2022-23 College Football Championship Odds and Predictions

TheSportsGeek has one final College Football National Championship odds update before the conference championship weekend. A lot has changed since the beginning of the season. The College Football Playoff odds look a little different than they did in September.

From week to week, there has not been too much consensus on who is going to win the National Championship. The Alabama Crimson Tide went into the season as the favorites on the National Championship odds board, but they haven’t looked the part.


Let’s forget about the losses that Alabama had against Tennessee and LSU. There were other close calls for the Crimson Tide, as well. Alabama lost by a point to Texas in the second game of the season, 20-19, and almost lost to the Texas A&M Aggies in a 24-20 final.

Can we actually count Alabama out of the College Football Playoff yet, though? We know that the committee would love nothing more than to get the Crimson Tide into the playoffs, but it is going to be tough. If USC and TCU lose, then there is a slim chance.

Wild Finish In The College Football Playoff Race

The CFP committee is hoping that things go according to the oddsmakers during conference championship weekend. If USC and TCU win there will be no controversy. They will be going to the College Football Playoff, with who would most likely be Michigan and Georgia.

Let’s assume that Michigan gets beat up by the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten Championship. Are they still good for the No. 4 spot in the CFP? They can’t put Ohio State in over Michigan, so that looks like a lock.

The oddsmakers do not believe that USC is a lock to win the Pac-12 Championship. The Trojans are small 3-point favorites over the Utah Utes in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Nothing is a guarantee for USC going into the conference championship.


There will be a lot of debate in the CFP committee room if chaos ensues on Saturday. The one lock is the Georgia Bulldogs. Even if they are upset by the LSU Tigers in the SEC Championship, Georgia will be going to the CFP.

The team that wins the SEC Championship almost seemingly has a built-in ticket to the College Football Playoff. However, LSU would need the chaos scenario to unfold to get in with two losses.

Updated College Football National Championship Odds

College Football Championship Odds Courtesy of Bovada:
OddsDriverCFP Ranking
-150Georgia Bulldogs1
+300Michigan Wolverines2
+800Ohio State Buckeyes5
+1000TCU Horned Frogs3
+1000USC Trojans4
+6000Alabama Crimson Tide6

Since our latest College Football National Championship betting odds update, the favorite has changed. Ohio State was a +200 favorite then, overtaking the pre-season favorite Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, and Clemson were the pre-season favorites to go to the College Football Playoff according to the oddsmakers. Only Georgia is left in the top-4 going into the conference championships.

Looking back now, the best value on the board was Michigan at +4000. The Wolverines are currently +300 to win the National Championship. The only team with better odds to win is the defending champs.

Georgia is going into the SEC Championship with -150 odds to win the National Championship. They are in the driver’s seat to win back-to-back national titles.

Ohio State as the third favorite to win the National Championship at +800 has to be the most interesting odds. The oddsmakers at Bovada seem to believe that they have a better chance of going to the College Football Playoff than TCU (+1000) and USC (+1000).

The Trojans are not getting the most respect despite having the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. Caleb Williams is running away as the favorite to win the Heisman, but the Trojans have work to do for a National Championship.

Updated College Football National Championship Predictions

In our last college football National Championship prediction, we backed Georgia at +215. They were slightly behind Ohio State at the time. Georgia was the most well-rounded team then, and that is still the case going into December.

The Bulldogs are now convincing favorites to win the National Championship. They had pre-season college football championship odds of +400 to win back-to-back titles. Georgia lost some good talent to the NFL, but it has not mattered for the Bulldogs.


When you have a roster with two elite tight ends, everything is a lot easier in college football. Darnell Washington and Brock Bowers could be playing in the NFL today. Instead, quarterback Stetson Bennett has the luxury of two massive and athletic tight ends.

Everything has opened up for the Georgia offense this season. They are known for a lockdown defense, but the offense is working well, too. The Bulldogs have averaged 488.8 yards and 38.3 points per game.

Georgia is well-balanced through the air and on the ground. Bennett has passed for 3,151 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions on 67.2% completions. He has also rushed for 7 touchdowns on the ground.

The Bulldogs are fourth in defense, with 270.7 yards against per game. A team like Michigan, which likes to run, would probably have issues again this season. Georgia is first in the nation, allowing 79.5 rushing yards per game.

