The Sports Geek’s A.I. Picks NFL Betting Record

The Sports Geek’s A.I. Picks NFL Betting Record

The Sports Geek’s A.I. picks engine is a comprehensive predictive mathematical model used to accurately determine the future outcome of sporting events. Currently, TSG’s A.I. sports picks engine covers major North American sports leagues, covering every single game in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA Football & Basketball.

TSG’s picks model utilizes a variety of statistical data points to generate the most accurate predictions for point spread betting, moneyline betting, and Over-Under betting. The model’s multipronged approach enables the A.I. picks engine to consistently generate winning sports picks to make money at online sportsbooks.

An aggregate of stats from previous sporting events is utilized our picks engine. In addition to basic stats, such as points for and against per game, the model dissects advanced stats from over 20 years of data.

For example, Defensive-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA), Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt (ANY/A), and Completed Percentage Over Expectation (CPOE) are used in our NFL betting online A.I. picks model. As games are completed and data is collected, the updated statistics are added to the AI engine.

The Sports Geek’s A.I. model has proven to be a highly successful sports betting tool. In the 2022-23 NFL season, the A.I. picks engine profited against the spread (58%), moneyline (66%), and Over-Under (56%) wagers.

AI Picks Success Rate 2023-24 NFL Season

112-4 (+6.92U)8-8 (-3.6U)10-6 (+3.1U)
210-5-1 (+4.1U)13-3 (+6.8U)7-9 (-2.6U)
39-7 (+1.2U)10-6 (-1.2U)5-11 (-6.4U)
48-7-1 (+0.3U)12-4 (+3.7U)10-6 (+3.1U)
59-5-0 (+3.2U)10-4 (+3.4U)7-7 (-0.6U)
67-8-0 (-1.7U)11-4 (+1.5U)9-6 (+2.2U)
77-6-0 (+0.4U)6-7 (-1.6U)5-7-1 (-2.5U)
87-7-2 (-0.6U)11-5 (+0.5U)13-3 (+8.8U)
96-8-0 (-2.5U)10-4 (+2.3U)7-6-1 (+0.4U)
106-6-2 (-0.5U)5-9 (-6.0U)9-5-0 (+3.2U)
116-6-2 (-0.5U)11-3 (+4.5U)7-7 (-0.6)
129-5-1 (+3.2U)14-2 (+6.9)3-13 (-10.3U)
137-6 (+0.4U)10-3 (+1.5U)6-7 (-1.5U)
149-5-1 (+3.2U)6-9 (-6.0U)8-7 (+0.3U)
159-5-2 (+3.2U)11-5 (+0.0)8-8 (-0.7U)
1613-3-0 (+8.8U)7-8 (-4.0U)8-6-1 (+1.3U)
1710-6 (+3.1U)14-2 (+5.5U)10-6 (+3.1U)
188-8 (-0.5U)10-6 (+0.5U)9-6-1 (+2.2U)
Wild Card4-2-0 (+0.5U)4-2 (+1.64U)3-3 (-0.27U)
Divisional2-2 (-0.18U)3-1 (-0.19U)2-1-1 (+0.82U)
Conference Title2-0 (+1.8U)1-1 (-0.7U)0-2 (-1.8U)
TOTAL160-112-12 (+34.92U)187-92 (+14.1U)146-134-5 (+1.42U)

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NFL Conference Championship Picks Highlights

TSG’s A.I. NFL predictions model had a strong NFL Conference Championship weekend on picks against the spread (ATS). As has been the case throughout the season, the A.I. NFL picks engine has been in sharp form with its ATS picks.

The A.I. football picks for the NFL Conference Championships went 2-0 (100%) for +1.8 units. The model predicted that both underdogs would cover the spread, and that was exactly the outcome. The two wins resulted in 1.8 more units added to our growing season total.

Overall, through the 2023-24 season, the A.I. NFL predictions have been on fire ATS. Heading into Super Bowl 58, the model’s ATS picks have gone 160-112-12 (58.8%). TSG’s A.I. sports picks in the NFL have equated to +34.9 units from Week 1 through the NFL Playoffs.

We took a small hit on the moneyline this past week, but still maintaining a solid record on outright winners. The model went 1-1 (50%) on the moneyline in the NFL Conference Championship. However, with an overall record of 187-92 (67%), the A.I. NFL football picks have produced +14.1 units to our bankroll in 2023-24.

Between the AFC and NFC Championships, the model took a small loss of -0.7 units. The NFL A.I. picks engine’s NFL Conference Championship picks on the Over-Under lost -1.8 units. Nevertheless, the model is an incredible 493-338-17 (59.3%) entering the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. 

Before previewing our NFL Super Bowl A.I. picks, let’s revisit some of our best wins from the Conference Championship Games:


Super Bowl 58 Picks Preview

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs meet in a highly anticipated Super Bowl rematch. For the first time, the Super Bowl will be hosted in the gambling mecca of the U.S. In what felt impossible a decade ago, Super Bowl 58 will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to our NFL A.I. picks for the Super Bowl, the model does not like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs beating the 49ers. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, TSG’s NFL A.I. Super Bowl pick against the spread is pointing to a 49ers win (-125) and cover (-2).

Additionally, the model likes the defenses to step up in Super Bowl 58. With the 49ers leaning on their defense to secure a victory, the NFL A.I. Super Bowl predictions model likes the Under 47.5 (-105) to hit.

Lastly, NFL betting sites have released a variety of Super Bowl betting promotions. For the best possible edge, we recommend registering and taking advantage of these lucrative bonuses before placing your wagers on our Super Bowl picks.

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