Best Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites for 2022

The state of Wisconsin has a long history of cooperating with Native American tribes when it comes to gambling. Over the years, the gaming industry has grown to support over 25 casinos across the state, offering everything from slots to tables games.

Online betting in Wisconsin is a different story, with Wisconsin being one of the more challenging states for online bettors. We’ve combed through all the options to bring you our guide to navigating online betting in Wisconsin and help you find perfect Wisconsin online sportsbooks for your needs.

Best Real Money Online Sportsbooks in Wisconsin

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Getting into online betting in Wisconsin can be tricky due to a variety of legal factors. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork to make betting real money online in this state as easy as possible for you. Below is our list of the top Wisconsin sports betting sites where you will find the best odds, the best customer service, and the best overall player experience.

Our experts have evaluated numerous platforms, using a vast range of criteria to narrow down the absolute best. After reviewing our list of the best real money Wisconsin betting sites, you will find a few of the criteria we considered when making our recommendations.

Critical Aspects of Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites

Our team has evaluated a multitude of data in determining which real money Wisconsin sportsbooks online are the best. Here are a few of our key criteria for what makes these Wisconsin online sportsbooks great.

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  • Signup Bonuses for New Players
    One of the best perks to keep an eye out for when selecting Wisconsin betting sites is new player signup bonuses. These are so valuable because they essentially give the player free money. Also, you qualify for these bonuses just by being a new player. Signup bonuses generally work by matching the players’ deposits up to a certain amount. In some cases, Wisconsin betting sites will match deposits well into the thousands of dollars.
  • Real Money Promotions
    Promotions are usually less valuable dollar-wise than new player signup bonuses. But they are also available to a more significant number of players. These promotions can include anything from weekly free play credits or holiday bonuses to getting a percentage of your losses refunded. Similar to picking a credit card with the best cashback, rewards should be a serious consideration when choosing your Wisconsin betting website. These bonuses can add up in a big way over time.
  • Variety of Events and Games
    Along with being able to get good value and having access to perks, we think a high-quality Wisconsin online betting website should offer players a wide range of bets. Particular sites will only provide specific kinds of betting, while others like offer the full range of gaming.

    We expect a good online gambling site to offer a sportsbook, casino-style games, and any other type of betting that players would be able to do in person. The best online sportsbooks in Wisconsin also have exotic bets that can add a unique twist. Some of these include betting on things like politics or pop culture.

  • Live Gaming
    As technology continues to push gambling forward, players have unprecedented opportunities to play in entirely new ways. Live gaming is a type of online gambling intended to replicate in-person betting using a live stream of an actual dealer. In live games, a real dealer will communicate with players in real-time. This type of gambling provides a much more personal experience. Gambling in a live game is as close as you can get to the real deal without going into the casino.
  • Fast Real Money Payouts
    If you’re planning on betting online in Wisconsin, a key factor to consider is liquidity. WI residents should want to have access to winnings as soon as possible. All the online gambling sites that made our list will offer players the ability to access funds exceptionally quickly and, in most cases, in less than 24 hours. This speed may not seem like a crucial consideration, but few things are more nerve-wracking than having your jackpot win “processing” for days on end.
  • Big Bets
    While more relevant for the advanced players, it’s vital to consider the size of bets an online betting site offers. As you gain more experience, develop strategies, and look to increase the level of your play, it will become essential that the stakes your betting site offers match your goals. More advanced players may “outgrow” some of the smaller websites with lower betting caps. All our recommended Wisconsin online sportsbooks will provide the ability to place wagers of all sizes to accommodate a wide range of players, from the novice to the expert.
  • Alternative Currencies
    In the last 10 years, cryptocurrency has become increasingly prevalent. As its popularity continues to grow, many Wisconsin betting sites are starting to offer Bitcoin as an option for funding a player’s account. Right now, there’s minimal support for altcoins, so players using those currencies would need to convert to Bitcoin before playing.

Wisconsin Gambling Law

There are a variety of laws in place that make Wisconsin online betting more challenging to navigate. Like many other states, WI has laws that are against gambling online. But unlike other states, Wisconsin has gone a few steps further in limiting what is allowed.

Some states forbid real money betting sites that offer games of chance like slots but they usually allow betting on games of skill. Wisconsin prohibits real money gambling online, including casino-style games and sports betting. This distinction limits the number of Wisconsin online sportsbooks that players can choose from even more than in other parts of the country.

Second, Wisconsin has taken legal steps to address players using offshore betting sites as well. Per Wisconsin betting law, wire transfers cannot be used for “transmission or receipt of information assisting in the placing of a bet or offer to bet on any sporting event or contest.” Essentially, this means using any account funded with a wire transfer is technically illegal. This law is not regularly enforced but should be a point of consideration for players signing up for Wisconsin betting sites.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in Wisconsin

Despite many types of online wagers being banned in Wisconsin, there is one very notable exception. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has become a massive part of the sports betting market in the last five years, and their rise in popularity has pushed almost all states into addressing their legality.

