Online Sports Betting Sites for Florida Residents

Florida has no shortage of great professional sports teams, college teams, and plays host to some of the biggest sporting events in the world. It’s no surprise that residents and visitors to the Sunshine State love to bet on sports online.

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If you’re looking for an update on the legal landscape of Florida betting as well as a list of the current top sports betting sites in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Let our teams of experts get you up to speed and into the action.

Best Florida Sports Betting Sites

These shops have all been verified and are proven to be trusted as they use the standard business practices that all legitimate, ethical sportsbooks utilize. These online books will provide players with all the information they need in order to successfully place their bets and get in on any action at these Florida sports betting sites.

Also, these betting websites are up to date and known for their easy usage and accessibility for all visiting web users.

With sports gambling growing bigger and bigger in previously untapped markets, these sites serve as a great opportunity for novice bettors to try their hand at one of the nation’s fastest-growing entities.

Why Are These the Best Sports Betting Sites In Florida?

For those new to betting in Florida, you’re obviously going to want to bet with one of the top available options. What makes a sportsbook great? Besides just offering action to FL residents, there are hundreds of different factors that need to be weighed when picking the best of the best. Here are the top three of those factors we use when assessing Florida betting sites.

Payout Speeds

Nobody likes to wait to collect their winnings. Part of the convenience of online sportsbooks is not having to wait in lines or drive back to the sportsbook to collect your winnings. But that convenience goes out the window if you have to wait weeks to get paid. All of the best Florida sports betting sites recommended in this guide offer fast payouts that get money into your account within hours or days after requesting your withdrawal.

Customer Service

Online betting in Florida is supposed to be convenient. Ideally, everything goes as planned, and you have zero questions about depositing, betting, taking advantage of promotions, or cashing out your winnings. In reality, though, you’re going to have questions.

All of the FL betting sites listed here have top of the line customer service departments with multiple avenues of contact, 24/7 availability, and English-fluent agents ready to assist you.

Rewards and Bonuses

Something you’ll get (or should be getting) when betting on sports online is rewards. The online industry is extremely competitive, and companies compete for your business by offering deposit bonuses, rewards, free bets, reduced juice wagers, and more. All of the top Florida online betting sites we recommend understand this and take care of their customers. This means free money for you just for trying them out and even more perks for future loyalty.

Are Online Betting Sites Legal in Florida?

Yes, Florida sports betting sites are legal to use, but there are still some grey areas to maneuver.

At the close of last year, Florida introduced several pieces of legislature to begin regulating sports betting through the state’s lottery program. S968, S970, and S972 aim to set out the parameters and guidelines for betting in the state as well as the requirements to earn a license. Licenses would cost $100,000 for providers, and holders would be responsible for a 15% revenue tax. Online betting is included in the legislation.

In 2018, the federal government passed legislation removing roadblocks for states to lay out their own guidelines and frameworks for regulated sports betting within their state limits. Additionally, in the most recent election, Florida voters moved the power to fully legalize and regulate online sports betting out of the hands of legislators and into the hands of the state’s residents.

Florida Flag

Because of Amendment 3, Florida voters now control “casino gambling” within the state. We put the exact wording in quotes because there is the debate on whether sports betting falls under the heading of casino gambling, as many would argue it’s a game of skill.

In other words, the legality of online betting in FL is a gray area. We’d hope to get more clarity in the coming months or years from the state legislature, but nothing is guaranteed.

Are these sites legal? Again, it’s a gray area and two separate discussions—the legality for the site operators and the legality for the bettors. While you’ll need to contact a gaming attorney for a full breakdown (their opinion) of the situation, we can provide this information for color. To date, zero Florida residents or visitors have been in any legal trouble for using online betting sites to our knowledge.

Are These Betting Sites Accepted in Other States?

Online betting laws deal with where you’re physically located. This means that if you travel to a state or country with regulated online betting sites, you are free and clear to use them. For example, if you take a trip to Vegas where the casinos operate fully state-regulated sports betting sites, you’re free to use them without any issues that may stem from the gray area in Florida.

Most FL betting sites will allow you to continue making bets when you cross state and international lines with regular exceptions being going to Delaware, Nevada, or Pennsylvania. If we do see the rollout of state-regulated betting sites in Florida, you’ll most likely be restricted to using them within state lines. In those cases, you’ll want to place your bets before going on a trip or vacation.

Is It Hard to Get Money Loaded Into FL Sports Betting Sites?

Just because the current Florida sports betting sites operate offshore does not mean that moving your bankroll online and collecting your winnings is difficult. There’s no need to hop on a boat and drive out to the website’s headquarters. The best sites (including the ones mentioned in this guide) offer extensive banking options for you to make deposits and withdrawals. These options include (but are not limited to):

  • E-wallets (like PayPal)
  • Bank transfers
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Checks by courier
  • Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin)