Online Texas Betting Sites for 2020

If you’re looking for the best Texas sports betting sites available online, you’re in luck. We’ve included an updated list of the premier online betting companies operating inside the Lone Star State. While the legal landscape is gray (detailed below), these betting sites have offered a safe and secure avenue for wagering for decades to Texan bettors.

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With sports gambling becoming more and more popular in various states due to an incline in legalization, patrons are finding the most convenient methods of wagering to capitalize on this opportunity for profit.

Online betting has proven to be one of the most effective and consistent methods as many of these states, like Texas, are beginning to jump on the online wagering bandwagon. With many websites now serving as online sports betting sites, there is no more variation in the industry than ever seen before.

This is reflected in the numerous betting sites customers are using to both throw down their money and fill their pockets, as the appeal and geographic range of these gaming hubs greatly surpass those of the traditional, land-based shops.

To provide some clarity on the use of these websites, we have provided the following list of markets we recommend to bettors looking to get some action in the Lone Star State…

Best Texas Sports Betting Sites

These shops have all been tested and can be trusted as they use the ethical and standard business practices that all legitimate sports betting sites implement. These websites will provide players with all the information they need in order to successfully place their bets and get in on any action that is posted on the board.

Also, these sites are up to date and known for their accessibility and functioning for all users.

Are These the Best Texas Betting Sites Available?

You betcha’! Why are we so confident that these are top TX betting sites? For one, we’ve been in this business for decades, so we know how to spot winners and losers. Second, and more importantly, we’ve commissioned a team of experts to seek out and find the best sites currently available on the market. What makes an online sportsbook the best? Glad you asked.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas – Betting Flexibility

The old cliché that size matters in Texas couldn’t be truer when talking about online betting. While quality always reigns supreme, the need for extensive action should be important to serious and recreational sports bettors. All of our recommended Texas sports betting sites cover all major and minor sports, offer extensive types of bets, and release lines early enough to give you time to get your bets in.

The Fastest Gun in the West – Fast Payouts

Raise your hand if you like waiting to get your sports betting winnings. As we can see zero hands up, you won’t find us recommending anything but the fastest paying sports betting sites. We can think of zero reasons you should ever have to wait more than a few hours or a few days to get paid when you make a winning bet.

Sports You Can Bet on at Texas Sports Betting Sites

All the sites we’ve included in our guide offer action on an extensive list of sports, topics, and events. You can expect to see action on the big four sports (basketball, baseball, football, and hockey), more minor sports (soccer, auto racing, combat sports, etc.), and other categories (politics, entertainment, Olympics, etc.).

For those looking to get action on popular Texas sports teams, we’ve ensured you’re covered. Even though these are not books created specifically for online betting in Texas, they do offer the action you want on the teams you care most about. Expect action on:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Houston Rockets
  • Texas Rangers
  • Houston Astros
  • Texas A&M sports
  • Texas Longhorn sports
  • Dallas Stars
  • FC Dallas
  • Houston Texans

You’ll have action on all other teams across the aforementioned sports, but we took extra time to confirm the action on these favorites for those betting in Texas.

Land Based Sportsbooks vs. Online Sports Betting Sites

In Texas, land-based casinos exist but offer no sports betting. State-regulated sportsbooks, while approved by the federal government, have not been approved and implemented by the state of Texas. Your only option for online betting in Texas is to use online betting sites.

Is Online Sports Betting in Texas Legal?

Yes, online betting in Texas is legal, however, there are still a few concerns in the grey area that require investigating.

In early 2019, Texas Senator Eddie Lucio III proposed a bill to begin fully regulating sports betting across the state. The bill, HB 1275, looks to remove the gray area surrounding the industry and make the laws clear as day with legislation, permits, taxes, and even criminal penalties for violators.

Currently, the bill is still waiting to get its shot at passing in the House and the Senate with a two-thirds majority to make it onto the ballot. Until then, Texas sports betting sites operating oversees will continue to ride in limbo. If passed, some of the major implications of the bill include:

  • Five permits for TX betting sites with two skins (versions) available with each
  • Full clearance for online and mobile betting
  • Limitations that betting must take place within the state of Texas
  • A 6.25% tax collected by the license holders and operators

Prior to the potential passing of this bill, should you use these sites? The final call is yours, but hundreds of thousands of Texans have used these safe and time-tested sites for decades. If you need a more concrete opinion, seek the counsel of a Texas gaming attorney.

Using Real Money at Texas Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to funding your online Texas sports betting account, you’ve got plenty of options. While each different book will offer different options, you’ll see familiar faces across the board.

Texas Filled With Money

For deposits, most books will take debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, direct bank transfers, and funds from money services. For withdrawals, you’ll see e-wallets, checks by courier, cryptocurrency, direct bank transfers, money services, and even some options to credit funds back to a debit or credit card.

Just because you’re not able to walk through physical doors to collect your money like at a brick and mortar sportsbook does not mean you can’t get paid quickly and efficiently. The average time for a cashout from Texas betting sites is between a few hours and a few days after the transaction is processed by the banking team.

Cryptocurrency transfers are the fastest in TX averaging under 24 hours with checks by courier being the slowest averaging a few weeks. Most other options take between a few hours and a few days.

Can I Go to Mexico for More Sports Betting Action?

There are plenty of top Texas sports betting sites offering online action to those living within the borders of the state. But that does not mean that all providers are willing to enter the gray zone and service Texan bettors. Some betting sites choose to steer clear of any headache by only operating in states with clearly spelled out legislation and in the international market.

If you’ve identified one of these “rest of the world” sportsbooks that are not servicing Texas and you can’t live without it, you can always head south to get in on the action.

Once you cross the Texas-Mexico border, your phone, Wi-Fi, or smart device will begin recognizing that you’re out of the US. Once there, you’ll have full access to the different betting sites available to the rest of the world.

The big determining factor for those looking to bet sports online is not where you live or claim as your home of residence, but it is where you are physically at. Do be aware that even though you’re betting while outside US grounds, you will still be responsible for taxes on any substantial winnings.

How to Bet on Sports Online in Texas Now!

If you’re ready to jump into the action now, you do have options. At the top of this guide, we’ve outlined some of the best Texas sports betting sites currently taking action. Check out a few of the options and find the one that’s the best fit for what you’re looking for!