Best Texas Holdem Sites 2022

If you are looking for a top-rated online casino for playing the best in online Texas Holdem, you have come to the right place! Each of the gambling sites featured in this review comes with plenty of options for players who want to enjoy Texas Holdem online for real money. We will cover what makes these the best places online to playing online Texas Holdem, give you some information on how the game works and is set up, and go over some great strategies for winning more often in online poker rooms and at the gaming tables in 2022!

The table above features the best online Texas Holdem poker sites, the ones that we highly recommend for winning real money! Use the links to head over to that online casino’s sign-up page and create your new account today in just a few minutes.

The sign-up process is easy and should only take you ten minutes to complete! Create a new account at one of our best Texas Holdem online casinos and begin playing this casino classic in no time at all!

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If you are ready to play Texas Holdem online at one of our best online casinos, we encourage you to create a new account today! The process is super simple, and it should only take about ten minutes to complete. Experience Texas Holdem poker online and begin winning real money in just minutes!

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  1. Choose a Trusted Texas Holdem Site
    Use the links below to navigate to the sign-up page at one of our favorite Texas Holdem sites. These online casinos are fully vetted, completely safe, and secure for new customers to use!
  2. Fill Out Your Application
    Once you get to the site’s sign-up page, you will need to create a username and password and also fill out your application completely and correctly. Once you have all your information in, you will want to hit SUBMIT. You will then need to wait on the online casino to review and approve your new account.
  3. Fund Your Bankroll
    You will receive an email confirmation once your new account is ready to go! Log in with your username and password and navigate to the online casino’s banking section. Choose a deposit method and payout method that works best for you. Apply any bonuses or promos that you are eligible for at this stage as well.
  4. Choose Your Game of Choice
    Find a Texas Holdem game that you want to play. There are plenty of varieties available at our favorite sites including live dealer games.
  5. Play and Win!
    Play Texas Holdem and if you can make the best five-card hand, you will win real money! Your winnings will drop into your account based on the payout speed of the withdrawal option you choose to use.

Criteria for the Best Online Texas Holdem Casinos

We know that these are the best places to play Texas Holdem online because we did some thorough research on each of these gambling sites using top-notch six-point criteria. Each site on our list matched up with each of the criteria points ensuring that you are using the best online casinos on the market for the best online Texas Holdem poker!

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Each of the sites on this list have some great options for growing your bankroll in the vein of competitive bonuses and promotions. Newcomers can enjoy generous welcome offers and regulars can take advantage of reloads and deposit matches as well as free spins, weekly cashback schemes, and VIP programs. BetOnline Casino and Casino both are excellent in terms of the bonuses offered at their online casinos.

This is another area of our best online Texas Holdem poker sites where players have the chance to experience the optimum variety and this time it has to do with banking options for depositing and withdrawing funds at the site. Players can choose between options like cryptos, credit cards, eCheck, e-wallets, bank wires, and many more.

We are going to have to mention them both again as BetOnline Casino and Casino both excel tremendously when it comes to dynamic and flexible banking.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

Perhaps you are not too familiar with online Texas Holdem and how it is played. Use the helpful guide below to get an idea of the feel for these games, the rules, and what to expect along the way!

The Rules of Texas Holdem

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  1. The Blind – Compulsory betting begins immediately left of the dealer and goes around to each player. The first player bets the small blind of say $1 and the player to their left bets the big blind of $2.
  2. Pre-Flop – The dealer deals two hole cards face down to all players beginning with the player their left and ending with them (the dealer). The player who bet the small blind will need to add another dollar to call the $2 big blind total.Each player can either fold, check along, or raise depending on how they want to play the hand. All players who want to see the flop will need to call any raises or check along.
  3. The Flop – The dealer will burn one card and then deal out three community cards face up. Players will use these three cards along with the two in their hand in order to create the best five-card hand possible. Players can then check, fold, or raise depending on their strategy.
  4. The Turn – The dealer will burn another card and then deal the fourth community card called “The Turn” face up. Players can then check, fold, or raise accordingly.
  5. The River – The dealer will burn another card and then deal the fifth community card called “The River” face up. Players have the chance to make their final bets and they can then check, fold, or raise accordingly.
  6. The Showdown – Once all bets are in by the remaining players, this is where the cards are revealed. Whoever comes up with the best five-card hand wins the pot!

