Best Pennsylvania Sports Betting Sites 2021

If you live in Pennsylvania, you know your state is packed with some of the greatest sports teams on the planet—the Eagles, Steelers, 76ers, Pirates, Phillies, Flyers… The list keeps going, and it’s impressive. Anywhere you have an impressive collection of teams and sports fans, you’re going to have people who love to place bets on sports. To help you get into the real money betting right now, we’ve compiled a list of the best Pennsylvania sports betting sites currently offering service to PA residents and guests.

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How We Evaluate PA Sports Betting Sites

We don’t expect you to just take our word for these being the best Pennsylvania sports betting sites. To explain why, here are a few of the more significant reasons these are the top betting options available to PA residents.

  • The recommended list is regularly updated to reflect the most current top options.
  • No online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania can buy or barter their way to a better review or higher recommendation.
  • Our recommendations come from professional sports bettors and those with real industry experience.
  • All of these PA sports betting sites have passed our rigorous tests for quality, safety, and trustworthiness.
  • We won’t recommend any sports betting sites in Pennsylvania that don’t have a track record of taking care of customers the right way.
  • These options have some of the biggest and best bonuses available to the Pennsylvania online betting market.

Are Sports Betting Sites in Pennsylvania Legal?

Yes! While most of the rest of the United States continues to operate in gray areas, PA is one of the few states with its act together. In November of 2018, the state rolled out fully-regulated online sportsbooks for residents and those visiting the Keystone State. These regulations laid out every aspect of how sports betting would be controlled and operated within the state.

Pennsylvania state flag

Fast forward to 2021, and the market is now filled with top-quality Pennsylvania sports betting sites. The first year in the books brought in over $1.1 billion in wagers, $75 million in revenue for the gaming companies, and an impressive $26 million in state tax revenue. This led to about a $60 million boost in the state’s overall gambling revenue. In other words, it’s been a win-win-win for everyone involved, as promised.

What are you legally allowed to bet on? Great question. PA residents can use Pennsylvania betting sites to wager on professional sports, collegiate sports, and international sports. There are no limitations across the realm of traditional sports. Currently, though, you won’t be able to bet on the following:

  • Esports
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Sports personnel (Coaches, referees, etc.)

Those interested in betting on horse racing can do so, but those rules and regulations are covered under separate legislation than sports betting in PA.

Keep in mind that all winnings made while betting online in Pennsylvania are subject to taxes. This has always been the case, but it does become much more trackable and enforceable when using state-regulated online sportsbooks.

What Sports Can I Bet on in Pennsylvania?

When it comes to which sports are offered for real money online betting action, the list is pretty endless. Expect to be able to bet on the four major sports (basketball, baseball, football, and hockey), as well as all of the smaller sports around the country and the globe. Currently, the top sports to place bets on in Pennsylvania are:

Best Pennsylvania Sports Teams to Place Bets on

While you can bet on any team in any of these sports, we did make sure to check that these Pennsylvania sports betting sites offered action on the most popular professional PA teams. You’re in luck if you’re looking for action on:

Pennsylvania Sports Teams

  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)
  • Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
  • Philadelphia Union (MLS)
  • Drexel Dragons (College)
  • Bucknell Bison (College)
  • La Salle Explorers (College)
  • Penn State Nittany Lions (College)
  • Temple Owls (College)
  • Villanova Wildcats (College)
  • Saint Joseph’s Hawks (College)
  • Pittsburgh Panthers (College)

Banking Options Offered at PA Betting Sites

Thanks to advancements in state regulation, moving money around while betting online in Pennsylvania is now easier than ever. Without having to jump through the gray areas created in other states, banks and online processors can focus on security and ease of use. Currently, you’ll find a mix of the following banking options at the sites we’ve recommended:

Most of these options will work for deposits and withdrawals, though there may be some limitations. Before you make any deposit into an online sportsbook, make sure you fully understand the banking options you’re planning on using. Sometimes, a withdrawal option only becomes available if you’ve used it at least once in the past to make a deposit. This protects PA sports betting sites from accidentally sending money to the wrong person.

How Long Do Payouts From Pennsylvania Sports Betting Sites Take?

Again, thanks to advancements in regulations, cashouts and withdrawals from these betting sites will be some of the fastest available in the US. Expect money to show up in your account after it’s processed by the withdrawal department in between a few hours or a few days. The only exception to this is checks by courier, which can sometimes take anywhere from five to 10 business days after approval to show up at your doorstep.

Are PA Online Betting Sites Safe?

One of the most common questions we get outside of the legality of these online sportsbooks is whether they are safe to use or not. The answer is yes, as long as you meet two conditions. First, you have to ensure you only bet with safe Pennsylvania sports betting sites.

While there are plenty of great, high-quality options, there are a few “rough around the edges” betting sites that have slipped through the cracks. While you may have an okay experience with these sites, we can’t guarantee it. Stick to the betting sites we’ve recommended here, and you’ll have a safe experience.

The second part of this equation is making sure you’re following safe sports betting practices. You can be playing at the safest PA betting sites, but if you’re not doing your part, it will all be for nothing. Here are a few quick tips to keep you safe:

  • Use a long and difficult password for your account
  • Never log into your account or app from a shared computer or device
  • Stick to the Pennsylvania betting sites we’ve already vetted
  • Never bet when you’re intoxicated or emotional

Start Sports Betting Online With Real Money

Getting into the real money sports betting action in Pennsylvania is only moments away! Choose one of the top Pennsylvania sports betting sites we’ve recommended at the top of this page and create your free account. Make a deposit, and you should be ready to make your first online bet in a matter of minutes.