Improve Your Chances At Winning With These Gambling Rituals

Gambling Rituals

Good luck rituals for gambling have been around since games of chance originated centuries ago. Gambling rituals afford bettors a perception of good luck and a sense of control over their wagers. Additionally, gambling rituals can make things a little more fun and interesting for players.

Attributing all of your success and winning streaks to gambling rituals at online gambling sites isn’t realistic. There are strategies that have likely assisted you in your adventures. Before carrying a horseshoe to the casino, we recommend checking out some gambling strategies.

Nevertheless, there are some intriguing good luck rituals for gambling that are worth taking a moment to consider. We are crossing borders and investigating the best gambling rituals that have originated from various cultures around the world.

While we can’t promise that using a ritual to win in gambling will bring you riches, using these gambling rituals could help you invite positive energy into the room.

Wear Red Clothing

Do you have a favorite red shirt? We suggest wearing it while gambling. In fact, if you have any kind of red clothing, including shoes, clean it all off and wear it on your next trip to the casino.

Even if you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, throw on a red t-shirt or sweater before playing at your favorite online casinos. Do you have any red decor or candles in your house? Then consider surrounding yourself with as much red as possible.

According to China Highlights, red represents vitality, good fortune, success, and good luck. For this reason, the color red is used across many spectrums in Chinese culture. Red is predominately used in Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, and birthdays1.

The red phenomenon has transcended into gambling, as well. Many casinos use red as the theme for their brand, or red carpets are used to bring luck to gamblers. While red can make for attractive decor, the primary function of red theming is due to its association with good luck.

You can take advantage of this good luck ritual to win in gambling by sporting your favorite red gear before hitting the blackjack tables or playing other casino games.

Bet On The Number 8

Staying with Chinese culture, the number eight is associated with wealth, good luck, and prosperity. It is the luckiest number of any number in Chinese culture.

It’s no wonder that Beijing Olympic organizers ensured that the number was incorporated into the Opening Ceremony. On 8/8/08 at 8:08 p.m., the 2008 Beijing Olympics officially began.

Why is the number eight such a lucky number?

It’s all due to its pronunciation. Pronounced “ba”, the number eight closely resembles “fa”, which translates to prosperity in Chinese2.


If you’ve scrolled through online slot machines, you’ve likely noticed that many slot games have the number eight. For instance, 88 Fortunes, which is popular online and at land-based casinos, takes the lucky number eight and includes it in the game.

The various bets in these “8” slot machines are worth the same value. For instance, the max bet might be $8.88, or the minimum bet $0.88.

Is it any surprise that the biggest win that we’ve had on the slots at DuckyLuck was on the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot machine? Perhaps it was blind luck or some divine intervention from the gambling gods.

And, yes, if you were wondering, eight gambling rituals aren’t in this article by mistake.

Rub A Laughing Buddha’s Belly

Don’t laugh, but a Laughing Buddha might be your secret to winning huge jackpots. Dating back to 907 or 923 AD, the Laughing Buddha is based on the Chinese Zen monk ‘Budai’.

Despite living over 1,000 years ago, ‘Budai’ remains a fixture in many Chinese restaurants, businesses, and even homes. The Laughing Buddha is categorized as a symbol of positive energy, prosperity, and happiness.

Consequently, a Laughing Buddha statue is used as an icon of good luck. It has been believed that rubbing the belly of the statue will bring good luck and prosperity to that person. For extra prosperity, point the Laughing Buddha to the east towards the rising sun, or at your front door3.

Some casinos have adopted their own Laughing Buddha statue for their decor. For example, the California Hotel & Casino and ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, have large Laughing Buddhas.

Make sure to give their big bellies a rub before sitting down on the gaming floor. Also, remember to purchase a small Laughing Buddha to put on your table while gambling at home. The Laughing Buddha can be your new ritual to win gambling and companionship.

Make Origami Cranes 

Origami cranes can be quickly constructed with one piece of paper. It might take a creative mind to be able to make one, but there are easy-to-follow instructions if you need a tutorial.

