The Amazing Race Season 34 Odds, Predictions and Winning Team

The Amazing Race Season 34 Odds

The popular American reality TV show The Amazing Race will be wrapping up its 34th season on Wednesday, December 7 with the five remaining teams from the starting 12 competing for the $1 million prize in a special episode (CBS, Paramount+, 9 ET/8 CT/9 PT).

The second round of Leg 8 (Episode 10), Leg 9 (Episode 11), and the critical Leg 10 (Episode 12) of TAR—the flagship and original iteration of the show which has now been filmed in over 80 countries—will all be contested in these telling last three episodes.

Episode 10 (Don’t Look Down) of Season 34 of The Amazing Race will air this Wednesday with the five teams continuing on to Ronda, Spain where they will choose between dressing for success or building an arch brick by brick before moving on to the next leg.

With Aubrey & David (currently 5th place), Marcus & Michael (currently 4th place), Emily & Molly (currently 3rd place), Luis and Michaelle (currently 2nd place), and Derek & Claire (current leaders) left, another team will be eliminated leaving just four in the game. Last week in Episode 9 (Vamos a la Playa), we saw current race leaders and online oddsmakers favorites Derek and Claire win the first half of Leg 8, the third leg the couple has won and the second straight after capturing Leg 7 the episode before.

In The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 (How Am I Going To Survive This?) set to air on next Wednesday, November 30 (9 ET/9 PT), we will see yet another team eliminated, getting down to the final three teams heading into the Wednesday, December 7 series finale.

Hosted by Phil Keough, the cast of The Amazing Race 34 fielded 12 teams of two, including former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan (59) and the aforementioned Big Brother 23 reality couple Claire Rehfuss (26) and Derek Xiao (25).

The series premiere of The Amazing Race 34 was on Wednesday September 21 and immediately followed the season premiere of Survivor 43 which will see its season finale either coming on Wednesday, December 7 or Wednesday, December 14. Stay tuned.

The Amazing Race sees participating teams (of two) eliminated progressively for being the last to arrive at designated Pit Stops for Legs of the race although some end up being non-elimination legs. The first team making it to the finish line wins the $1 million.

Filming for The Amazing Race Season 34 commenced on May 22 and wrapped up in mid-June. The season has had Pit Stops in Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Iceland, and Jordan. The race started in Munich, Germany and will end in Nashville Tennessee.

This marks the first time that The Amazing Race started in a city outside of the US. Eliminated and finishing in 8th place were Abby (Garrett) & Will (Freeman) who were told by Keoghan that they were eliminated from the race because of a positive COVID-19 test. TAR had a season-high 3.22 million viewers last week in Episode 9 after setting a season-high combined total last week in Episode 8 with 4.60 million Viewers with 2.86 watching it live on TV and another 1.74 viewing it on their DVRs according to Nielsen.

The Amazing Race Season 34 betting odds from one of the top entertainment betting sites, BetUS, see current leaders Derek & Claire as heavy -400 favorites, followed by ballroom dancers Aubrey & David at +350 (7/2 fractional), like Derek & Claire, now Los Angelinos.

Below find The Amazing Race Season 34 odds, thumbnail sketches of the five remaining teams, and predictions on who will win this season.

The Amazing Race Season 34 Betting Odds

The Amazing Race US Season 34—Winner Odds

  • Derek and Claire -400
  • Aubrey & David +350
  • Marcus & Michael +650
  • Luis & Michelle +850
  • Emily & Molly +1200

Who Are The Amazing Race Season 34 Teams Left?

Derek and Claire (-400)

Derek Xiao (25) and Claire Rehfuss (26) met on the 23rd season of the hit CBS reality show Big Brother and are currently leading the race after a 1st place finish in the
Derek is a Product Manager while Claire is an AI Engineer and the two are expected to get married sometime in the future. The two currently live in Los Angeles, CA but Chagrin Falls, Ohio native Claire lived in New York City before moving to Lalaland after BB23.

Derek is originally from Baltimore and also lived in the Big Apple before moving to LA.

Derek and Claire won the first half of Leg 8 in last week’s show (Episode 9) to grab the lead. It was the second straight leg of TAR they have won and the third leg Derek and Claire have captured this season heading into these last three anticipated episodes.

The momentum, combination of athleticism and intelligence between Derek and Claire (-400 to win The Amazing Race 34, BetUS), and victories in the last two legs have them as the oddsmakers and bettors favorites here and now the team to beat this season.

Can Derek and Claire be defeated? Of course, they can. There is still plenty of show and race left.

