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Are you a fan of NBA basketball and looking to bet on the NBA games? You have found the right spot, as this is your one stop shop for all of your NBA betting needs. Whether you are new to betting the NBA and want to learn how, or you are an experienced bettor looking to learn more about how to win money betting the NBA, this is your place.

We have guides explaining how to bet on the NBA, live NBA betting odds, NBA betting strategy articles, and even NBA betting systems. Betting on NBA games can add a lot of excitement, and can be quite profitable if done right!

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How To Bet on NBA Basketball

Below we’ve created a mini guide for beginners explaining how to bet on basketball.

The basics to betting on the NBA are pretty easy, and won’t take long for you to understand. There are three main types of NBA betting which include NBA spread betting, NBA money line betting, and Over Under NBA betting. You will also be able to make prop bets for the NBA as well. Below we will briefly explain how each type of NBA betting works.

NBA Spread Betting

Betting the spread is what most sharp bettors tend to bet on for NBA basketball. NBA spread betting works just like NFL spread betting for anyone familiar with how that works. When betting against or on the spread you will be choosing a team, but it is a little more advanced than just picking the team to win the game.

The oddsmakers will set a number that the favored team is favored by. In order for a bet on the favored team to win they must win by more than the amount of points they are favored by. In order for a bet on the underdog to win they can lose by fewer points than they are underdogs by or win the game straight up. NBA spread betting pays out close to the same on each side, as the oddsmakers try and set the spread as close to what they think the game will finish as possible (factoring in other stuff such as public action as well).

For example the Lakers might be favored at home vs the Clippers by 3.5 points.  You would then be giving the option on either betting on the Lakers to “cover” the 3.5 points (win by 4 or more points) or the Clippers to lose by 3 or fewer points or win the game outright.

Here is another example using the screenshot below:

NBA Spread Betting

In this example you will see a +4.5 (-110) listed beside Boston and a -4.5 (-110) beside Dallas.  This means that the spread is 4.5 points with Dallas favored.  If you bet on Boston +4.5 this means that Boston could lose by 4 or less points or win outright for your bet against the spread on them to win.  If you were to take Dallas -4.5 the Mavericks would have to win by 5 or more points in order for your wager to cash.

NBA Money Line Betting

Money Line betting is easy to understand, and is just the term used when you are betting on a team to win the game. Unlike the spread betting, the team only needs to win the game and it doesn’t matter by how much they win by. Of course with money line betting you will have less of a payout for favorites, and the underdogs will be paying out more. Overtime is included with money line wagers, so if the team you bet on wins in overtime it is a winning wager.

NBA moneyline

In the above screenshot from a second round NBA playoff game in 2013 you will see the moneyline odds listed for either team.  The San Antonio Spurs are listed as +130 underdogs.  A $100 bet on San Antonio would payout $130 in profits.  If you bet on the Spurs and they win the game you would win your bet (the final score doesn’t matter).  The Golden State Warriors are home favorites and you would need to bet $140 to win $100 on them.

Over Under NBA Betting

Betting on the over under in NBA basketball involves betting on the total amount of points scored by both teams combined. The oddsmakers will set a number, which is called the game total, and bettors will be able to place a bet on the total numbers of points scored by both teams going over or under that set number. For example the number for an NBA game may be set at 191.5, and bettors will have to chose whether the two teams will combine for more or fewer points than 191.5 throughout the game. Sometimes you will see the game total line set at an even number, let’s say 195 for example, and if it were to land right on 195 the bets on the over under for that game would all be refunded.

Lets take a look at a NBA betting line screenshot from one of my favorite betting sites:

NBA Total Betting

I blurred out the spread so we don’t get confused, but you can see on the right hand side that the total is set at 196 points.  The o196 represents the “over”, while the u196 represents the “under”.  If you were to bet on the under you would need there to be 195 total points or less for your wager to cash in.  If you were to bet on the over you’d need 197 points combined between the two teams to win your bet.  If the game were to land on a combined total score of 196 it would be a “push” and all bets would be refunded.

If Dallas were to win this game 100-97 we would have a total score of 197 and the “over” would cash.

Prop Betting for the NBA

Bettors will also have the option to make prop bets on NBA basketball games, which involves betting on anything other than the final outcome of the game. An example of an NBA prop bet would be betting on the halftime score or betting on how many points an individual player will have. You can also make future prop bets for the NBA, which include betting on who will win the NBA championship in any given year or who will be named the NBA MVP at the end of the season. There are an endless amount of prop bets that sportsbooks will offer lines for NBA bettors.

During the off season basketball fans can bet on the WNBA. Check out our WNBA betting article here at The Sports Geek. If you are looking for a NBA betting site I highly recommend you check out