They are also first in points against, with 11.3 points conceded per game. Nothing is changing from our previous National Championship bet. We are sticking with Georgia to win the 2022-23 College Football National Championship in January.

Is There A Long Shot Worth Considering?

It is never bad to sprinkle a little on a team with big National Championship odds. Alabama is currently +6000 to win the National Championship. They really need a miracle to get into the College Football Playoff, so I’m not too keen.

Even though Alabama has some attractive odds, everything has to go their way to just get in, and then have to win the playoffs. Out of the long shots, we can scratch Alabama off the list of teams on the shortlist.

Again, Ohio State is the most interesting team at +800. Georgia and Michigan are the only teams with better National Championship betting odds despite Ohio State being at No. 5 in the CFP rankings. The public bettors are still high on the Buckeyes.

USC at +1000 is the only long shot that appears worth considering. When Caleb Williams is on, he has the talent to beat any defense in college football. Does USC have enough defense to help out, though?


The Trojans need a better defense before we are going to have confidence in the Trojans over Georgia or Michigan. However, at +1000, there is some value in backing the most dynamic player in college football.

If you are thinking hard about USC, the bet has to be made before the Pac-12 Championship Game. Their National Championship odds will either drop and all value will be lost, or they will be off the board with a loss against Utah.

The updated Heisman Trophy odds haven’t changed who the favorite is at the top of the board, but there is a quarterback rising fast and closing the gap with CJ Stroud. Ohio State’s CJ Stroud continues to be the the most well-liked player in the Heisman race with oddsmakers.

Stroud had a slight edge on Caleb Williams for the best Heisman Trophy odds going into the season.

The Crimson Tide were playing with fire in a couple of earlier matchups and they finally couldn’t get a break to go their way at Rocky Top. Despite Bryce Young being back on the field, the offense had no help from the defense.

There are so many bad defenses in college football this season. Usually just a problem in the Big 12, the defensive issues are in pretty well every conference, including the SEC. The Big Ten has been good for defense, but does a team like Michigan have enough offense?

While Tennessee beat Alabama, they are a team with little defense. Elsewhere in the SEC, Georgia has looked like the most complete team and deserves their No. 1 ranking.

When asking about defense, Georgia is a rare unit this season that doesn’t miss many assignments. They have enough defense, but are their NCAAF National Championship odds worth betting on?

NCAAF National Championship Odds

The college football championship odds favor the Ohio State Buckeyes and Georgia Bulldogs going into Week 8. The oddsmakers have essentially determined that you can flip a coin between Ohio State and Georgia through seven weeks of action.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have fallen down the NCAAF National Championship odds board. They are not in the playoff anymore according to the AP Top 25.

Along with the loss to the Volunteers, they came close in a 20-19 final versus the Texas Longhorns and held on to beat the Texas A&M Aggies on a final play at home, 24-20. As a result, Alabama is the third favorite to win the National Championship at +425.

Behind these three teams, the oddsmakers aren’t too confident. Tennessee, who just beat Alabama, is at +1400 on the NCAAF National Championship betting odds board. They are trailing the Michigan Wolverines and Clemson Tigers as the best odds to win the college football championship.

The NCAAF National Championship odds fall off the map after Tennessee. The UCLA Bruins are the “first team out” of the championship race with odds to win at +5000.

There are six teams remaining in the mix according to the oddsmakers. It’s going to take a big upset for UCLA, Oregon, TCU, Ole Miss, Texas, and more to win the National Championship. The Longhorns are certainly a team to watch for next season with Quinn Ewers in his second season as a starter, though.

NCAAF National Championship Odds Courtesy of Bovada:
Ohio State Buckeyes+2002
Georgia Bulldogs+2151
Alabama Crimson Tide+4256
Clemson Tigers+12005
Michigan Wolverines+12004
Tennessee Volunteers+14003
UCLA Bruins+50009
Oregon Ducks+550010
TCU Horned Frogs+60008
Ole Miss Rebels+66007
Texas Longhorns+660020
USC Trojans+750080
Oklahoma State Cowboys+1000011
North Carolina Tar Heels+1250022
Illinois Fighting Illini+1500018
Syracuse Orange+2000014

NCAAF National Championship Predictions

Some of those big college football championship odds might be tempting. However, if you know college football, there are only a few teams that realistically have a chance at winning. When the College Football Playoff is expanded, this is when some of the big odds might be worth taking a chance on.