Texas Holdem Hand Rankings

And speaking of the best five-card hand, it will be important to know the different hands that you can make during a game of online Texas Hold Em and which ones are better than others. In the table below, we will begin with the highest hand possible and work our way down to the lowest.

Hand Details
Royal Flush This is the best possible hand, and it consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10, all in the same suit.
Straight Flush This is a sequence of five cards that are consecutively ranked, all in the same suit.
Example: A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of spades
Four-of-a-Kind This hand is four cards of the same rank.
An example is four Qs or four 5s.
Full House This is a hand that consists of three cards of the same rank as well as a pair of cards of the same rank. It is essentially having three-of-a-kind and two-pair.
Example: three 5s and a pair of Js
Flush This hand is five cards of the same suit. An example is 5, 8, 10, K, and A, all in spades.
Straight This is a sequence of five cards that are consecutively ranked. They do not have to be all in the same suit.
An example is 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Three-of-a-Kind This hand is three cards of the same rank.
An example is three Qs or three 5s.
Two-Pair This hand is two cards of the same rank followed by two more cards of the same rank.
An example is a pair of Js and a pair of 10s.
One-Pair This hand is two cards of the same rank. An example is a pair of 10s.
High Card This is where you have five matched cards, and the high card is the one of highest value in your hand.

Texas Holdem Lingo

There is a ton of slang and jargon that gets tossed around the Texas Holdem tables and it would not be in your best interest to be in the dark on what the dealer and the other players are talking about! If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology that is being used in the poker rooms and at the online card table, check out some of the most popular phrases and lingo that you will encounter when playing Texas Holdem poker online!

Word Meaning
Action The amount of money that is on the line in each hand of the game.
Air A crappy hand, one that has little to no value.
Ante A forced bet that players need to make in order to play the hand. These are made by each player outside of the first two who are left of the dealer.
All In A player taking all their remaining chips and making a bet using this amount.
Backdoor The turn and the river cards creating a strong hand for the player.
Bad Beat A weaker hand beating out a stronger hand.
Big Blind This is a compulsory bet that two players have to make to ensure there is money in the pot. These are the two players to the dealer’s left. The first player places a small blind (half of the big blind) and the second places the whole big blind. The first player will then place the rest of the bet they own once all other players have placed their first round of bets.
Blinds Forced bets that have to be made by the first two players left of the dealer before the cards can be dealt.
Burn Card A card that is thrown to the side before the flop, the turn, and the river as dealt.
Call Meeting another player’s bet in order to continue to the hand and see the next cards.
Check This is declining to place a bet and leaving it to the next player. If that player makes a bet, the player who checked will have to call to move onto the next turn of the cards.
Community Cards These are the five cards that are dealt face up and can be used by all players along with their two cards in order to create the strongest five-card hand.
Flop The first three community cards that are dealt face up on the table.
Fold This is forfeiting your hand and giving up on your chances of winning the pot.
Free Card This is when all players check and get to see the next card without having to add to the pot.
Hole Cards These are the two cards that each player is holding in their hand.
In Position The person to the right of the dealer that can watch the action unfold and see what kind of decisions the other players are making.
Off Suit Two hole cards that have two different suits
Over-Bet One bet that is made and it is worth more than the total pot.
Pot The money that consists of the players’ bet and calls and ultimately the prize that players are competing for.
Raise To wager beyond another player’s bet. All players who want to see the next card must call any raise.
River This is the fifth and final community card that is revealed.
Small Blind The smaller of the two compulsory bets that must be placed by the two players left of the dealer.
Split Pot This occurs when the two or more players have the exact same hand and therefore need to divide the pot up evenly.
Tell This can be a verbal or non-verbal action that a player performs that can give away information about their poker hand.
Turn This is the fourth community card that is revealed.
Walk This is a win that is secured when all other players fold to the big blind.

