Detailed Xbet App Review

If you’ve ended up on this page, chances are you’re considering using the real money Xbet app. Should that be the case, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled this in-depth review of the gambling app to inform you about everything it brings to the table.

By the time you wrap up reviewing this page, you’ll be able to quickly determine if it’s the app that’s most ideal for your needs or not. And to get the most out of our review of the Xbet online gambling app, we’d urge you to check out all the details we’ve included on this page before downloading the Xbet App.

However, some of you may be looking for information on a specific component of the app. If that’s the case for you, check out the sections preview below and feel free to click on any one of them if you’d prefer to skip ahead immediately.

Xbet Sports Betting App

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The first thing about the Xbet mobile app we wanted to dig into as part of our in-depth review is the sportsbook it brings to the table. In this section, we’ll get you up to speed about the sports you can bet on, in-play betting options, and the Xbet sportsbook app user interface.

Using this information, you should be able to quickly determine if this app is a good fit for your online sports betting needs.

Sports You Can Bet on Using the Xbet Sportsbook App

To kick things off, we first wanted to provide you with a look at the different sports you can bet on when using the real money Xbet sportsbook app.

Below, we’ve included the full lineup that we discovered at the time of our review. Take a moment to check this list out to see if Xbet offers action on the sports you like to bet on.

  • Aussie Rules
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • MMA
  • Motor Sports
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • US Politics
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

One thing worth noting is the list above isn’t necessarily all-inclusive for all the sports Xbet offers action on. This is because the Xbet app doesn’t display a sport if there are not any current betting lines available on it.

For this reason, if you don’t see a sport included above that you like to bet on, be sure to check out the Xbet sports betting app once that sport’s season has begun.

As a whole, we’re pleased with the lineup of sports you can bet on offered on the Xbet app. With more than 20 sports in the collection, you’ll find a nice collection of traditional sports alongside many smaller ones like darts and cycling. Thanks to this, you should be able to accomplish all of your real money online sports betting in one convenient location.

Cell Phones Depicting NFL Live Betting

In-Play Betting

Besides standard sports betting, the Xbet sports betting app also provides users with the ability to enjoy in-play (live) betting. If you’re not familiar with what that is, in-play wagers allow you the chance to bet on sports as they happen instead of before the action begins.

With the Xbet mobile app, you’ll find a broad assortment of live betting options to select from. Just click on the “Live Betting” button to view all of the in-play wagers currently available.

Xbet Sports Betting App User Interface

Before moving on, the last thing we wanted to touch on relating to the Xbet sportsbook app is its user interface. We were delighted with the user interface of the online sportsbook. Its clean layout and stellar search capabilities made it a breeze to navigate and find the bets we were looking to place.

Also, the Xbet app allows users to change their time zone and betting odds format quickly. After experiencing this online sportsbook for yourself, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the overall experience thanks to its quality user interface.

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Xbet Casino App

Up next, we also wanted to provide you with a detailed look at the Xbet casino app. Below, we’ll highlight things like the types of games you can play, which software manufacturers are used, the app’s user interface, and much more.

Featured Games

If you’re looking to experience the best of the best for the online casino games provided by the real money Xbet app, look no further than their featured games section. Here, you’ll find all of the latest and greatest offerings across all of the different game types offered.

This is an excellent place to get started if you want to experience the app’s quality of casino games. In total, there are more than 50 excellent choices in this assortment of featured games.

Live Casino

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Have you ever experienced live dealer casino games before? If not, the Xbet casino app is an excellent place to try them out.

With this online casino gaming format, you’ll play your favorite games along with live video feeds of dealers in casinos from around the world. Check out this section of the Xbet app to play roulette, baccarat, Super 6, and blackjack.

Table Games

If live dealer games are not your preferred format, the Xbet casino app also provides you with access to standard online table games. In this portion of the online gambling app, you’ll find more than 30 table games to choose from. Here, you can play popular formats of blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and many more.

3d Slots

For those of you into online slot machines, the lineup of 3d slots available on the real money Xbet app is one you won’t want to miss. Here, you’ll find more than 80 quality online slot machines offering stellar 3d graphics. Some of our favorites in the bunch include Mr. Vegas and Giovanni’s Gems.

3D Slots - Giovanni’s Gems by Betsoft - Mobile Phone


In conjunction with the 80+ 3d slots available, the Xbet mobile casino app also provides a collection of standard online slot machines. In total, you’ll find an additional 60 online slot games in this section of the online gambling app.

Thanks to this, you’ll have access to more than 140 different slot machines between the app’s two slot sections.

If you’re looking to try something new, check out popular titles like Stampede and Take the Bank.