Tennessee has to be the hottest bet in college football at the moment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Volunteers haven’t had a defense and this was before giving up 49 points to Alabama. They’re going to need defense at some point down the road.

Ohio State Buckeyes (+200)

Ohio State has quietly been going about their business in the Big Ten this season. While the country focuses on Alabama and Georgia, neither team is the favorite to win the College Football Playoff.

The Buckeyes are the favorite to win the national title behind their Heisman-leading quarterback. Ohio State quarterbacks haven’t translated in the NFL, but CJ Stroud is impressing scouts.

We don’t know if his game will work in the pros, though he’s the catalyst of a dangerous offense in Columbus. Stroud has passed for an insane 1,737 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions on 70.6% completions.

Stroud is playing pitch and catch with a talented bevy of targets at Ohio State. The Buckeyes have scored 48.8 points per game for top marks in the FBS. They are also second in yardage per game.

My concern with the Buckeyes has been their strength of schedule so far. None of their wins are against ranked teams, with a close call over a bad Notre Dame team to open the season, 21-10. Beating Wisconsin and Michigan State is not an impressive accomplishment in 2022.

Georgia Bulldogs (+215)

What is going to happen to CJ Stroud and the Ohio State offense when they have to play a defense like Georgia? The Bulldogs are well-disciplined and aren’t going to get sucked into the Buckeyes’ razzle-dazzle.

Georgia lost most of its top defensive talent to the NFL this past season, but it’s like nothing has changed. The Bulldogs are third in the league with 247.1 yards conceded per game and second with an average of 9.1 points against per game.

While Georgia has a scare against Missouri in a 26-22 final, I don’t believe it’s the same as the Ohio State against Notre Dame. The Bulldogs looked bored and disinterested, while Ohio State couldn’t have overlooked the Fighting Irish at home to open the season.

The Bulldogs have the experienced Stetson Bennett back at quarterback this season and he’s fulfilled his duties. Bennett has passed for 2,033 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 1 interception on 70.7% completed passes.

For the most well-rounded roster in college football, you have to look at Georgia with confidence. While most college defenses have been turning it on and off this season, the Bulldogs have looked great every week.

It’s tough to feel good about any other defense against Stroud. The Bulldogs may have lost talent in the offseason, but they’ve just reloaded with more playmakers and showing it this season. They are a smart bet to repeat in the College Football Playoff.

National Championship Prediction

Technically, the 2022-23 NCAA football season is already a week old. A handful of teams around the country opened their respective seasons in Week 0, but the season will kick off in earnest this weekend.

Most of the legitimate 2022-23 College Football Playoff hopefuls will suit up for the first time on Saturday, September 3rd. Depending on what transpires in Week 1, we could see quite a bit of action on the national championship odds leaderboards in the coming days. This weekend’s schedule does feature a couple of intriguing matchups between contenders, including a neutral-site showdown between reigning champs Georgia and an upstart Oregon squad.

NCAA football betting sites will be on top of things all year long. Alabama will open yet another season as the early favorites, but a lot will change between now and the CFP in early 2023.

2022-23 NCAA Championship Odds

Ohio State+350
Texas A&M+2200
Notre Dame+4500

Is Texas Back?

For years, we’ve been hearing many people overreact to hot starts for the Texas Longhorns. “Texas is back!” has even become an ironic rallying cry for noted Longhorn detractors.

For the first time in a long time
Austinites have a team worth getting excited about. Texas is returning arguably the most dominant offensive force in the country in running back Bijan Robinson. All he did last year was run for nearly 1,130 yards on 195 attempts along with 11 touchdowns as a sophomore.

The Arizona native will open his junior campaign among the betting favorites to win the Heisman Trophy, and with good reason.

However, the real excitement lies with the newfound talent under center. Steve Sarkisian announced last week that Quinn Ewers will begin the year as the QB1. The highly-touted Ohio State transfer beat Hudson Card out for the job ahead of the season opener vs. Louisiana-Monroe.

Ewers joins Drew Brees, Nick Foles, and Sam Ehlinger as major QB prospects to come out of nearby Westlake High School. He was initially ranked as the top overall player in the 2022 recruiting class, so expectations will be sky-high for the youngster in his first season.

The Horns’ +5000 NCAA title odds are long, but they’ve improved a bit since Ewers won the quarterbacking job. Texas suddenly has the best NCAA championship odds of any Big 12 team.