Aubrey & David (+350)

Aubrey Ares (29) and David Hernandez (29) are ballroom dancers who, like Derek and Claire, are also from LA and are also very athletic and smart. Aubrey and David are the The Amazing Race season 34 betting odds second favorites (7/2 to win The Amazing Race 34).

Aubrey is a dance studio owner while David is a helicopter mechanic and the pair are currently sitting in 5th place and have failed to win a Leg so far this season. In 5th place with no TAR Leg wins, why are they second favorites in The Amazing Race Season 34 odds?

Marcus & Michael (+650)

Military brothers Marcus Craig (38) and Michael Craig (30) are the 13/2 third choice by oddsmakers. Marcus serves as a tank commander in the US Army while younger brother Michael is a US Air force fighter pilot. Huge respect and thank you for your service guys.

Marucs now lives in Richmond Hill, Georgia while Michael lives in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The team currently sits in 4th place with just three episodes left to air and the Craig brothers have won an impressive three Legs so far (Leg 2, Leg 3 (First Half), Leg 6).

Luis & Michelle (+850)

Luis Colon (24) and Michelle Burgos (34) have the second longest The Amazing Race Season 34 betting odds at 17/2. Heading into this Wednesday, November 23 episode, the married team from Miami are sitting in 2nd place behind leaders Derek and Claire.

Luis is a firefighter and Michelle is a dancer, so this team also has the athleticism and smarts to find a way to stave off elimination until the final three and give themselves a 1-in-33 shot at willion the cool $1 million. They have won two Legs (Leg 4, Leg 5).

Emily and Molly (+1200)

The longest shots in The Amazing Race season 34 betting odds are Emily Bushnell (36) and Molly Sinert (36) at 12/1. The duo are long lost twins and logic dictates that they are probably eliminated either this episode or the next one.

Why? A number of reasons. Law firm admin worker Emily (Ardmore, Pennsylvania) and Healthcare admin worker Molly (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) just aren’t in athletic professions like some of the other remaining teams left on The Amazing Race.

Emily and Molly are currently sitting in 3rd place with just one Leg triumph (Leg 3, Second half) all season. There is a reason oddsmakers have them at 12/1 and it’s hard to see them surviving the next two episodes to make it to the biggest Leg of them all, that last Leg 12.

Where They Are in the Race Right Now

  • 1st place—Derek & Claire
  • 2nd place—Luis & Michelle
  • 3rd place—Emily & Molly
  • 4th place—Marcus & Michael
  • 5th place—Aubrey & David

The Amazing Race Season 34 Leg Winners

  • Leg 1—Derek & Claire
  • Leg 2—Marcus & Michael
  • Leg 3 (First Half)—Marcus & Michael
  • Leg 3 (Second Half)—Emily & Molly
  • Leg 4—Luis & Michelle
  • Leg 5—Luis & Michelle
  • Leg 6—Marcus & Michael
  • Leg 7—Derek & Claire
  • Leg 8 (First Half)—Derek & Claire

The Amazing Race Season 34 Eliminated Teams

  • Leg 1—Aastha & Nina (12th place)
  • Leg 2—Tim & Rex (11th place)
  • Leg 3—Rich & Dom (10th place)
  • Leg 4—Linton & Sharik (9th place)
  • Leg 5—Abby & Will (8th place)
  • Leg 6—Glenda & Lumumba (7th place)
  • Leg 7—Quinton & Mattie (6th place)

The Amazing Race Winners Past 12 Seasons

  • Season 33—Kim and Penn Holderness
  • Season 32—Jardell and James Wallington
  • Season 31 (Reality Showdown)—Colin Guinn and Christie Woods
  • Season 30—Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf
  • Season 29—Brook Camhl and Scott Flanary
  • Season 28—Dana Alexa Borrielo and Matt Stefanina
  • Season 27—Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Joey Buttita
  • Season 26—Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams
  • Season 25—Amy DeJong and Maya Warren
  • Season 24 (All-Stars)—Dave and Connor O’Leary
  • Season 23—Jason Case and Amy Diaz
  • Season 22—Bates and Athony Battaglia

The Amazing Race Season 34 Winner Predictions

The Amazing Race Season 34 starts its homestretch tomorrow night with the conclusion of the Mega Leg and the five remaining teams seeing one more eliminated.

Should Derek and Claire win their third consecutive Leg, expect these The Amazing Race season 34 betting odds to see the favorite rise possibly another 100 cents. But remember here, this is about being one of three teams to survive and make it to the race’s final leg.

And also remember, this show has been taped and all involved already know who won the season and Leg 12 (“The Only Leg That Matters”) which airs on Wednesday, December 7. Don’t be deceived by the betting odds. There are four teams who can win TAR Season 34.

The Amazing Race Season 34 Predictions Winner Pick:
Derek & Claire
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