Real Money Roulette Apps

Real money roulette apps give gamblers the opportunity to play one of the most exciting of all casino games without having to be in the casino. In fact, with these apps, you can take your roulette action with you wherever you go. And you can play for the same kinds of high stakes that could come your way if the digital spins land on your numbers.

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In terms of casino games, roulette might be the one that offers the most excitement as you play. The chance to win big as the wheel spins and the ball drops into a slot provides a thrilling experience. But did you know that you can take that kind of action with you?

That’s where real money roulette apps come into play. These mobile roulette apps are available for all of the top devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even watches. And you can win big money in the same way as if you were playing in a casino or at an online casino site.

In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about real money roulette apps. We’ll explain how to play the game on these apps and the advantages of playing casino games using an app. And we’ll also explain how you can find the top online roulette apps for money that will provide you with the best overall experience.

Finding the Best Mobile Roulette Apps

If you’re interested in playing roulette apps that pay real money, you should only do so on the very best apps. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve done extensive research on the various platforms that allow you to play roulette. We tested them and checked to make sure they can deliver what they promise.

Here are the best roulette apps that are on the market:

These apps have all the qualities which we feel are important if you are going to be using them to play roulette for real money. We’ll tell you what those qualities are below as you continue reading.

But suffice it to say for now that, when you’re playing for real money, you’ll want to have the assurance that you’re in the most reliable possible hands. The best roulette apps, as listed above, can give you that peace of mind.

How to Play Real Money Roulette

We’re here talking about playing on roulette apps that payout real money. But it’s possible that some of you reading this article might never have played roulette before. That’s why we’re going to give you this brief tutorial of how it all works so that you’ll be ready to play when you sign up for a real money roulette app.

Basically, roulette is a game which is dictated by a spinning wheel that contains a little ball inside of it. Gamblers bet on where the ball might land in terms of the slots on the wheel. If you have a bet on the space where the ball lands, you win.

Obviously, if you’re playing a roulette app, there won’t be a physical spinning wheel. Instead, you’ll get the simulation of the wheel spinning on the screen. The actual outcome of each spin is determined by a random number generator inside the app’s software, with the spinning wheel on the screen essentially being just for show. But some apps offer live dealer roulette where there will be a live dealer there spinning the ball for you.

Wheel Makeup

The makeup of a roulette wheel depends on which type of roulette you are playing on the roulette apps you choose.

  • American Roulette: 38 spaces, #1 through 36 (18 red, 18 black) and 2 green spaces (0 and 00)
  • European Roulette: 37 spaces, #1 through 36 (18 red, 18 black) and 1 green space (0)

The green spaces are known as house spaces, because the house will win when the ball lands on one of these spaces and you’ve made one of the available even-money bets (more on that below). As a result, the fact that the European wheel has only one of those spaces makes it preferable for gamblers to avoid the American wheel with two house spaces.

Betting on Roulette

When you play roulette, you won’t have any control over where the ball lands and what the winning number will be in each spin. What you can control is your bet.

Your odds of winning (and your potential payback) will change depending on the bet you make. Basically, the more numbers you bet on each spin, the less you’ll receive in payback and vice versa.

The most common bets that are found on typical real money roulette apps are the following, with their payout included:

  • Single number (straight-up): 35 to 1
  • Two numbers (split): 17 to 1
  • Three numbers (street): 11 to 1
  • Four numbers (corner): 8 to 1
  • Five numbers (basket): 6 to 1
  • Six numbers (six line): 5 to 1
  • 12 numbers (columns, dozen): 2 to 1
  • 18 numbers (odd, even, red, black, 1 to 18, 19 to 36): 1 to 1

You’ll understand the names of these bets better when you see the betting board on your screen. For example, the corner bet is named that way because you’ll place your chip right on the corner, connecting four different numbers. Meanwhile, the bet that encompasses large portions of the board, such as 12 or 18 numbers, are clearly marked by spaces on the board.

The interesting thing about these bets is that, with the exception of the basket bet, the expected win percentage you get from each one is exactly the same. All that is changing is the chance of you winning on any given spin. But if you were to play roulette for a long time, making any of these bets constantly and comparing it to another person doing the same with a different bet, your results would be about the same.

How to Win More Playing Roulette for Real Money

When playing online roulette apps for real money, you won’t really be able to guess where the wheel is going to spin. And, as we said, your results will be the same over time no matter which bets you make. But you can improve your chances of winning by using the following methods.