Aggies Hoping to Make Waves

While the Longhorns seem to be on the rise, their old rivals will actually start the season with more favorable NCAA championship betting odds.

Texas A&M is listed at +2200 to win it all this year, which puts the Aggies third among SEC squads. A&M might be one of the most iconic football programs in America, but it’s been a while since the team has enjoyed much success on the national stage.

the Aggies haven’t posted a 10-win season since going 11-2 with Johnny Manziel under center 10 years ago.

However, Jimbo Fisher has the program headed in the right direction. A&M took a bit of a step back with an 8-4 finish a season ago, but the Aggies have plenty of offensive talent set to lead the charge in 2022.

Texas A&M is ranked No. 6 in the latest preseason poll. They do face a rough schedule, however, with three SEC West bunkmates all ranked in the top 21, as well. Hopes are high in Aggieland for Haynes King, who recently won the QB job after suffering a season-ending injury early in the last term.

He’ll be flanked by star running back Devon Achane, who many believe is primed for a breakout campaign after he totaled over 1,100 yards from scrimmage in ’21.

New Leadership in South Bend

Notre Dame was dealt a blow when longtime head coach Brian Kelly skipped town for Baton Rouge over the offseason.

Based on early enthusiasm among the fanbase, however, we shouldn’t expect a drop-off in performance under his replacement, Marcus Freeman.

The Fighting Irish will face a stiff test out of the gates, however, when Freeman leads the team to Columbus to face his alma mater, Ohio State, in the season opener.

Notre Dame will also face tough contests against Clemson (home) and USC (away), but the rest of the schedule is rather favorable. Don’t be surprised if the Irish wind up favored in nine of their 12 games this season.

No team wants to start 0-1, but there wouldn’t be much shame in losing to the second-ranked Buckeyes on the road. Oddsmakers don’t have much faith in Freeman’s team to get a good result, however, as the Irish are massive 17.5-point underdogs in this one.

One difficult loss still wouldn’t be enough to shatter No. 5 Notre Dame’s title hopes, however, as evidenced by their still-favorable +4500 NCAA championship odds.


2022-23 NCAA National Title Odds

Ohio State+300
Texas A&M+2500
Notre Dame+4500

Alabama (+175)

Alabama’s dominance is almost silly at this point. This program has done nothing but win since Nick Saban took the reins back in 2007. Remarkably, the Crimson Tide have posted 14 consecutive 10-win seasons dating back to Saban’s second year in Tuscaloosa.

And they’re showing no signs of slowing down. ‘Bama loses a huge swath of talented players to the NFL every single year, yet Saban has had no issues simply reloading with another crop of blue-chip prospects.

You can make a pretty compelling argument that the team has never had a better QB than it does now in Bryce Young. That’s high praise considering each of the last three starting QBs under Saban are now full-time NFL starters. The returning Heisman Trophy winner is now the third-favorite to win it again this fall, per the most recent Heisman Trophy odds. Will Anderson Jr., the team’s star edge rusher, is also a dark-horse Heisman hopeful.

Alabama is the favorite to win the national championship despite the fact that they failed to even win their own conference a season ago. Saban’s squad faces a fairly soft schedule this term, which certainly gives them a great chance to get back to the SEC Championship Game and beyond in 2022-23.

The Crimson Tide are literally never a bad bet to win it all, are they?

Ohio State (+300)

THE Ohio State University leapfrogged Georgia into the No. 2 spot in the latest NCAA championship odds update. CJ Stroud is getting an awful lot of Heisman buzz following his phenomenal first year as the Buckeyes’ starter, and it’s safe to say the Big Ten once again runs through Columbus this year.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba looks primed for a bigger role following the NFL graduations of Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave, while TreVeyon Henderson will look to build off of his 1,200-yard season entering his sophomore campaign.

According the early college football betting odds, the Buckeyes have opened as double-digit favorites in every game on their schedule. This could certainly change depending on injuries and other factors, but that goes to show just how massive the expectations are for Ryan Day’s side this year. The Bucks are better than two-touchdown favorites over Notre Dame in their season opener.

Most importantly, Ohio State has already opened as a sizable 13.5-point favorite over rival Michigan. This is just a few months removed from the Wolverines’ impressive 42-27 triumph over their arch nemeses last fall in Ann Arbor.

Ohio State’s +300 national championship odds could be a little high given how easily they’re expected to get through their schedule.

