Finding the Best March Madness Betting Sites of 2021

There is really no greater month in all of the sports than the month of March. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t truly experienced the excitement, the highs and lows, and the rush of college basketball’s March Madness. Not only is this tournament incredibly exciting to watch, but it can be even more exciting and profitable to bet on.

If you’ve never heard of March Madness or you want to learn more before you jump into the action, that’s totally okay. Stay tuned while we get our friends who are hot to trot and ready to bet out the door and into the action. If you’re ready to get betting, we don’t want to be the speed bump on the court that slows down your drive to the hoop. Below, we’ve listed the absolute best online March Madness betting sites offering the most action, best lines, and an overall killer experience.

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For those of you that are new to March Madness or want a bit more information before you select a site to bet at, let’s talk. First, let’s talk about what March Madness is. March Madness is the nickname given to the tournament used to decide the winner of the NCAA (college) Basketball Championship. As you might guess, it’s played every year in March and is a single elimination tournament that produces the team that will reign supreme for that college basketball season.

Please Note:
The tournament now starts with 68 teams that play in a single elimination, a bracket-style tournament that ultimately culminates in your champion. The games are played over a series of a few weeks with two rounds every week/weekend. As you can imagine, the first few weekends are insane with tons of games going on all weekend, many at the same time. It truly is madness.

But, that action doesn’t slow down as it gets into later rounds. While there are fewer games being played, the stakes get much higher. The final four teams are conveniently known as the Final Four, and they duke it out for the championship. Yes, that was a Duke pun for those of you that didn’t catch it.

Now that we’re all on the same page about March Madness let’s talk about what the real purpose of this page is. This page is a dedicated resource to help you find the absolute best March Madness betting sites and to help you get into the action so you can enjoy the fun and hopefully the financial spoils of victory.

Our top picks for the best March Madness betting sites and why:

  1. Bovada – Offers great promotions and excellent lines for March Madness.
  2. MyBookie – Puts a heavy focus on college basketball.
  3. – Plenty of different bets to be made on the tournament.
  4. Xbet – Has specific March Madness promotions to take advantage of.
  5. BetOnline – Great customer support team to help get started.

In the coming sections, we will discuss what makes the March Madness betting sites we recommended great, the difference between March Madness sports bets and bracket bets, and some great tips to help you pick the sportsbook that is going to give you exactly what it is you’re looking for. By the end of this guide, you’ll be an expert on March Madness betting sites and be able to make an informed decision about where you want to place your action at this year’s tournament.

What Makes These Sites the Best

We never want to give recommendations without backing them up with the reasons we’re giving them. As we wouldn’t blindly trust something from the internet without some explanation, we don’t expect you to do that either. So, in the section below we’re going to cover the reasons we decided to choose these sportsbooks as the best March Madness betting sites on the web.

This is not a full list of our reasoning, but a taste of the most important reasons and deciding factors we took into account. Additionally, before we go any further, we want to make one thing very clear. We do not let sportsbooks pay us for better rankings or higher recommendations. They can’t bribe us, send us free cookies, or do anything that is going to make us give them an incorrect and more favorable review. The only way onto this list is to offer the best of the best when it comes to March Madness betting action. Period.

Action on All Games

Half of the fun of March Madness is the fact that there are so many games played during the tournament – 67 to be exact if you include the First Four play-in games. If an online site claims to be a March Madness betting site, but they don’t offer extensive action on all 67 of these games, then we aren’t interested. Often, you’ll run into betting sites who cherry pick the games they want to offer action on in the early rounds ignoring the “smaller games.”

Excuse us while we get up on our soapbox for one moment. Any game in the NCAA tournament is an important game. These are the best of the best, and even the small schools that worked their tail off to get into the tournament are important. From a sports bettor’s standpoint, you should be able to have action on every single game within the tournament. If this isn’t being offered, it’s time to find a new March Madness betting site.

Prop Bets to Accompany Standard Bets

Not only do we want to see coverage of all 67 games in the tournament, but we want to see a wide variety of bet types that we can choose from. Sure, we won’t be upset if all we get are the standard to-win bets, spread bets, and totals bets. But, March Madness is all about taking chances and having fun. Give us the ability to bet on a lot more than just the outcome of each game.

