Figueiredo vs Moreno Odds and UFC Pick

For the first third rematch in UFC history, Figueiredo vs Moreno odds have bets available in round betting, method of victory, and double chance props to cover any outcome you can imagine. UFC betting sites will also throw up a few special bets toward the weekend, so look for any “above 100 significant strikes landed” prop bets.

Top Betting Picks for Figueiredo +105 vs Moreno -115 

While bettors have moved to the Moreno money line throughout the week, going -20 points since Monday, we see a competitive fight as the only sure bet. Moreno’s recent win over Kara-France demonstrates how far he and Figueiredo are from the rest of the division, not how far he’s come since the last bout with Deiveson.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno Value Bets

BetOddsPayout per $1 Wager
Brandon Moreno Money Line-115$1.87
Over 3.5 Rounds-190$1.53
Fight goes to Decision-135$1.74

The money lines are still high paying bets for fans, but with their current fight record against one another at 1-1-1 we think that any predictions on the money line aren’t worth their payout. The Over bets are useful, and if you’re a boxing fan you’re no stranger to betting a -1000 money line as a parlay. The decision prop is the right combination of value bet and payout.

Figueiredo vs Moreno High Paying UFC 283 Bets

Moreno by TKO or Submission+300
Figueiredo by TKO or Decision+105
Under 4.5 Rounds+120

The Moreno double chance is the right bet at +300. It’s happened before, and Moreno is the younger fighter coming off the strongest striking performance of his career. We like Figueiredo by TKO or decision at +105 for his fans, but we’ll stay away from it. Moreno in Round 3 is a massive +1500, and it would be interesting to see a repeat of his 2021 performance. The Figueiredo vs Moreno odds see a long fight, and we think all under bets prior to round 3 should be avoided.

MMA Breakdown for Moreno vs Figueiredo 

Moreno defeated Figueiredo in round 3, 2021. He lost January of last year after a five round decision where he outstruck Deiveson but was knocked down three times. These bouts have been consistently razor thin, with the majority of exchanges breaking even between fighters. 

As these two fighters get to know each other better, it will be more about who’s having the better night at UFC 283, and less about which man is more capable. Moreno is younger, and got the finish in 2021 that leads me to believe he’s the better bet for finishing props.

What’s Next for Flyweights after Figueiredo vs Moreno?

The title has been tied up in this rivalry for over three years. No one else has fought for the title since Ceudo vacated and Figueiredo won it off Benevides. The Flyweight division will shake things up, and we should see Askar, Kara-France or Pantoja take the next shot at the title. It should make for some interesting bouts for bettors, including one sided money lines for the only two contenders that have mattered for three years.


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