Georgia (+400)

Georgia finally got back to the top of the mountain with a dramatic win over Alabama in the national title game earlier this year. However, the Bulldogs were absolutely ravaged by the NFL draft, which leaves the 2022-23 squad with plenty of question marks as the season gets underway.

Please Note:
Georgia had a whopping 15 players drafted into the NFL back in April, which is the record for one school in the draft’s seven-round format. Five of those players, all defenders, went in the first round alone.

The new-look Dawgs will start the season with a stiff test against Oregon in Atlanta on September 3rd. The Ducks are a decorated program, and first-year head coach Dan Lanning should have a pretty good idea as to how to attack Georgia. Lanning was the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator from 2019 through last season.

A loss to the Ducks wouldn’t necessarily thwart the Bulldogs’ hopes of repeating as national champs, but it would be quite an upset. Georgia has opened as a healthy 17.5-point favorite in what is, for all intents and purposes, a home game against Oregon.

Georgia’s +400 national title odds are very attackable.

There’s a bit of uncertainty here with so many new faces expected to take on bigger roles in 2022-23, but there’s plenty of reason to believe this program has real staying power.


2022 College Football Championship Odds

Ohio State+450
Texas A&M+2800
Notre Dame+4500
Penn State+6000

Alabama (+200)

Alabama entering the season as the betting favorite to win it all is a rite of passage by now. The Crimson Tide have appeared in six of the last seven National Championship Games, with three titles in that span. This is arguably the most dominant run we’ve seen from a single program in the history of the sport, which is saying something.

Nick Saban loses a series of blue-chippers to the NFL every year, but he simply replaces them with the next group of top-ranked recruits. Saban has won a whopping six national titles since 2009 and has cemented his status as the greatest college football coach we’ve ever seen. The 2022-23 squad will be returning Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young for a second season as the QB1. All he did as a sophomore last season was complete better than 59 percent of his throws for 4,872 yards with 47 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

He added another three rushing scores for good measure. Young isn’t the favorite to win another Heisman this year – that honor belongs to Ohio State’s CJ Stroud – but would anybody be that surprised if Alabama’s signal-caller went back-to-back?

Young did lose star wideouts Jameson Williams and John Metchie to the NFL, but this team has had no trouble replacing departed playmakers over the years. Trey Sanders looks like the favorite to take over for Brian Robinson Jr. in the backfield, but Georgia Tech transfer Jahmyr Gibbs will likely get a chance, too.

Alabama’s defense was gouged by Georgia in the national title game, but quite a few key pieces will return this fall. The Tide still boast star edge rusher Will Anderson, while Henry To’oTo’o, Jordan Battle, and DeMarcco Hellams are back, too. Bama yielded 20.1 points per game a season ago, which was the highest single-season average since Saban’s first year with the program in ’07. Don’t be shocked if the team improves considerably on that side of the football with so many veterans back for another season.

I would never talk you out of betting on Alabama’s college football championship odds. They seem to make their way to the title game every year, so I’m not sure what more you could ask for in a futures bet. At +200, there is still some meat on the bone with the Crimson Tide.

Georgia (+340)

At this point, Georgia is the closest replica of Alabama anywhere in the country. The Bulldogs haven’t yet established themselves as a dynasty, but Kirby Smart has steadily built the program into a powerhouse. Georgia finally won the national title for the first time since 1980 with their 33-18 trouncing of the Tide in the title game back in January.

Since Smart took the reins in 2016, the Dawgs are 66-15 overall with a 5-1 record in bowl appearances.

The question this fall will be whether Georgia can replace the bevy of players lost to the professional ranks. Smart has recruited exceptionally well since arriving in Athens, but replacing Nakobe Dean, Jordan Davis, and others won’t be an easy task.

Fortunately, veteran QB Stetson Bennett will return to try and run it back. The 5’11”, 190-pounder certainly isn’t the most imposing physical specimen, but he is a dark-horse Heisman candidate entering his final season. Last year, Bennett threw for over 2,800 yards with 29 touchdown passes and fared exceptionally well against Bama’s vaunted defense in the National Championship Game.

Clearly, oddsmakers aren’t too worried about all of Georgia’s roster turnover. Navigating the SEC is never a breeze, but the Dawsgs’ +340 NCAAF championship odds do offer plenty of upside.

