Teixeira vs Hill Odds and UFC Pick

We’re two days away from Glover Teixeira vs Hill, and the UFC 283 main event is stacked with twenty betting markets. UFC betting sites will feature round betting, over-under bets and every method of victory bet for this five-round fight, but we’re looking closely at a few of Bovada’s double chance special bets.

Top Betting Pick for Teixeira vs Hill

With both fighters known to finish or get finished, Hill and Teixeira have no decisions inside their last four fights. Hill has seen only one UFC decision, but has never made it past the fourth round. Glover’s last two decisions were in 2019 and 2018, practically another career ago for the 43-year-old.

Glover Teixeira +113 vs Jamahal Hill -140 Betting Odds

Hill’s loss to Paul Craig has many skeptical of his ability to manage a Glover level of BJJ and submission fighting. If he falls into an expert guard early, it could be an early night for fans of the Hill money line. Here is a quick list of our bets to consider.

Top Bets for Teixeira vs Hill Odds

Glover By Submission or TKO+150
Hill By TKO+105
Fight Completes Four Rounds, No-400
Fight Ends in Round 2+275

Aside from the Hill money line, bettors that are looking for higher paying props than our top pick may be looking at predicting the finish. We think Hill by TKO is the most likely of the prop bets over +100, but we’re not willing to count Glover out. Parlay the Doesn’t go to Decision’ prop bet if you’re playing it safe.

Odds of Hill Knocking out Glover Teixeira

Glover’s last knockout loss was to a prime Alexander Gustafsson in 2017. He’s been finished by Alex, Anthony Johnson, and Eric Schwartz. Few people have Hill’s one-punch knockout power, and Glover’s 3.9 average strikes absorbed per minute means that at some point his chin will be tested. The 1:1 return on a Hill knockout defies the odds, and could be closer to -140 in our opinion.

Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill Betting Odds HIstory and Prediction

Glover has won as the underdog in two of his threelast bouts against Santos and Jan. Throughout his career, he’s operated at a near 50% upset ratio. Hill was a -235 in his loss to Craig, but came back and beat Crute in his only underdog performance. Looking at Hill’s fights, only Craig and Glover have 3 or more submission wins in their UFC career. This is why we won’t bet the Hill money line as our main pick. He gives up his back after every takedown, and against Glover that tactic won’t fly.

Bet Safe or Bet Big with Teixeira vs Hill Odds

We’re dedicated to parlaying the -600 or -400 under odds. If you’re skipping the parlay, you may as well call your shot. Hill by TKO in round 1 matches the Rumble Johnson knockout, the majority of Hill’s wins and pays +300. Glover by submission in round 1 pays a staggering +550 despite Hill’s near submission loss to Craig and Glover’s history of smashing people who don’t know BJJ. Check the updated odds on the legal and safe betting sportsbooks below.


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