When we’re looking for the top March Madness betting sites, we look for sportsbooks that offer prop bets on all of the games. Not just the wild and wacky prop bets that are fun to take a shot at, but the ones that require skill to determine a winner. While March Madness is one of the most fun times in all of sports betting, it’s also an incredible time to make some money.

Not having access to this sort of betting flexibility with each game is handcuffing yourself from making as much as you can. Sure, you certainly don’t have to use these bets, but it would be really nice to know they are available if you get a tip or you stumble upon a prediction you like.

Mobile Betting Capabilities

Unless you plan on sitting in the sportsbook or at your home computer for an entire month straight, you’re probably going to want to make sure that the site you’re betting with has mobile betting capabilities. Being able to bet from home is pretty awesome in itself, but we think you should have the ability to bet from anywhere with an internet or phone connection.

When we’re evaluating March Madness betting sites, we want the ultimate in flexibility. This goes for betting flexibility as we already talked about and also the flexibility to bet from anywhere at any time on any device. Make sure the sportsbook you’re betting with gives you this freedom, so you don’t have to be chained to your desktop or a brick and mortar sportsbook for the entire month of March. Your friends, boss, and significant other will appreciate this.


This should be a no-brainer, but as the most important factor on our evaluation list, we wanted to draw specific attention to it. You need to be able to trust the sportsbook you’re placing your March Madness bets with. Whether you’re depositing, betting, cashing out winnings, or taking advantage of a promo, you need to be able to trust that the sportsbook will do what they say they are going to without giving you the runaround.

For the most part, the industry is pretty clean when it comes to these things, but there are some bad apples out there you need to avoid. It can be hard to spot these bad apples especially when they hide behind big promotions and flashy graphics, but not a whole lot gets by us. If you want to be safe, use the sites that we’ve recommended at the top of the page. Our team has gone to great lengths to do our best to ensure that these sportsbooks are doing things the right way.

Bonuses and Special Promotions

Anytime you have a major sporting event, you should be looking for special bonuses and promotional offers. Why? Well, sportsbooks like to get new customers and revive old customers who haven’t bet in a while. One of the best ways they can do this is by running promos and bonuses built around major sporting championships and events.

Typically, you’ll see deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, match bets, and added juice bets. When it gets close to tournament time, make sure you check with the books you’ve been betting with or a new book you’ve been interested. See if there are any new promotions that you might be able to take advantage of.

While we aren’t proponents of chasing around bonuses, the bonuses for special events like March Madness are sometimes so lucrative that it’s worth getting on our horse and chasing them around. We don’t know what a horse has to do with basketball, but it sounds like a catchy phrase people might say. The point is this. Don’t bet with a bad sportsbook just to get a bonus, but don’t pass up an awesome promotion at a reputable sportsbook because that would just be crazy.

March Madness Sports Bets vs. Bracket Bets

One thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to betting on March Madness is that there are two categories of bets that people get involved with.

Standard Sports Bets:
The bets we’ve been talking about today. These are bets on the outcome of the game, tournament, or the performance of an individual player or team (prop bets).
Bracket Bets:
Are bets that you make with a pool of other people. You select which team is going to win every single game, and you do this all the way through the end of the tournament. You earn points for each game that you get right, and you get more points as the games get into later rounds. The winners are the players that have the most points at the end of the tournament.

These bracket bets are more like tournaments and not straight up bets. You are not betting against the house, but you are betting with a pool of people. Sometimes, online sports betting sites will facilitate bracket pools for you to play in. In these, you won’t be betting against the house but against the other players at the site. The sportsbook or gaming site facilitating the action will take a small percentage from the prize pool as their rake.

It’s important that you understand the difference between the two different types of bets. Mainly, you’re going to see sports betting options, but occasionally you’ll see bracket bet pools for you to join as well. Which type of bet is better? Well, it all depends on what you’re best at. The best strategy, if you’re a sharp bettor, is to get involved in both forms of action. The perk of the bracket bets is that you’re competing against other players and not the house which is always a much better situation to be in.