Video Poker

Currently, the Xbet casino app does provide users the option of playing video poker. However, there’s only one game offered at this time. While it is a popular version of the game (Jacks or Better), this single video poker option is much smaller than we’re used to seeing from online gambling apps.

As soon as possible, it’d be great to see Xbet increase the number of games in this collection to 20 games or more.

Other Casino Games

Lastly, there’s one other section of the real money Xbet casino app, and that’s their collection of other games. Unfortunately, this section is relatively small at the moment, only consisting of one game. However, that single game is a popular one, keno. If you’re looking to play online keno, you won’t want to miss this quality version available on the Xbet app.

In the future, we’d like to see more games like bingo and scratch-offs added into this portion of the casino to add additional diversity for the app’s users.

Software Providers

Betsoft LogoAs you check out the Xbet casino app and its games, you’ll experience the excellent quality each of them has to offer.

The reason all their games are so good is that Betsoft is the software provider for all of Xbet’s online casino games. If you’re not familiar with that name, Betsoft is one of the top providers across the entire industry, and we’re big fans of their work.

Xbet Online Gambling Casino App User Interface

We loved the look and feel of the Xbet casino app user interface. Luckily, we never struggled to find the games we were looking to play, thanks to their excellent categorization layout. We also enjoyed that the casino wasn’t littered with ads for the online sportsbook and other items.

Overall, the casino app’s user interface is clean and functional, making for an excellent online gaming experience.

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Xbet Gambling App Bonuses

Now that you’ve got a good idea about what all the Xbet app has to offer in its online sportsbook and casino, we wanted to get you up to speed on all the ways you can earn bonus cash and other perks while using this online gambling app. Below, we’ve included a lineup of the latest and greatest real money promotions you’ll have access to.

Sportsbook and Casino Sign-Up Bonuses

Two excellent welcome promotions are awaiting you if you’re new to using the Xbet online gambling app. Up first, players interested in using the online casino portion of the Xbet app can receive up to $300 of a deposit match.

Those players looking to bet on sports using the Xbet sportsbook can earn up to $500 of bonus match.

Thanks to each of these excellent offers, you’ll have additional betting funds available for use on the Xbet mobile app.

Sportsbook and Casino Reload Bonuses

Luckily, your bonus earning potential on the real money Xbet betting app doesn’t stop with just welcome offers. Instead, you can also earn bonus cash when reloading your Xbet online casino and sportsbook accounts. You can currently receive up to $250 of match for the sportsbook and up to $500 of match for the casino.

What’s great about each of these reload bonuses is they’ll allow you to pad your betting account with additional cash whenever you need to add additional funds.

Xbet App Bonuses and Promotions - Mobile Phone

Casino Weekend Reload Bonus

While we’re pleased with the standard casino reload bonus available on the Xbet casino app, we like the promotion they offer on the weekends. If you refill your Xbet casino account on the weekend, you’ll have the chance to score up to $1,000 of bonus funds instead of just $500.

For this reason, we’d highly suggest you work towards reloading your casino account on the weekend whenever possible. By doing this, you’ll maximize your bonus earning potential.

Horse Racing Rebate

Besides the excellent online sportsbook welcome and reload bonuses included below, there’s another sports-related offer that caught our eye. Currently, clients using the Xbet sportsbook app will receive a 7% rebate on all horse racing wager losses.

We’re big fans of sportsbook rebates as they help lessen the total amount of any potential losses.

Referral Bonus

You can also earn bonus cash with the real money Xbet app by referring your friends to use it as well. For each friend you refer to the app, you can earn up to $100. Xbet will match your friend’s initial deposit up to the maximum amount.

For example, if you refer a friend who initially deposits $50, Xbet will pay you $50. What’s great about this offer is that it’s unlimited. In turn, you can refer as many friends as you like and still take advantage of its excellent perks.


One last thing we wanted to point out about Xbet promotions is that the app often provides many different casino or sports betting related contests. With these, you’ll find various ways to enter the contests and compete for large prizes. Don’t miss the contests portion of the app to see which of them you should join.

As you can tell from the stellar lineup of promotional offers above, there’s no shortage of chances for you to receive bonus cash while using the Xbet betting app.

We’re pleased with the collection of promotions currently available as there are many of them and well-diversified. Be sure to regularly check out the Xbet online gambling app’s bonuses section to see the latest offers.

Mobile Banking Options for the Xbet App

Up next, we wanted to provide you with a preview of the banking options available on the Xbet online gambling app. Here, you’ll learn about your options for both account deposits and withdrawals. Using this section, you’ll be able to quickly learn if the Xbet app provides you with banking methods that meet your needs.

Xbet App Deposit Methods

First, we’ve gathered up the information regarding the current banking methods offered by the real money Xbet app for account deposits. Check out the details below to learn which options you’ll have access to, along with their associated minimum and maximums.