Versions of Texas Holdem

There is more than one way to enjoy the action of Texas Holdem, a game that has many variations on its original design! Here are some of the most popular versions of Texas Holdem that you can begin playing when you visit one of our top-rated online casinos today.

Version Details
Two-Time Holdem Not only do you get four hole cards in this game, but you can also split them into two separate hands and decide by the end of the round which of the hands you would like to play for a chance at winning the pot.
Pineapple Holdem With this version of Holdem, you get three hole cards instead of two. The catch here is that the player must discard one of those cards before the flop. The one downside to this version is that you will need a stronger hand to compete because there are more cards in play than there would be in a game of regular Holdem.
Three Card Holdem This is also known as Super Eight and is similar in nature to Pineapple Holdem in that players get three hole cards instead of two. The difference here is that players can use all three hole cards in their final hand!
Omaha/Omaha 8 Holdem The biggest difference between this version of Holdem and the classic game is that the players get four hole cards instead of two and players must also combine two cards from their hands with the three cards from the board.
Double Flop Holdem This version of Holdem has 2 flops, 2 turns, and 2 rivers and this will result in the player having two separate hands by the game’s end. While it is possible to win the entire pot, it is usually split between the winners of the two hands.
Irish Poker This version of Holdem closely resembles Omaha Holdem because players get four-hole cards. With this game, players must discard two of these four hole cards before the flop takes place.
Speed Holdem This game is set up just like Irish Poker with four hole cards and the player needing to discard two before the flop. But unlike Irish Poker, there is a not turn and river round of betting. All five community cards are dealt during the flop and there is one round of betting.
River of Blood This is an interesting version of the original game where players have the chance for another round of betting if the river happens to be a red card. Another river card will be dealt following the extra betting round and if the next river is red there is another round of betting. This will continue until a black river card is dealt.
Speed River Runs Wild This version of Holdem allows customers to get a straight using four cards instead of five.

Texas Holdem’ Formats

There are a few different formats for playing Texas Holdem online at your favorite real money casino. There is a little something for everyone at our top-rated gambling sites, accommodating for players of all different skill levels.

  • Are you a recreational bettor? Check out cash games with reasonable buy-ins that can be completed in a quick timeframe.
  • Do you consider yourself more of a professional? You might want to participate in one of the exciting tournaments with bigger prizes.
Most popular ways to play Texas Holdem for real money online:
  1. Cash Games – This is the most basic way to play Texas Hold Em online and it requires the lowest commitment from the player. Participants can enjoy a low buy-in rate and zero obligation to re-enter the game if they bust. Cash games are the best choice for newcomers to the game of Texas Holdem as well as for players who are looking to enjoy their time at a more leisurely pace.
  2. Sit and Gos – This is a style of Texas Holdem tournament play that is found only at online casinos. Sit and gos typically feature around nine to ten players in a single table tournament. The game begins once a certain number of people are available to play. There is a little more commitment with this kind of Texas Holdem game compared to a basic cash game, but they do not require as large of a commitment in terms of time and money as you would find with official Holdem tournaments.
  3. Holdem Tournaments – These are geared toward the professional gambler and require a big commitment from the player. With some of these poker tournaments, you might be dealing with thousands of players, and the entirety of the event can oftentimes take around 10 hours. Tournaments are serious business, and the player should have a strong budgeted amount set aside to pay for the buy-in and cover the blinds that increase as time goes on in the tournament.