Choose European Roulette

European RouletteThis is the simplest way to improve your potential payback when playing on real money roulette apps. The expected payback percentage for a typical European Roulette game is around 97.3%, which leaves a house edge of 2.7%. But that number falls to 94.7% (house edge of 5.3%) when you’re playing the American version of roulette.

That is all because of the extra space on the American wheel. You’ll be getting the same payback for winning bets as you would playing a European game. But your odds are slightly lower because there are 38 spaces instead of 37.

Find Games With Surrender

Surrender is an option you might be able to find on certain roulette apps that pay real money. This is a rule that comes into play when you have made one of the even-money bets on the board (odd/even, #1-18/#19-36, red/black) and the ball lands in a green space. If this happens and the surrender rule is in place, you only lose half your original wager instead of the full amount.

If you can find an online roulette app with surrender and make only even-money wagers as you play, you can lower the house edge to just 1.35% in the European version of the game. That’s why you should be aggressive in seeking it out.

Find Games With Imprisonment

Because imprisonment is generally only found in European Roulette, you’ll often find it referred to by its European terminology “en prison.” Like surrender, it is a rule that comes into play when you’ve made an even-money wager and the ball lands in the green zero space.
When this happens and this rule is in effect, your bet is said to be imprisoned. You won’t lose it immediately. It stays in place for the next spin.

If, on the next spin, your imprisoned bet covers where the ball lands, you get the entirety of that bet back. But you will lose the bet entirely if the ball lands elsewhere. Imprisonment also drops the house edge to 1.35% in those roulette games that utilize it.

Tips for Playing Roulette

There isn’t really a strategy that you can utilize that will magically improve your performance on real money roulette apps. All you can do is hope that the wheel spins go your way. But there are some tips that will maximize your performance for what you’re hoping to get out of it.

Don’t Try to Guess the Wheel

Roulette on iPhoneRoulette players for many years have been trying to watch roulette wheels spinning in casinos and guess the numbers based on patterns that they believe they see. These efforts are usually futile, of course. But that doesn’t stop people from trying to guess the numbers based on some type of pattern they think they see.

Trying to do this with online casino apps with roulette is even less productive because there is no actual spinning wheel to create some kind of bias. The random number generator software will ensure that every spin is random, which means that a specific number could conceivably come up three straight spins or it might not show up for 100 spins. In other words, don’t get too caught up on the numbers, just concentrate on your bets.

Don’t Believe in Betting Systems

When you start to research roulette gambling apps, you’ll find many websites advertising betting systems that their purveyors claim can help you make consistent profits. Most of these systems require you to raise or lower your bets depending on wins and losses. Others tell you which numbers to bet on each spin.

In actuality, no betting system has ever been proven to improve performance. That’s because the odds of roulette are set in stone by the structure of the game. If you feel a certain betting system suits you, feel free to use it, but don’t expect it to produce magical results.

Learn About Variance

Even though each bet at the roulette table produces pretty much the same payback over time, the way those bets will affect your bankroll in the short term is vastly different. For instance, if you are making straight bets on real money roulette apps, you’ll see your bankroll rise and fall with much greater frequency than if you were making the even-money bets, which will tend to keep your bankroll steadier.

This phenomenon is known as variance, and you should be aware of it if you want to win.

Choose high-variance wagers if you’re looking to win a lot in a short amount of time, and choose low-variance wagers if you want to keep your bankroll afloat for a longer period of time. One way to get the hang of this is to try free roulette apps that allow you to play risk-free for no stakes.

Advantages of Mobile Roulette Apps Over Playing in a Casino

  • Control: When you’re playing at a casino, you have to keep up with the croupier, which is the casino employee spinning the roulette wheel. But with online roulette casinos for mobile, you decide when the wheel gets spun. That allows you to dictate the pace of play.
  • Lower limits: If you want to play roulette from your mobile device for smaller stakes, you have a better shot with roulette apps. The minimum wager allowed at real money roulette apps is usually smaller than what you would find in a casino. That makes it a much better choice for casual players.
  • Convenience: It can be a great hassle trying to make it to a casino roulette table, with traffic to get there and the crowds once you do arrive. On particularly busy nights, you might not even be able to squeeze into a spot at a roulette table. But you won’t have to worry about any of that when using the best apps for playing roulette.

