Fury Grappling 6 Odds and Top Picks

Fury 6 Namajunas vs Robertson

Fury Grappling is back featuring an almost entirely UFC fighter card. Fury Grappling 6 odds are live at betonline.ag, and you’ll struggle to find odds at most UFC betting sites. We have money lines for every fighter, and we’ve organized them by confidence in each category. Formerly called Fury Pro Grappling 6, this event has thirteen bouts and three easy parlay picks.

Fury Grappling 6 Predictions for Online Betting

Here is the quick list of all 13 money line picks. These are in the order of Main Event to opening bout. You’ll find them organized by betting style in the article.

  • Rose Namajunas +150
  • Eryk Anders +155
  • Andre Petroski -440
  • Chase Hooper -200
  • Mike Malott -260
  • Pat Sabatini -650
  • Philip Rowe -180
  • Jon Pellot +105
  • Zulk Kamchybekov -115
  • Connor Dixon -500
  • Kevin Dantzler -220
  • Amanda Mazza -260

Fury Grappling 6 Parlay Picks

Our strongest picks of the night include Amanda Mazza, who’s underrated at -260 and possibly the best bet in all of combat sports this weekend.

Amanda Mazza -260 vs Sandy Cheng +200

This is the steal of the night. Cheng is an MMA fighter with some submission skills but nothing beyond local tournaments. Mazza is a tour de force in women’s grappling, with a 1-0 showing at Fury Grappling. These Fury Grappling Pro 6 odds should be closer to -500 for Mazza, who’s likely to get the submission in the first few minutes. .

Andre Petroski -440 vs Ovince St. Preux +340

In the UFC, Petroski is a submission machine. He’s 2-0 at Fury Pro Grappling, and is facing a first timer in OSP. Outside of a clear difference in submission ability, St.Preux is 39, 8 years older than Petroski. His last submission was a 2019 Von Flue choke, and primarily used his BJJ as a counter wrestling method in MMA.

Petroski Represents Renzo Gracie Philly

Possibly one of the best grappling schools in MMA, Renzo Philly represents a style of aggressive submission grappling that works as well on the mat as it does in the cage. Petroski is a parlay pick but pays a respectable $22.75 per $100 bet.

Alex Caceres +475 vs Pat Sabatini -650

The consummate underdog, Caceres is 1-0-1 at Fury Pro Grappling. Sabatini is a high level submission fighter, with a heel hook win over Emmers in 2021 and eleven pro career submission wins.

Caceres Fans Will Still Bet the Underdog

We think this bout has the potential to be close. Sabatini’s grappling game is focused on leg locks, but the biggest issue is athleticism. The strength of Sabatini is a huge factor against the 34 year old Caceres. He’s still a parlay pick, and can muscle Caceres into a decision win if needed.

Connor Dixon -500 vs James Hardeman +375

A 1-1 Pro Grappler, Dixon is a beast inside the cage when it comes to arm lock work. Hardeman struggled in his first showing at Fury, and displayed a style just short of Dixon’s, with a clear difference in submission ability. James is 36, and is aging out of high level competition.

Fury Grappling 6 High Confidence Bets

There are several bets in the value bet category that could be parlay picks if you’re up for the risk, specifically Phil Rowe.

Mike Malott -260 vs Trevin Giles +200

Our underdog has been knocked out twice in fifteen months. While this doesn’t seem like it affects your grappling, don’t underestimate what CNS damage can do to your athleticism. Malott struggled in his first pro grappling showing, but his three pro MMA submission wins range back eleven years, putting his grappling experience light years beyond Giles. Bet Malott got his first Pro Grappling submission.

Nick Galanti +150 vs Philip Rowe -180

Rowe’s win over Niko Price was an amazing fight. He’s chosen to grapple with four of the best guys in submission grappling, including Gordon Ryan in 2021, losing all four matches. His opponent Galanti Is a Dante Rivera BJJ fighter, 4-1 amateur champion, and BJJ black belt. While Galanti has done far more grappling competition, he isn’t half the athlete that Rowe is. In no-gi, we expect Rowe to out maneuver Galanti and pressure him to a decision win.

