Imavov vs Strickland Odds and UFC Pick

Headlining Fight Night 217, Imavov vs Strickland odds now have 19 betting markets at the top UFC betting sites. Our top bet when odds were released was Imavov’s money line, but as more prop bets are released on this short notice fight, have better bets popped up?

Top Betting Pick for Imavov vs Strickland

Nassourdine Imavov’s decision or TKO prop bet covers his UFC wins to date. Yes, he’s had past submission victories but against a black belt like Strickland, who’s BJJ is deeply underrated, we expected a kickboxing match with the occasional takedown to win a round. Imavov has a massive 2.4 average submission attempts per fight, but he uses them to threaten the opponent, not to finish. In addition, Sean’s 85% takedown defense leaves little room for a submission, bumping you 40 points from the current -122 money line on Imavov.

Top Betting Picks for Sean Strickland Fans

Sean’s last three wins and four of his last five fights have been decisions. His most recent UFC TKO’s have been in the second round against Allen and Taleb. In fact, Sean hasn’t seen a first round finish since 2014 and it was a submission win. Fan’s of Strickland at UFC Fight Night 217 should bet the over props.

Over Bets for Strickland vs Imavov

Over RoundsOddsWinnings Per $1 Wager

Were skeptical of the Over 2.5 Rounds prop for a couple reasons. First is Sean’s recent knockout loss and fighting on a week notice after one month recovery. We have no idea how soft his chin is right now. Imavov has two second round knockouts, and Strickland’s been knocked out twice in the first round at the UFC level. You have to believe that Strickland wants to make this a sparring match, so the Strickland vs Imavov odds on Over 1.5 are pretty good. Strong enough to couple with a three fight parlay, and a ⅓ your money payout is still a value bet.

Top Long Shot Bets on Strickland vs Imavov at UFC Fight Night 217

Imavov by TKO is one of our top picks if you’re looking for a stronger payout. The +325 return is massive considering Imavov’s level of preparation and Strickland’s level of damage. More specifically, Imavov in Round 2 is +800, and there is plenty of evidence to back that up, including his two second round knockouts, and the fact that Strickland likes to pace himself early rounds in an attempt to win rounds 3-5 against tough fighters. We’re looking at Strickland by Decision at +255 for his top prop.

Strickland vs Imavov MMA Breakdown

The biggest difference in stats between Imavov and Strickland is strikes absorbed per minute. Imavov is sitting at 2.43 against Strickland’s 4.18. Having early issues with guys like Luke Barnatt, Strickland’s striking has always been centered on trading shots. If you’re getting in repeated battles of durability, eventually that durability runs out.

Imavov isn’t much different. He uses more ground control to limit getting hit, but he does exchange often. Looking at his performance against Shahbazyan we see some holes in his striking, specifically entering and exiting the pocket. Still Imavov should go blow for blow with Strickland and end up winning the fight on attrition.

Last minute Changes to Imavov -122 vs Strickland -102

Look for the betting lines to move near the fight yet again. Strickland fans may want to wait last minute to see if they can get a better return on his already moving money line. Imavov fans should look to bet now, but the Over/Under and No Decision prop will continue to evolve until Saturday night. Keep an eye on the odds at the sites below, and wait for a return that suits your betting ticket.

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