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“You got to know when to hold ’em…know when to fold ’em…” If the lyrics of the late-great singer Kenny Rogers don’t get you excited to play poker, the surge of high-quality online Texas Holdem sites should. Poker players looking for betting action can now play their favorite game without ever setting foot out of the house. Whether you want real money action on cash games, tournaments, or sit and gos, you’re covered. The best Texas Holdem sites are open for business 24/7/365, offering real money poker action at all stake levels.

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What Makes These the Best Texas Holdem Sites?

While the game is the same at every online Texas Holdem poker room, the experience is not. On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the best Texas Holdem casino sites offering a trusted, high-quality experience that leaves players coming back for more. On the other end, though, you’ve got shady options that look to have been built in someone’s garage over the weekend.

Our team works hard to ensure we only recommend the top Texas Holdem poker sites. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the different factors we assess when picking out our favorites.

Signup and Loyalty Bonuses

Texas Holdem Blue Casino ChipThe best online real money Texas Holdem sites reward new players for trying out the site with free cash, tournament entries, swag, and more. But that should just be the tip of the iceberg.

Online poker rooms that really have their act together continue to offer players rewards in return for loyal and continued play. These bonuses or rewards can include things like more real money to play Texas Holdem online with, more tournament tickets, frequent player points, special freerolls, and VIP perks.

Sleek and Intuitive Poker Software

The entire point of playing Texas Holdem online is convenience. It’s the ability to play your favorite game without the need to travel to the casino or jump through any hoops. The best Texas Holdem poker sites have game software that keeps this point at the forefront.

It should be easy for you to find where to play Texas Holdem online, create an account, make a deposit, and get seated at the table of your choice. Beyond that, game controls like betting, raising, and folding should be intuitive and easy to understand. When poker rooms miss this, it makes it hard to play and increases the chance of expensive misclicks.

While you may start your poker journey playing one table, it’s possible down the road you might want to play multiple tables at once.

In fact, some top professionals have been known to play 20 or 30 tables at the same time! The best Texas Holdem poker rooms should have software equipped to facilitate multi-tabling.

Options for Real Money Cash Games, Tournaments, and Sit and Gos

Not everyone likes to play the same variation of Texas Holdem. All of the top Texas Holdem gambling sites recommended here have action for cash game players, multi-table tournament grinders, and sit and go specialists. No matter what type of action you’re looking for, these poker rooms have you covered.

Adequate Player Pools

Offering the types of games players want is one thing. However, in order for an option to earn the accolade as one of the best real money Texas Holdem poker sites, the games need to have players! An empty cash game table does you no good if you can’t get a game started. Our team tests all of the recommended online casinos with Texas Holdem regularly to ensure a certain level of player activity and volume capability.

Bonus Tip:

Some of the Texas Holdem websites may be smaller, but you’ll be able to get plenty of action. And don’t forget that smaller poker sites tend to attract less-skilled players and fewer sharks. These poker sites can be hidden gems of profitability.

Fast Payouts of Winnings

All of the top Texas Holdem poker sites pay customers fast. In the early days of the industry, this was a luxury. Today, though, it’s a necessity to stay competitive. There are zero reasons any player should have to wait an unreasonable amount of time on a cashout regardless of their location or the amount of the cashout. The top sites have multiple methods of paying winners that are safe, efficient, and most importantly—fast.

Texas Holdem Sites Safety and Security

While we put them last on our snapshot list, safety and security are the two most important traits of the best Texas Holdem poker sites. Not only do you need to be kept safe, but you need to be able to be confident in that safety.

We require an incredibly long laundry list of must-have factors in this category before we’ll even consider a recommendation. Some of these items include proper software encryption, a glowing industry reputation, a track record of best practices, and a dedicated security team that keeps you as the most important part of their plans.

Tips for Choosing the Best Texas Holdem Poker Sites

Picking the right online casino to play Texas Holdem online can have a lasting effect on the quality of your online real money poker experience. Picking the wrong site can do the same thing. Our experts have compiled a shortlist of critical tips to help you pick out the best Texas Holdem websites.

1. Use Play Money Tables to Test out Sites

The best way to figure out if an online poker site is the right fit is by trying it out. The good news? You can do this for free without ever pulling out your wallet or purse. Head over to some of the top online poker sites listed at the top of the page, and create a free account. From there, head over to the play money tables and play around for a bit.

This method is a great way to see what the interface looks like, test out the controls, and see what the real money experience will be like. It only takes a few minutes but can set you up for a long poker career of more fun, enjoyment, and success.

2. Check Player Volumes at Different Times During the Day, Week, and Month

Many of the top Texas Holdem gambling sites have varying levels of activity at different parts of the day. Poker sites that attract more grinders and full-time players are busy around the clock.

Online poker rooms with Texas Holdem that favor recreational players, though, are usually busier at night or on the weekends.

When you’re judging the level of activity on a potential poker home, check at multiple times during the day, week, or month to get the most accurate and inclusive picture of traffic. Additionally, tournament players can look back at past tournament lobbies to gauge how many entrants certain events typically get.

3. Check Texas Holdem Sites for Upcoming Promotions and Tournament Series

Take a minute or two to look at the upcoming events, promotions, and tournament series being offered at the online Texas Holdem poker site you’re considering. While things might look sleepy at the moment, it could just be a lull between offerings. Remember, you’re not just looking for Texas Holdem casino sites to play on today. You’re looking for a poker home for, hopefully, a long run.

4. Be Wary of Some Past Player’s Reviews

2 AcesAlways take in as much information as you possibly can when making an important decision. However, make sure you use the correct lens when viewing information, especially with reviews. While some past players will give you an honest review, many might be heavily jaded.

There’s a tendency for players who lose to bash poker sites and blame them for bad luck. Additionally, there are many players who fail to read the terms and conditions of promotions resulting in a bad experience. Instead of taking responsibility, some players like to pass the blame.

The only reason we share this is so you can get the most value out of every review and piece of insight you read.

What’s our motive? It’s to help you find the best online casinos with Texas Holdem and nothing more.

5. Test the Poker Site on Multiple Devices

Make sure you check out how the Texas Holdem poker site you’re testing plays on all of the devices you’re going to use. If you plan on playing on your phone and your computer, try out the software on both. While the experience should be similar, this isn’t always the case.

6. Look for a Cashout Method That Works for You Before You Deposit

You won’t find our team recommending online Texas Holdem sites that don’t have adequate withdrawal methods set up. However, that doesn’t mean that every site is going to have an option that works for you. Before you deposit real money to play Texas Holdem online, look to see what types of cashouts are available. This information is available on the poker room’s website or in the cashier section of the interface. You only need one option, but you do need that one option!