Strategies for Playing Better Texas Holdem

Here are some tips and tricks for becoming better at playing Texas Holdem at our best online Texas Hold Em casinos. Applying these principles can allow you to minimize potential losses and keep you on the winning side of the curve more often than not!

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Choose Tables That Will Have More Recreational Players

If you can play at online tables where you know there are more recreational players than there are pros, that will be the ideal setting for you to win more often playing Texas Holdem! Professional players are usually playing at all times during the day so it might be hard to avoid them, but there is definitely an influx of more recreational players during the weekday evenings and on the weekends.

Know When to Show Restraint

This is the classic idea of “knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.” Because online poker is not done in front of other players and the dealer, you can use a guide for starting hands to give you some direction on when to fold and how much to bet if you are staying in. Know when to throw away garbage cards and know when to stay in the game.

Cut Down the Number of Hands Played

This is not a strategy that most think about, but it is one that can help you to avoid some unnecessary defeats and lost money. Statistically, you will end up losing more money as you play more and more Texas Holdem hands. The fewer hands you play can cut down on your potential losses. If you are able to win a decent pot playing Texas Holdem, you might want to consider moving on to another game before your game goes south.

Create a Budget

Good bankroll management is key to your success in playing Texas Holdem. Set aside an amount of money to play with at each session. This is an amount that you will be alright with losing if your worst-case scenario unfolds at the poker tables. As long as you stick with your budget, you can cut down on potential losses and avoid all the negative effects of losing a sum of money that you were not mentally ready to part with.

Bankroll Management is No Hoax

Bankroll management is one of the fundamental principles of a successful gambling career. Not only does proper money management keep you in the game longer, but it will also protect you from becoming overwhelmed by losses. Problem gambling usually starts off...

Keep Reading.

Check Out These Additional Resources

There are a ton of other strategies that we could list out here, but we will encourage you to look up some of these helpful readings on Texas Holdem game strategies.

Texas Holdem FAQ

Yes, our favorite Texas Holdem poker sites are completely safe and secure for customers to use. Each online Texas Hold Em site is fully licensed by a legit gambling authority and is required to use certain safety regulations as a condition of their licensure. This means they must put all new players through a vetting process with protocols like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Each site employs SSL encryption to protect its customers’ personal and financial information. These Texas Holdem sites also need to undergo periodic third-party audits which hold them accountable for their licensing body.

You can completely trust these online Texas Hold Em sites as they are legal for use by customers in the US and are fully licensed by a legit gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. Each site uses an encrypted connection to keep customer information safeguarded and they make sure that all their games are running on random number generators as well as feature certain return-to-player percentages. These safety features are in place to prevent customers from being taken advantage of by the site. These are Texas Holdem sites that you can fully trust!

Yes, this is a strategy that is used by many great online gamblers. If you are interested in developing and growing your bankroll to its fullest potential, we recommend using multiple online casinos to get the job done, provided you have the resources to do so! The beauty of using more than one online casino is the fact that you can have a shot at a welcome bonus every time you create a new account at another site. These are, oftentimes, the best deals available at an online casino which makes the idea of using more than one all that more valid.

The fastest payouts available at the best online Texas Holdem poker sites is about 24 to 48 hours and you will typically need to be using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in order to take advantage of these payout speeds. Visit the banking sections of any of our best online Texas Holdem sites for more details on all payout methods and how fast they can get payouts to their customers. Results will vary from casino to casino and banking option to banking option.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Use attribute "a" for answer.

Yes, you can find many tournaments at these sites when you play Texas Holdem online. These provide some of the best opportunities for larger payouts. You can also enjoy cash games and sit and gos at our best online Texas Holdem poker sites.

Yes, these sites can be accessed on various mobile devices including tablets and smartphones! Our best online Texas Holdem sites work well on the smaller screen of mobile devices and feature the same great graphics, handling, and navigation you would find on a larger screen format. Our best Texas Holdem sites can be accessed 24/7 and can be used in as little time as it takes to pull your mobile device out of your pocket!