Tips to Select the Best March Madness Betting Site for You

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably close to deciding on a March Madness betting site, but you’re looking for a little additional information or deciding factor to nudge you in the right direction. Well, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a list of a few important tips to help you make the best decision for you and what you’re looking for.

Decide the Level You Want to Bet on Each Game

It’s always good to know whether you’re planning on betting casually or if you’re planning on diving head first and firing away at every piece of value that you see. Why? Well, it can help you to decide what type of sportsbook is the best fit for you. Shouldn’t you just take the one with the most options since that will be plenty for everyone? Well, not exactly.

Yes, the most robust of online March Madness betting sites will have plenty of action for 100% of people. But, the problem is that the more complex bets and the more options offered, the more confusing things can sometimes get. If you’re just a casual bettor who only wants to bet the winners of a few games, you don’t need every option under the sun. In fact, you’d probably prefer not to see them.

This is what we mean by determining the level that you want to bet on this year’s tournament.

  • If you’re a pro who wants to fire on everything and every bit of value that you see, choose a more robust site.
  • If you’re a casual fan who just wants a little added sweat, pick an online sportsbook that caters to you.

What do we have in our recommendations at the top of the page? We have a healthy mix of both. If the first site you click isn’t to your liking, just click to the next. We’re sure that one of the sportsbooks we’ve recommended will be perfect for what you’re looking for with this year’s tournament.

Understand the Importance of Mobile Capabilities

Here’s a spoiler. None of the March Madness betting sites we recommended at the top of the page lack a mobile betting platform. Why? We feel like, in this day and age, you should never have to be tethered down during a betting season. You should be able to do everything you could normally do at a brick and mortar sportsbook from any smart device with a phone or internet connection.

So, if we’ve already covered the importance of having a mobile betting platform, what point are we trying to make here? Well, we’re now talking more about personal preference. Not every mobile betting platform has been created equally. In fact, most of the ones available offer a much different experience.

Is one of these experiences better than another? In some cases, yes, but in other cases, it comes down to what you like. The only real way to see if a site offers what you’re looking for is to try it out for yourself. We wish we could just wave a magic wand and tell you what would be best for you, but that’s just not the case. The March Madness betting sites we’ve recommended have great mobile betting platforms that each offer a very different betting experience.

Check these out before you decide where you want to call home for this year’s March Madness tournament. You might not think about it while you’re on your desktop, but you’re going to want something you like the first time you go to make a bet or check on something, and you’re not at your home computer.

In-Game Betting Important?

The only thing madder than betting on March Madness is live in-game betting on March Madness! This is betting where you are able to make bets on things as the games are going on. Typically, all bets have to be placed before tip-off, but not with live betting.

What you need to ask yourself is how important is this to you? Is this something that you’re going to be doing? If it’s not, then you don’t have to worry about the quality of the in-game betting platform when you’re choosing a March Madness betting site. But, if this is something that interests you, it’s imperative that you find a site that you like.

Here’s why.
The biggest variance in quality at any sportsbook online will be with their in-game betting platform. We know some incredible sportsbooks that offer an amazing betting product, but have terrible in-game betting platforms. On the flip side, we know some sportsbooks that offer a mediocre betting platform but appear to be masters when it comes to in-game betting.

First, figure out if in-game betting is something you will be partaking in. If not, disregard this section. If so, make sure the site you choose to bet at has what you’re looking for. Remember, there is nothing wrong with using one site for your standard bets and another for your live, in-game betting. Do what you need to do in order to get the set up that works best for you.

In Conclusion

By now, we hope to have given you enough information and resources to find the best March Madness betting site for you. Whether you’re a recreational bettor who just wants to join in the madness or you’re a serious sports bettor looking to make a profit, these sites will help you achieve your goal. Utilize the sites we recommended and the tips we gave you to make the best decision on which site works best for you. Remember, there is nothing wrong with having multiple accounts for line shopping and for different purposes.