What Are the Differences Between Poker and Texas Holdem?

Poker Texas Holdem Difference

If you are new to card games, then you may be wondering about the difference between poker and Texas Holdem. While Texas Holdem is a type of poker, there are several unique features that set the game apart from other variants.

Understanding the differences will help you choose the right game for you at the best online poker sites. Also, some of the differences can affect your strategy and how well you can play each game. You need to account for these discrepancies in your strategy if you want to be a successful player.

I will break down everything you need to know about the difference between Texas Holdem and poker right here. Also, I will tell you which online card rooms you should use for the best playing experience.

What Is the Difference Between Poker and Texas Holdem?

Poker is an umbrella term that encompasses many card games, including Texas Holdem. There are plenty of unique features that make Texas Holdem different from other types of poker, though.

You need to know these differences, and how they affect the game, if you want to have any success as a player.

Hand Size

The first characteristic on my list of the difference between poker and Texas Holdem is the size of your starting hand. In many versions of poker, such as five-card stud or five-card draw, you will start with five cards. But in Texas Holdem, you start with just two cards.

This is because there will be a total of five community cards available to every player in addition to your hole cards. Between your starting hand and the community cards, you will have a total of seven cards to work with. However, there will be only five cards in your final hand. 


Another major difference between Texas Holdem and other types of poker is the strategy that you use. Poker strategies are different from other casino games anyway because you are betting against other players, not the casino.

However, your strategy in Texas Holdem will be different than even other types of poker.

There are many reasons for this, including the smaller starting hand size, the use of community cards, and the increased number of betting rounds. You need to account for all of these factors and more when creating your Texas Holdem strategy.


Texas Holdem is the most popular form of poker and has been for several decades. As a result, it is very easy to find Texas Holdem games at land-based and online poker rooms. Online Texas Holdem is one of the most popular ways to play poker in 2023.

Poker sites know that Texas Holdem is very popular, so you should have no problems finding it online. The same cannot be said for other forms of poker. Outside of Holdem-style games, many gambling sites do not offer a large selection of poker games.

Number of Betting Rounds

You should also consider the difference in betting rounds between Texas Holdem and other types of poker. In five-card draw, for example, there is the opening ante bet and two rounds of betting. The second round of betting is followed by a showdown to determine the winner.

Players in Texas Holdem games have to place the ante bet and make it through four rounds of betting. The increased number of betting rounds makes it easier to build the pot and can create bigger wins. If you are playing a no-limit game, then there is no limit on how large you can make the pot.

Betting Limits

Speaking of betting limits, that is the next topic on my list of the difference between poker and Texas Holdem. The most common way to play Texas Holdem is no-limit-style games. This means you can go all in at any time during the game.

But no-limit games are not as popular in other styles of poker. In Omaha Poker, for instance, the common way to play is Pot Limit Omaha. Other games, like five-card draw, are usually played with fixed-limit betting rules.

The betting limits in a given game can have a huge effect on your strategy. For example, it can determine how aggressive you can be with your betting. Check out our poker for beginners guide to learn more about the importance of betting limits.

Number of Players

Last but not least, Texas Holdem differs from other poker games in the number of players that can participate. Most Texas Holdem games will have a limit of around 10 players. Each player only has two hole cards, so more people can be involved at once.

Conversely, in poker games where you have five cards in your hand, fewer players can play at once. Take five-card draw as an example. If you had 10 players in the game, then only two cards would be left in the deck after the initial deal.

Two cards would not be enough to continue the game. That is why five-card draw is best played with a maximum of five players. This will ensure that everyone can fully replace their starting cards without having to reuse cards front hat round.

Online Poker Tips

Now that you know the difference between poker and Texas Holdem, you should be ready to pick the right game for you. You can start playing right away using online poker rooms. Here are four tips to help you be more successful when playing poker online.

Use the Right Online Poker Room

The importance of finding the right poker site cannot be overstated. Even the best poker players can be hindered by a bad online card room. If you are playing paid games, then a bad poker site can end up costing you money.

Luckily, great poker sites like Ignition Casino exist. Ignition has a great selection of poker games, including Texas Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha, and more. You can compete against players from all over the world, too.

Also, Ignition has a VIP rewards program that is designed with poker players in mind. You can earn 15 reward points for every dollar of rake or fees for cash games and tournaments. You can also get 1.5 points for every dollar you spend on buy-ins for Jackpot Sit & Go events.

Ignition’s reward program has other great benefits for poker players, too. There are weekly freeroll events for members who are level Chrome or higher. Also, Platinum and above level poker players can receive special bonuses on their birthdays.

Play in Tournaments

Another tip for getting the most out of your poker-playing experience is to take advantage of online tournaments. Online events tend to have lower buy-in amounts than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Also, because you are playing online, there are always great tournaments available. Land-based poker tournaments are much harder, and more expensive, to run. So, casinos offer them less frequently.

But only events are cheaper and draw players from across the globe. Many poker rooms will also offer ways to win free tournament entry tickets. These tickets allow you to enter a tournament and compete for prizes without having to spend a penny of your own money.

Take Advantage of Bonus Options

The top casino sites have been offering great casino bonus options to new and returning players for years. Many of the best poker rooms have adopted a similar recruitment model. This means you can get extra poker cash to play with.

Ignition Casino has great poker bonuses. For example, it has a $3,000 poker and casino welcome bonus. Getting extra funds to play poker means that you can play more hands of your favorite poker games.

Poker players at Ignition Casino can also take advantage of weekly bonuses. These bonus offers are updated every week, so you always have new offers to claim. It also guarantees that there are always ways to get more money to play poker with.

Play for Jackpots

A final tip for playing online poker is to play for jackpots and bonus prizes. Jackpots are usually associated with real money slot games. But many poker rooms offer special jackpots for poker players.

These prizes may be tied to specific games, or they can be awarded to players who achieve certain feats. The Bad Beat Bonus at Ignition is a great example of the latter. Only players who suffer a qualifying bad beat can claim the prize.

The Royal Flush Bonus offer by Ignition is another great example. Players who win the pot in a Texas Holdem game with a royal flush can get up to $200 in bonus funds. To make matters even better, the funds from this bonus do not have any rollover requirements.

What Is the Biggest Difference Between Texas Holdem and Poker?

There are many differences between poker and Texas Holdem, but the games are also very similar. After all, Texas Holdem is a type of poker, but understanding what makes it different from other styles is a key part of being a winning player.

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