Best WWE Betting Sites for 2021

Wrestling has become something of an American pastime. We have seen World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) enjoy a comeback of sorts in terms of popularity in recent years, and it has since exploded back into the American mainstream. WWE might even be more popular today than it was 30 years ago when the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were in their respective primes.

Wrestling is all scripted entertainment, of course. That might make the fact that you can actually place bets on the WWE online seem a little weird. While the winners of every match are predetermined, those that do know the result are sworn to secrecy.

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WWE LogoThat information getting into the wrong hands or leaking out into the public would obviously do incredible damage to the integrity of the sport and the integrity of WWE bets. Because the outcome isn’t widely known beyond just a few people, though, just about every top online sportsbook will accept bets on the outcomes of major WWE events.

Obviously, betting can make your WWE viewing experience even more fun. Let’s break down everything you need to know about betting on the WWE online and where to bet on the WWE.

Top WWE Betting Sites

Not all real money sports betting sites offer WWE betting odds as of now, but most of the biggest names in the industry do. That’s why you should have little issue finding a safe, reputable site that checks every box with regard to what you want in your online betting experience.

We’ve dedicated our time to shopping around the web in order to identify the sites best suited to take your WWE betting online action. You want a site that takes your security seriously while also offering a wealth of WWE betting options. Bets like the season-long champion, week-to-week matchups, and props are all offered at the best sports betting sites on the web.

There is plenty of real money to be made betting on WWE online, so what are you waiting for?

What to Look for in a WWE Betting Site

WWE Betting Coverage

Obviously, you want a site that actually offers WWE betting options. It’s difficult to bet on wrestling if a site doesn’t have it. Not only do you want to find a site where you can bet on the WWE, but you also want to make sure the site includes a wealth of different wagering options, too.

The single-market option regarding the eventual winner of a match is the most standard bet you’ll find, but some sites for betting on WWE online also have props detailing certain specifics of a match or head-to-head matchups between different wrestlers at a given event. While WWE may be more like reality television than an actual sporting event, betting on WWE is no different than doing so on a football or baseball game.

Safety and Strong Reputation

Brock LesnarUnfortunately, not all of the betting sites with WWE odds on the web operate with integrity. There are some grifters out there that just want to bait you into depositing real money you’ll never get back. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you bet on WWE at a site with a strong reputation and a good track record in the industry. The longer the site has been in the business, the better. Not all of the top sites have to be old, of course, but the fact that the likes of Bovada and BetOnline, and other real money WWE betting sites have been around so long means they typically know what they’re doing.

Before we even consider the many other attributes that make the best WWE betting sites, we have to be sure that each website is a legitimate operation and that they’re safe and secure for bettors to use. Sites that take the extra step when it comes to keeping your personal information safe generally grade out well in this regard.

Banking Options Offered at WWE Betting Sites

The proliferation of sports betting in the United States has led to some states relaxing their laws when it comes to financial transactions, but that isn’t the case in every state just yet. There are some banks and credit card companies that still block online transactions with known betting entities. That’s why it’s important that your WWE betting site offers a variety of different banking options.

In addition to accepting credit or debit cards, lots of sites these days will take payments via cryptocurrency or an e-wallet like PayPal, Neteller, etc. You can use these methods to deposit money into or withdraw winnings from your online betting account.

Ease of Use of WWE Betting Sites

Placing bets on the WWE online is all about convenience. That’s why your preferred site should be easily navigable. You don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to make your way around a site that doesn’t look clean. Part of the reason why you want to bet online is so you don’t have to endure the hassle of going to a land-based casino and wait in long lines. Find a site that has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t make life difficult for you.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online sports betting sites are in the business of attracting your business. They want you to bet on WWE at their site so much that they’re even willing to give you free cash just for doing so. The best sites all offer attractive bonuses that can help you inflate your betting bankroll right off the bat. You can potentially double the value of your initial deposit if a site’s bonus offer is generous enough. You can’t immediately withdraw the bonus money, of course, but you can use the extra cash on the site to place more bets.

First-time deposit bonuses are popular, but most of the sites will also offer reload bonuses for subsequent deposits as a way of keeping you coming back for more.

Fast Real Money Withdrawal Speeds

If you have placed a successful bet at WWE betting sites, the last thing you want to do is to have to wait for your real money winnings to show up in your account. That’s why one of the most telling aspects of a site’s overall quality is how quickly they will pay out your winnings. The slower the payout, the worse overall experience you’ll likely endure. Sites for betting on WWE online that offer fast payouts generally check plenty of the other necessary boxes, too.

Mobile Compatibility

WWE Wrestlers in iPhoneBeing able to place WWE bets from your mobile device is a must these days. In fact, the vast majority of online bets nowadays are placed with a mobile device. That’s why it’s incredibly important that WWE betting sites offer mobile compatibility with their service.

That means optimizing their website in order to neatly fit on the screen of your phone or tablet. Some have taken the extra step of creating a mobile app that you can download right to your device for an easier experience.

Types of WWE Bets

Most WWE bets are straightforward. There isn’t quite as much betting interest in the WWE as there is in sports like the NFL or the NBA, which is why most online sportsbooks tend to offer simplified options when it comes to pro wrestling. Obviously, that’s a good thing for bettors that may be new to the experience. The most popular bet you’ll find at WWE betting sites is the standard bet where you will pick the winner of a match, tournament, or season-long title.