Chase Hooper -200 vs Clay Guida +160

Here we have a 23 year old black belt in Hooper facing a 41 year old MMA fighter in Guida. Hopper is a better grappler than he is a fighter, but he lost to Moicano in his 2021 showing after spending the majority of the bout on his back. Guida showed that he’s still missing some fundamental grappling against Claudio Puelles, but has gone 2-0-1 in grappling events since then.

A Light Endorsement Of Hooper

Hooper is a 1:2 return on his bet, but we’re not super excited about it. If Moicano can win by holding him down and never actually passing, there is a chance that Guida can do the same. Let’s hope to see a more aggressive Hooper coming into this match.

Dennis Pressey Jr +180 vs Kevin Dantzler -220

Both fighters are decision grapplers that have struggled against the right opponent. They’re exciting, with plenty of movement. We’re looking for a decision or classic submission (armbar or RNC) and it’s either man’s game. We have a slight bias toward Dantzler and his more recent string of activity.

Fury Grappling 6 Underdogs and High Paying Bets

No underdogs stand out on this card as clear winners. Fans of Rose and Haters of Pat Barry should be happy to take the risk on these underdog money lines.

Christos Giagos -115 vs Zulk Kamchybekov -115

In one of the more competitive main card bouts, Gigaos has struggled in his last few MMA bouts and isn’t getting a break in Zulk. The 6-2 MMA fighter Kamchybekov is a Renzo Gracie Philly alum, who’s trained with Khabib and other top grappling spots across the USA. Giogas is a brown belt, but his no-gi BJJ has produced a style that struggles with pressure athletes. Coming off injuries and losses, Giagos will fall just short of a Zulk win.

Jon Pellot +105 vs Pat Barry -135

Barry has no pro grappling experience to speak of, and hasn’t been active in MMA since 2014. His return to competition is after a long time away from the cage but not from training, as the coach and husband of Rose Namajunas. Pellot won his showing at Fury Pro Grappling 5, and won multiple IBJJF tournaments in the course of his career. We see an upset , with Barry struggling to get back into the win column at 43 years old.

Gillian Robertson -180 vs Rose Namajunas +150

Favorite Robertson is a submission machine. In pro grappling, she’s just under the top five or ten women’s grapplers at 125, but in the UFC she’s finished off McCann, Whitmire, Casey and three other fighters in the flyweight division. Now seen as a striker, Namajunas has three UFC level submission wins and won five fights prior to her UFC run by submission. We should expect Namajunas in top position, facing Robertson’s guard.

Namajunas Underrated Grappling

There are a few fundamental mistakes Robertson makes on the ground that offered her a 3-4 pro grappling record since 2020. Rose evolves quickly, and her ground game lost her the fight with Esparza. She’s gone back to the drawing board and taken this match strategically as a way to work on her submission and wrestling game. Expect the underdog in top position, looking to smash Robertson for the time limit, hunting arm locks and kimuras from side mount.

Eryk Anders +155 vs Joe Pyfer -185

A knockout boxer in the cage, Pyfer has no pro grappling history. He’s moved +4% in the betting lines since opening, but I’m surprised it hasn’t come closer to even. Anders has a submission loss to Petroski at Fury Pro Grappling 5, and one career MMA submission loss. Because this match feels so close to even, we expect Anders to make an exciting show of Fury Grappling 6, and win the decision.

Anders Camp Switch

After his UFC submission loss, Anders moved to Fight Ready MMA with Henry Cuedo. This switch has shown a rapid evolution in his stand up wrestling and we believe we’ll see top position against Pyfer. Underdog odds pay 1.5 times your bet on Anders at Fury Grappling 6.

Fury Grappling 6: Keeping Athletes Active

Look for more pro grappling in the future as Fury finds success on December 30th, 2022 on UFC Fight Pass. As you’re betting, remember that MMA grappling and BJJ no-gi grappling are very different, and you’ll see strategies that simply aren’t employed in the cage.

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