As of Early 2022
There are fewer than 10 states that still prohibit DFS. Platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel are played by millions of people and have tens of thousands of contests per day. This type of betting can offer players a legal and unique kind of betting, as this game type melds sports betting with fantasy sports.

Also, due to the skills-based nature of fantasy sports, the odds and potential payoffs can be significantly higher for more knowledgeable players.

Sports Betting in Wisconsin

Sports betting is completely banned in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has taken steps beyond many other states to regulate sports betting. While most states generally have harsh penalties for the bookmakers and lesser punishments for players, Wisconsin does not distinguish between the two. This lack of distinction means that players should be cautious of taking part in sports betting within the state, but thankfully, state residents have alternative options.

The vast majority of Wisconsin sports betting sites are not actually based in Wisconsin and therefore are not subject to state regulation. While players should always use caution and gamble safely, there are a wide variety of online betting options that still enable Wisconsin residents to place bets.

If you’re still cautious about using real money Wisconsin online sportsbooks, we recommend reaching out to a legal professional within your area. While our team aims to be up to date with state laws, we are not lawyers, and state regulations can change quickly.

How to Bet Online in Wisconsin

1. Select the Best Wisconsin Betting Site for You

We’ve done the hard work of helping you narrow down which website is best for you. Using our list of recommendations above, you will be able to find online betting sites in Wisconsin that will perfectly fit your needs, whether you are just getting started or an experienced player looking for something new.

2. Make Your Initial Deposit

All the real money Wisconsin betting sites we recommend offer secure deposits, so there’s no need to worry about the safety of your money. Keep in mind that not all offshore online betting websites are safe. Each of the Wisconsin online sportsbooks that made our list is verified secure, so you can rest assured all the websites on the list above will have your safety as a top priority.

If you need any help check our guide on how to fund your online betting account.

3. Get Familiar With the Platform

Before you jump into placing bets online in Wisconsin, get familiar with your new betting platform. Take some time to explore all the options, events, and wagers you can bet. Understanding the platform will help to make sure you place the intended bets and will help to minimize unwanted surprises by accidentally clicking the wrong button.

4. Start Placing Bets

Now that you have an understanding of the site and know what you want to bet on, it’s time to have some fun! If you are new to online betting, we recommend starting small and working your way up as you gain experience. This strategy will help to minimize your financial risk while allowing you to develop a winning strategy. As always, don’t bet more than you can afford and always gamble responsibly.

Wrap Up on Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites

The state of Wisconsin can be a tricky place for gamblers looking to place bets online. There are a variety of laws in place that make land-based gambling the primary option. For the most part, these laws make online betting illegal, but there are exceptions.

Residents looking to bet online can legally play DFS, which will appeal to many sports fans and traditional sports bettors. Another option is to register for an account at any of the licensed offshore betting sites that offer a comprehensive range of gaming options.

Hopefully, we have helped you gain a better understanding of the landscape of betting online in Wisconsin. With this guide, you’ll be ready to jump into the exciting world of online gambling. Now, you know what your options are, how to bet safely, and where to get started.

As regulations continue to change, be sure to check back at to see the latest updates. You are ready to start betting on sports in Wisconsin and start winning real money. Please gamble responsibly, have fun, and good luck!

FAQ About Online Betting Sites in Wisconsin

While online betting is illegal in the state of Wisconsin, residents do have alternative options when it comes to gambling online. Apart from DFS, residents can play on offshore online betting websites. We have provided our picks for the best online sportsbooks in Wisconsin to help make choosing much easier. Keep in mind that wire transfer regulations can make it difficult to deposit funds. Again, this is not widely enforced but it should be taken into consideration.

Real money sports betting in the traditional sense is prohibited in the state of Wisconsin, but players do have alternatives. For players that are looking to place sports bets, they can use any of our recommended Wisconsin betting sites to place secure wagers. For players looking for something a little different, they can try DFS.

Yes. DFS (daily fantasy sports) is one of the few explicitly legal types of online betting legal in the state of Wisconsin and the only variety of legal sports betting regulated by the state of Wisconsin. Residents can safely and confidently play on any of the major DFS providers.

The safest way to gamble online in Wisconsin is to make sure you are playing on a secure Wisconsin betting site. We’ve helped identify which option will work best for you based on the criteria we discussed above. Due to state regulation, residents can play on offshore sites, which makes vetting all the more critical. Whichever real money Wisconsin betting site you choose, make sure it is a trusted and verified gambling site like the ones that made our list above.