Origami cranes originated years ago, but have been heavily adopted in Hawaiian culture, too. They represent good fortune, honor, loyalty, and longevity.

According to Central Michigan University, the ritual was popularized by a Japanese girl during World War II. After surviving the Hiroshima bomb, Sadako Sasaki was diagnosed with leukemia at 12 years old.

She attempted to construct 1,000 Origami cranes for good health and fortune, but she passed away before the endeavor was completed. Every year, children from throughout the world make Origami cranes and send them to Hiroshima, where they are placed around a statue of Sasaki.

The Japanese believe that creating 1,000 Origami cranes will bring good fortune and a wish will be granted. In Hawaii, the bride often enrolls the wedding party to create 1,000 Origami cranes. Meanwhile, the groom creates one extra to increase good fortune for the couple4.

Do we recommend creating 1,000 of these Origami cranes yourself? Sure, if you have the time and skill level to fold them quickly. However, most people do not, so create 10 or 100 to represent 1,000.

As a final thoughtful act, you could gift one of the cranes to a fellow gambler for good luck and fortune.

Carry A Dala Horse When Betting On Horse Racing

We are flying to Scandinavia for our next symbol of gambling rituals. In Sweden, Dala horses are hand-painted and carved wooden horses.

The horses are part of Sweden’s National heritage and are viewed as a symbol of good luck. Dala horses reportedly originated in 1716 with Swedish soldiers fighting under King Charles XII seeking cover in homes in the Dalarna region of Sweden.

To kill time, many soldiers carved wooden animals, with the horse becoming the most prominent. Along with being a gift to their hosts, the painted Dala horses quickly developed into a sign of luck and hope in Sweden5.

Today, we use Dala horses for a good luck ritual when betting on horse racing. While we can’t bring along a giant Dala horse statue with us to the horse track, there are small pocket-size Dala horse figurines available to buy.

If you like to bet on the ponies at home, take the Dala horse out of its hiding place when it’s time to place your wagers. You may not have the money for a racehorse, but use your Dala horse for good luck rituals for gambling.

Manifest Your Gambling Winnings

Manifestation is based on the premise that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can become a reality. In other words, if you keep repeating and believe that you will win, then you have a better chance of winning.

The act of manifesting can have a positive impact on the mental well-being of individuals. For gamblers, it can be used as a ritual to win in gambling.

While nothing can be guaranteed, it’s always healthy to go into your gambling sessions with a positive outlook.

If you always feel like you are going to be a loser, there is no reason to gamble. Naturally, this goes for every aspect of our lives. Being positive and manifesting your future is a productive way to progress through life.

Avoid The Number 4 Before and While Gambling

If you gamble every day and use numbers frequently, this might be an issue. However, we want to kindly inform you that the number four is associated with bad luck.

Similar to the number eight representing good luck, the number four symbolizes bad luck in Chinese culture. If you have ever stepped into the elevator of a casino hotel, there is one number that is strategically missing.

Due to the number four being a symbol of bad luck, you will not find it in the elevator. Yes, there is technically a fourth floor in the building, but it is often skipped over. You will never be assigned a room designated as the fourth floor in a casino.

The number four is associated with bad luck because it sounds similar to “death” in Chinese. The superstition is widespread throughout other East Asian cultures, as well.

With that in mind, there aren’t any Asian gambling games that feature the number four. If a casino made the mistake of including the number, superstitious gamblers would quickly correct them.

What can you do personally? Try your best to avoid the number four before and during your gambling session.

Play At Casinos Where You Win The Most

There are certain casinos, including online and land-based, where you will have better luck. Likewise, there are casinos where you can never win anything.

her than walk away and never look back, you keep pouring money into their games. We have fallen victim to this in the past, but have certainly learned our lesson by now.

Even certain sports betting sites have been dark holes for us, while others have been goldmines over a large sample size. After you’ve discovered that you aren’t having any luck at one casino, consider moving on to another property for better luck.

During your gambling career, you will likely discover that there are “good luck casinos” and “bad luck casinos”. For the most success, only play where your good luck rituals for gambling are working.

Which Online Casino Is The Luckiest?

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