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Many of the reviewers in this office love to bet on sports. Some days, it is difficult for many of us to discuss sporting events without having a bet hanging in the balance. These days, with so many sports to watch and follow, it can get a bit repetitive, especially during excruciatingly long regular seasons like in Major League Baseball. This is where betting comes in. So, you are a Minnesota Twins fan, and they are out of the playoff race in July? No problem! Just make some bets, and all of a sudden those meaningless games of summer are now valuable to you!

Creating an account is a breeze at Bet365. There is a Join Now link on the top of every page of the website, and all you have to do is give them a few pieces of information and then choose a deposit method, and you are all set up. Once you have the account is when the fun stuff begins.

Sports You Can Bet On

Okay, let’s make sure you don’t get the wrong impression about us – we don’t bet on everything. But if we were going to, then Bet365 would be a great place to start. One of the things we have loved about the site since it launched is the sheer volume of sports and leagues you can bet on. Pretty much every major sport is covered, along with a lot of games on the periphery of people’s minds.

Now, we wouldn’t recommend that the average bettor starts to get frisky with all the lower level leagues available in the lobby – we suggest you stick to the sports and teams you know.

Overall, we are very impressed with Bet365 when it comes to the range of betting options – they are continually adding new events as they come across them.


Types of Bets Offered

Once you have figured out which sports and teams you want to bet on, you then need to determine what kind of bet you want to place. When people start betting on sports, they tend to stick to what they understand: who is going to win the game (or the money line). We have a lot of seasoned gamblers in our office, so it is not surprising that we quickly moved on to spread betting and then started to add in parlays, teasers, and prop bets along the way. These days, we can be found betting in all sorts of formats across all different leagues on a weekend.

At Bet365, all the main bet types are available for you. You can have your games listed in both spread and decimal formats, which is typically something that is determined by where you live. Odds are displayed differently in Europe than in North America, so we are very pleased to see that the site offers both options.

The Race Bet:
Is one betting option that we hadn’t seen before we came to play at Bet365. This is a very popular bet for hockey games. For this wager, you can bet on which team will get to three goals first (or bet that neither will get there). This takes away having to choose the overall winner of the game, so you get a little more action in the game itself before perhaps losing your game wager on a crazy comeback. A lot of us have become big fans of these bets in a short time.

If you want even more action on a game aside from the outcome, then you are in luck at Bet365. They have a full suite of in-game betting available. This is an excellent complement to the full-game wagering, as sometimes a game can change in-play, and you’ll want to bet on the rest of the game as a result of those changes. We really like it for soccer, which can tend to be dreadfully boring, but betting on the time of the next goal or yellow card changes the complexity of the event entirely.

User Interface

The player interface at Bet365 is surprisingly simple. There are a lot of bets that can be made at this site, and that can sometimes be intimidating to a novice bettor. At Bet365, the betting interface is straightforward to navigate, and you can have your bets completed in a matter of a few quick clicks.

What we are the most thrilled about at Bet365 is something that some of you may not have access to – the native app for your phone or tablet. Our office happens to be located in a jurisdiction that allows gaming sites to have apps in the app store, and so we were able to download the Bet365 app for an Android phone.

From the app, we were able to access our accounts, view our bet history, and make all the bets we wanted. The in-play betting is also available to mobile users, and players can even access some of the casino games if they want to get some spins or hands in while on the go. Overall, the mobile interface is excellent, and most importantly, it is fast, so we can get our bets in before lines move.

The Casino

Most of our reviewers have far more experience in the sports betting world than the casino. However, that doesn’t stop us from sitting down at a casino game or two every once in a while! Bet365 has a full casino available both for players who are playing on their PCs or on their mobile devices.

While we haven’t tested many of the games ourselves, for the purposes of writing this review we did go into the casino lobby and have a look at what was available. At a quick glance, we counted well over a hundred different slots games, and all the table games you can imagine. We did play a couple of the games for this review to ensure they were acceptable for our readers, and not shockingly, the quality was fantastic.

If you are primarily a casino player, then you may want to look elsewhere to compare this casino to others, but as a complement to the sports betting side of the business, we think Bet365 has done a great job with this product.


Customer Service

These days, there are several newer ways to get a hold of the support team, as well as many traditional options. First, the live chat feature gives you instant access to an agent without having to pick up your phone. We would recommend this service to anyone. The site also has a great FAQ section, and they have a Facebook site and Twitter handle if you want to take your question to the court of social media public opinion.

If you want to get a hold of someone on the phone, they do have a telephone number (beware that it is not toll-free from outside of England – something we should have paid more attention to). You can also email their support email, or if you are really patient, you can MAIL THEM A LETTER. Seriously. Their mailing address is on the website.

It seems clear that Bet365 wants to make all their customers happy as much and as quickly as possible. We have heard excellent feedback from players when dealing with their support department, so we have to give them an excellent rating.

The Bottom Line About Bet365

Well, this part of the review is pretty easy. As many of us have been clients of Bet365 for many years, and none of us seem to have anything at all to complain about, we have to recommend the site highly. From a sports betting perspective, the site has everything we could want and more. For the casual gambler right up to the high-roller, you will be well taken care of by this top-notch site. And hey, if you get any good tips on games to bet, make sure to send them our way!

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