How to Choose the Best Online Roulette Apps

We gave you list above of the finest roulette casino apps where you can win real money. But occasionally, there might be times when you want to make the choice on your own. Perhaps a certain online casino app is offering you a good deal or maybe you’ve found an app with the type of roulette you prefer to play that isn’t on our list.

Luckily, it’s not hard to make the decisions for yourself on which online casino apps with roulette games you should select. Just ask the following questions:

This should be one of the first things that you look for in a gambling app, since you’ll want to know that any problems you might have will be corrected in a timely manner. A good customer service department will also be proactive and contact you with promotions and deals in which you might have interest.

If you are going to be spending a lot of time playing games on a casino app, you don’t want to be annoyed by bad audio or visuals. And in the case of roulette, you’ll want a good look at that little digital ball spinning.

Make sure that any real money roulette app that you choose has a system for withdrawals that is clearly advertised and is fair. The same should be the case for the deposit system, whereby you’ll fund your gambling exploits.

Don’t get locked into an app that only lets you use a single credit card to gamble. If that credit card has some sort of policy change, you might be out of luck.

These bonuses should come into play when you sign up in the form of a deposit bonus or perhaps even free spins. And they should continue if you play often by giving you VIP perks.

Always keep in mind when choosing standard or live dealer roulette apps that you are going to be risking your money as you play. If a site can’t be relied upon to handle your action without having glitches, you really should avoid them.

How to Get Started With Roulette Apps Online

  1. Find the app: You have to go look in the various app stores for whatever device you happen to be using. Always be aware of compatibility, because you don’t want to waste time downloading any real money roulette apps that you can’t use.
  2. Download the app: You should always be aware of any data limits you might have, either in terms of space on your device or going above any predetermined monthly internet plan. Once you have that figured out, downloading the roulette app on your device shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.
  3. Sign up: Real money roulette apps will likely require you to enter some simple personal information before you can get started. You’ll also likely have to come up with a password by which you’ll be able to access your account on any device you have at the time.
  4. Fund your account: At this point, you’ll have to give information on the credit card that you’re going to be using. Or, if you’re using an alternative method of funding, you would have to provide the pertinent information from that instead.
  5. Allot money for your bankroll: You’ll put money from your account into a bankroll that you’ll use to make wagers while you play roulette on your mobile phone. Try to judge the size of your bankroll based on how long you to play and how much you plan to bet.
  6. Make your bet: You’ll see various icons on the screen which will allow to adjust the size of your bet and then place the chip icon wherever you want to on the roulette board. Always do a quick double-check to make sure your bet is where you want it to be.
  7. Spin the wheel: Touch the icon for spinning and the wheel will start to spin. Watch where the ball lands and see if you’ve won. It’s as simple as that!

Where to Find Real Money Roulette Apps

Apple App Store

No company dominates the mobile market like Apple, which was innovating right from the beginning with its iPhone and iPad. As a result, the app store is always full of the widest selection of anything you need. iPhone roulette apps are no different.

Android App Store

Android LogoSome people are anti-Apple, for several reasons. If that’s you, chances are you have an Android device of some sort, which you probably love. If so, you know that there are app stores can hang with Apple in terms of quality and quantity of casino apps. The same goes for Android roulette apps, you’ll find virtually the same options for Android as you will for Apple devices.

Land-Based Casino Apps for Roulette

If roulette apps for iPhone or Android aren’t working for you, some casinos have apps that are tied right into their service. You might even be able to carry rewards that you’ve earned in a casino right into online roulette app play and vice versa. Be sure to inquire at your favorite casino if they have an app which you can use to play roulette.

Mobile Roulette Apps FAQ

You really have little control over winning and losing when playing roulette. This is a game that is built primarily on luck. As a result, you just have to be realistic and accept that there will be winning sessions and losing sessions when you play.

Because of the random number generator software found inside real money roulette apps, you won’t be able to guess what will happen on any given spin. Any patterns that you see will be purely coincidental or imaginary. There is 1 in 37 or 1 in 38 chance, depending on what version of roulette you’re playing, of the ball landing in any given space on every single spin.

You certainly can, but you should only do so after doing your research. Chances are that any app that we haven’t listed might be lacking. But don’t be afraid to venture out on your own as long as you do the legwork to make sure that the real money roulette apps you choose are safe.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at real money roulette apps. And we hope that you’ve also learned not only how to play the game, but also how to choose an app that suits you. From here on out, it’s just a matter of getting started and spinning that digital wheel.