Ohio State (+450)

Ohio State went 10-2 overall last year and capped things off with a thrilling 48-45 win over Utah in a thrilling Rose Bowl Game. Their tough loss to Michigan in the season finale kept Ryan Day’s squad from qualifying for the College Football Playoff, however, and the sting was likely even more painful when the Wolverines ultimately nabbed that final CFP spot instead.

Despite last year’s failure, the Buckeyes are no strangers to the Playoff, of course.

Ohio State has made four CFP appearances since it was launched back in 2014, with one national title in that span. That victory came under Urban Meyer back in 2014, however, so this program is now in the midst of something of a drought, by their typical standards.

CJ Stroud is your early Heisman Trophy favorite, and for good reason. The Rancho Cucamonga native completed an incredible 71.9 percent of his attempts for 4,435 yards and 44 touchdowns to just six interceptions a year ago. The Buckeyes’ two-loss season likely resulted in Stroud’s fourth-place finish in last year’s voting, however.

Ohio State is another program that seems to grow superstar wideouts on trees, so the departures of Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave shouldn’t hamper the offense too much next term. At +450 and facing a fairly top-heavy Big Ten schedule, Ohio State’s +450 college football championship odds look good, too.

Clemson (+1200)

Before Georgia’s rise last season, it was Clemson that served as the biggest annual threat to Alabama’s reign atop the college football landscape. Unfortunately, the Tigers endured a rare down year under first-year starting QB DJ Uigalelei. Of course, a “down year” by Clemson’s massive standards was still a 10-3 season capped with a win over Iowa State in the Cheez-It Bowl.

Many expected Uigalelei to become the next star Clemson QB on the heels of Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence. Uigalelei came to Clemson as a top-ranked recruit from California with all of the physical tools. Unfortunately, he underwhelmed in his first year as the full-time starter. Uigalelei completed only 55.6 percent of his attempts for 2,246 yards and nine TDs to 10 interceptions. It was a downright dismal showing for an offense that entered the season with lofty hopes.

Uigalelei will have to fight to earn the starting job next year, with another major recruit coming in to battle for the gig. Cade Klubnik, a five-star freshman from Austin, will have a good shot at it. Klubnik comes from Westlake, the same high school that produced future Super Bowl winners Drew Brees and Nick Foles.

Hunter Johnson is also in the mix after transferring over from Northwestern.

Clemson has four appearances in the National Championship Game in the last decade, and the fact that they play in the relatively weak ACC never hurts their chances. A trip to South Bend to take on Notre Dame looks like the toughest game on the schedule. You could do a lot worse than taking a flier on Clemson’s +1200 2022 college football championship odds to enjoy a bounce-back campaign.

Texas A&M (+2800)

Texas A&M, huh? Maybe that move from the Big 12 to the SEC is finally starting to pay off. The Aggies will have a new QB in 2022-23 with Max Johnson set to take the snaps after transferring over from LSU. All Johnson did in Baton Rouge last year was throw for over 2,800 yards with 27 touchdowns for a very underwhelming LSU side.

If Johnson struggles in his new digs, the Aggies have a potential star waiting in the wings. Conner Weigman, who was named National High School Quarterback of the Year a season ago, is a physical specimen capable of adding a rushing element not present in Johnson’s game. Still, the Aggies’ +2800 college football championship odds are a bit of a surprise.

This team went just 8-4 last year, including a 4-4 mark in SEC play. A&M did go 9-1 two years ago and won the Orange Bowl, but this team hasn’t won more than nine games in any season since 2012. The Aggies have zero conference titles and zero appearances in the College Football Playoff since moving to the SEC, either.

Who Will Win the College Football National Title in 2023?

Are you ever wrong to bet on Alabama to win it all?

The Tide have failed to win the national title more often than they’ve won it since Saban took over, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. This team is just going to continue to churn out gobs of NFL-caliber talent for the foreseeable future.

Until further notice, you can always bet on Bama’s college football championship odds and feel pretty confident in your chances.

I’m less confident in Georgia (+340) than I am in Ohio State (+450), which makes the Buckeyes look like the better value, as of now. Can the Bulldogs replace everyone that left and still keep pace with the nation’s other top teams? I don’t doubt their chances, but I’m willing to take the wait-and-see approach with the defending champs.

The best values to win the 2022-23 national title are listed here:

Ohio State+450
Texas A&M+2800


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