WWE Props

Some WWE betting websites will also offer prop bets. The actual props themselves differ based on the event and the wrestlers involved, of course. For example, you can occasionally wager on which wrestler will spend the most time in the ring during an entire event. You can bet on whether there will be a first-time winner, or which wrestler will be the first to make an appearance.

You can also bet on how a match will be won. A popular option is a wager on whether any of the matches will end in a disqualification. During the Royal Rumble, for example, you can bet on which wrestler will eliminate the most other wrestlers during a multi-person event. This is different from betting on the outright winner.

How to Bet on WWE Online

1. Find a Reliable WWE Betting Site

Taking the time to find the right WWE betting site using the criteria listed above will be worth your while. Once you’ve found the perfect site, you’re ready for the sign-up process. Find the “Join” or “Sign Up” tab near the top of your site’s homepage. Then, enter the necessary personal information (username, password, etc.) and you’re all set. It should only take a few minutes to actually create your account.

2. Deposit Real Money

As mentioned, you should find a site that offers an array of banking options. Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to fund it. Choose your preferred banking option and enter the amount of real money you wish to deposit. Then, enter the promo code associated with your sign-up bonus and submit. Your new account balance (bonus included) should update immediately.

3. Bet on WWE Online

Now, it’s time for the fun part! Browse your entertainment betting site until you find their WWE odds. Sift through the options until you’ve found the bet you would like to place. Click on it and enter the amount of money you want to risk. Double check everything to make sure it’s all in order before you officially submit your bet. Once that’s done, sit back, watch some wrestling, and wait for your winnings to come flooding in!

When Can You Bet on WWE?

Unlike all other sports, there is no offseason for the WWE. That’s great news for viewers and bettors alike. The WWE schedules countless events all over the world throughout the calendar year, which leads to no shortage of betting opportunities. In most cases, the sites will post their odds a week or two before a scheduled event takes place. You have the time from when the odds initially get posted until the event starts to get your bets in.

The most profitable time to bet on WWE online at real money WWE betting sites is right before an event gets started. This way, you can account for the possibility that any of the scheduled competitors are forced to withdraw early for any reason.

WWE Betting Strategy

You may think that there can’t be much strategy involved when it comes to real money betting on WWE at sports betting sites. It’s scripted, after all. However, you’d be wrong. There are actually ways to try and get an edge on the field and take advantage of the odds.

The core of being a good WWE bettor is trying to account for all potential outcomes in a given match and betting accordingly. You’re essentially weighing likelihoods against one another. This is true for betting on sports like:

The same principles can be applied to betting on WWE as well. Information is power. Try to find as much information as possible in order to try and make the most accurate possible prediction.

Rather than breaking down the physical discrepancies and differences in skills between wrestlers, you need to take a more macro approach to betting on WWE at online sportsbooks. It’s scripted entertainment, which means those behind the scenes are always looking for creative ways to keep viewers engaged and interested in what’s going to happen next. Following narratives and keeping up with potential trends is a smart way to attack a WWE bet.

WWE results are not random. The scriptwriters do as much as they can to make the outcomes logical.

That also leads to plenty of unpredictability, which is something you certainly have to deal with when betting on other sports, too. Even if the writers are trying to be unpredictable, you should still be able to detect patterns when it comes to specific wrestlers. There isn’t necessary a catch-all strategy for successfully WWE betting online. That said, keeping an eye on potential trends and knowing the backstories of the show’s cast of characters is a good way to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About WWE Betting

Yes, you can. Betting on WWE is possible because the general public doesn't know the outcomes of the matches ahead of time. Assuming that information stays private, you can bet on WWE with the knowledge that you're not being scammed. Betting on something with a fixed result sounds strange, but oddsmakers aren't privy to any more inside information than you are.

As mentioned, the most popular WWE bets offered at online WWE sportsbooks are on the outcome of a given match or competition. Others will include a variety of different prop bets as a means of giving bettors a different way to get in on the action. These tend to be pretty simplistic. The site will also typically put a cap on the amount of bets one person is able to place in an attempt to protect themselves in the event that the bettor is actually someone that has some information that isn't known to the general public.

WWE isn't as popular as the NFL or the NBA. That means bettors may be able to find more edge with WWE than they would with other sports. Oddsmakers tend to have specialties. Some are great at handicapping football games, for example. Given the uncertainty of WWE outcomes from match to match, there’s a strong chance that those looking to bet on WWE online at WWE betting websites can find advantageous odds if they dig around enough.

Sportsbooks understandably dedicate more time and attention to sports that generate more betting interest from the public. Entertainment betting options don't typically attract as much action, but sites pride themselves on being able to offer a bevy of betting options. It's safe to assume that they don't usually spend as much time setting WWE lines as they might for football or any other more mainstream sport. If a certain wrestler is forced to withdraw before a scheduled event, for example, you may be able to get in on the WWE betting odds before the sportsbook is able to adjust to reflect the last-minute change.

Shopping around from WWE betting site to WWE betting site in order to find the most profitable odds is a must-have skill for any and all WWE bettors.