that to a whole new level. It’s pretty exhilarating to watch opportunities arise in otherwise boring situations.

Once you’ve placed a few bets on a live betting site, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever go back. It’s like experiencing color TV, then going back to black and white.

On top of this, live bookies go the extra mile to make the experience better. Live streaming of matches, radio commentary, and match alerts are all features you can expect at top live betting sites.

100% Mobile Friendly

Live betting came of age in the era of the mobile device. As a result, almost every live betting site will be mobile-optimized by default.

There are also lots of live betting apps suitable for most popular mobile devices like Android and iOS tablets or phones. Due to the nature of mobile betting, most of these apps have ‘one-touch’ features, allowing you to place bets and take profits extra quickly.

The Bad Stuff

There are a couple of things to be aware of when you start using live betting sites.

Can Become Overwhelming

All the betting opportunities, notifications, and cash moving in and out can be fun, but also overwhelming.

Don’t forget to switch off from time to time. The live betting app you downloaded doesn’t have to be used every day. Sometimes you need to switch off, enjoy some time with friends and family, and come back to bet another day.

Can Worsen Problem Gambling

If you’re someone who has a history of problem gambling, or if you have addictive tendencies, you might want to think twice about live betting.

The fact that it’s non-stop, super exciting, and available on any device 24/7 isn’t likely to help with any existing problems.

Types of Live Bets and Relevant Sports

There’s no doubt that there are a few dominant sports when it comes to live betting. American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and tennis offer more betting opportunities than most other sports.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the live bets you can place:

  • Who will score the next goal/point?
  • What will the outcome of a penalty be?
  • Will a player get sent off after a foul?
  • Will a pending opportunity be scored/missed?
  • Which team will have a player booked by the referee next?

You get the idea. Live betting is a carnival of proposition bets. This is just a small sample of the sorts of things you can expect to bet on.

Live Betting on the Move

You might have noticed already, but mobiles pretty much rule everything. Online betting wasn’t overlooked in that revolution, and there are thousands of live betting apps as a result.

You can now bet from pretty much anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone or tablet. Most apps will give you live alerts right on your phone, making you aware of betting opportunities and keeping you up to date with your unsettled bets.

Much like betting sites themselves, there are many different types of live betting apps. Understandably, it can be difficult to choose.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Is the app from a reputable bookmaker?
  • Does the sportsbook in question offer a big enough range of live betting options for you?
  • Does the app offer other betting options such as casino games or poker?
  • Are there any special features such as live streaming of matches and games?
  • Are there any special ‘mobile bonuses’ for those who download the app?
  • Does the app offer one-touch betting?
  • Is the app compatible with your specific mobile device?
  • Is the app safe and secure?
  • Is the app free to download and use?

Have a think about which factors are most important to you as an individual. The best live betting apps online will answer ‘yes’ to nearly every question above. However, since everyone is different and wants different things from a mobile betting app, there are all kinds out there.

Once you’ve found the right app for you, simply download and install it. Most live betting sites will be able to detect what operating system your device is using and will automatically prompt you to download a compatible version.

Of course, it’s often entirely optional to even download an app. There are plenty of live betting sites which allow you to bet directly, no download required.

Whatever you go for, the point is simple…live betting from mobiles is a huge thing. It keeps growing, and there’s no end in sight!

Live Betting Tips

We’ll leave you with a few tips for live betting. After all, as fellow punters, we want you to be successful and beat the bookie.

Always Take Advantage of Free Live Bets

Most live betting sites will offer some sort of incentive for new bettors. Take free live bets, enhanced odds, and risk-free bets when they are offered.

Utilize Available Research Tools

If you’re new to live betting, you won’t believe some of the depth punters go into to find opportunities.

There are entire libraries of match results and historical outcomes, from how teams tend to fare against rivals to how often tennis players make faults when serving.

Information is power. Use it to find the best live betting opportunities for any given situation.

Stay Out of Propositions You Don’t Understand

We all like to try something new, but when your money is on the line, it’s best to stick to what you know.

If you’re new to the fantastic sport of horse racing, for example, perhaps watch a few races before getting involved in real money bets.

Research the Live Betting Site Before Registering

This might be the most important point of all, but lots of people overlook it. There are plenty of scam live betting sites you’ll want to avoid.

Stick with those we have recommended here, and do your own research by visiting them and looking around.

Never Bet More Than You Can Afford to Lose

This is the golden rule with regards to all betting, but it applies even more so to live betting, since so many opportunities to bet come up.

If you’re asking yourself whether you can afford a certain bet, it means you can’t. Stick to that rule, and you’ll stay out of financial trouble and enjoy live betting a lot more!

Live Betting Is the Future

Live betting is a huge deal, and we’re 100% certain that this is both here to stay and going to play an increasingly large role in online betting in the future. There are still a few stick-in-the-mud bookies who haven’t embraced it, but they are few and far between and will either have to adapt or die.

Live betting has its opportunities and pitfalls just like any other form of betting. The opportunities to win are multiplied, but so are the opportunities to lose.

That said, once you try live betting, you will never go back. It’s all the fun of normal betting, turbo-charged. Pick a live betting site from those listed above and see for yourself.