Mastercard $45 $2,500
Bitcoin $20 n/a
VISA $45 $2,500
Person to Person $100 $500
Litecoin $20 N/A
Bitcoin Cash $20 N/A

One great thing about the Xbet betting app is that it doesn’t impose any banking fees on account deposits. In turn, every penny that you deposit into your gambling account will be available to you for use in their real money online sportsbook or casino.

Xbet App Withdrawal Options

As you’ll see below, the lineup of banking methods you’ll have access to when it’s time to withdraw funds from the Xbet app differs from those offered for deposits.

In the chart below, you’ll find the most up-to-date information about your choices for account withdrawals from the app and their associated minimums and maximums.

Bitcoin $25 $5,000
ECheck $50 $3,000
Bank Wire $500 $5,000

Unlike all the Xbet app deposit methods, some of the withdrawal banking options have fees associated with them. If you’re looking to avoid fees for withdrawals, be sure to use Bitcoin, as Xbet doesn’t charge any fees for this option.

However, both bank wires and eChecks do. Costs can range from $5 to $160 depending on which banking method you choose and how large your withdrawal amount is. Be sure to review the Xbet app help center to see the full breakdown of fees.

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with the lineup of banking options available on the real money Xbet betting app. In the future, we’d like to see Xbet’s team add in additional banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals. By doing this, they’ll add even more banking flexibility for their clients.

Customer Service on the Xbet App

One component of all our online gambling app reviews centers around the customer support provided. It’s always vital that we experience it for ourselves to give you a preview of what you can expect. This section will give you insights into the quality of the customer service offered to users of the Xbet betting app.

Help Center

Something which stood out to us about the real money Xbet betting app was their quality help center. With it, you’ll be able to locate answers to many of your potential questions quickly. We found Xbet’s help center to be exceptionally well organized and simple to navigate.

Because of how good the Xbet online gambling app’s help center is, we’d highly suggest you start there before contacting their support team. The chances are good that you’ll be able to find the answers you need in a matter of moments without having to get in touch with their team.

To utilize the Xbet help center, click on the “Help Center” link located in the main website’s top right-hand corner.

Contact Options

Sometimes, you might need to get in touch with the Xbet betting app’s support agents. If that’s the case, you’ll have three ways to go about doing it: live chat, web contact form, and telephone.

  • If the question you have isn’t very time-sensitive, consider using the Xbet app web contact form. You can quickly gain access to this at the bottom of any help topic page. Once there, you can fill out the form with your question and contact information.

    Xbet’s quality team of customer support agents will then reply to you via email as fast as possible. Based on our experience, we had replies back typically within four to six hours.

  • However, whenever you have a question that’s a bit more urgent, you’ll want to use the Xbet app’s live chat or give them a call. With live chat, you can communicate directly with their support agents directly from the online gambling app.

    Just select the “Chat with us” link located in the bottom left-hand corner to get started. You’ll then be connected with one of Xbet’s agents, who will quickly assist you with your needs.

  • An alternative to the live chat functionality is the telephone support provided by the Xbet online gambling app. By calling 1-855-219-5809, you’ll be able to speak directly with one of their customer service agents. During our review of the Xbet app, we found hold times to be minimal and the help’s quality to be excellent.


Lastly, we wanted to bring to your attention to the customer support availability provided by the real money Xbet app. We’re pleased to inform you that the app offers 24/7 support. In turn, you’ll always find customer service representatives on standby to assist you no matter what day or hour it is.

We’re big fans of around the clock support, as it means you’ll never have to wait long to get the answers and assistance you need.

How to Download the Xbet App

After checking out our review, are you now ready to download the Xbet betting app? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll break down the simple steps you need to follow to get started.

Luckily, downloading the Xbet app isn’t complicated at all. The reason for this is because Xbet doesn’t offer a downloadable app. Instead, everything is wrapped into a top-notch mobile-friendly and responsive website which functions just like an app.

What’s great about this is that it’s fast to get started and doesn’t require you to download software onto your device. Also, it provides app compatibility with a broad collection of mobile device types and manufacturers.

To get started using the real money Xbet app, just head to their website. From there, you’ll be able to establish and fund your account in a matter of moments. Once that’s complete, you’ll get to enjoy all of the sports betting and casino action they have to offer.

Summarizing the Xbet Mobile App

The real money Xbet online gambling app is undoubtedly one not to miss. Thanks to its well-rounded sportsbook and casino, bonus opportunities, and stellar customer support, we’re huge fans, and we believe many of you will be too. If you haven’t already, we’d urge you to check out the Xbet app now to experience it for yourself.

After checking out our in-depth review of the Xbet betting app, some of you might still be on the fence regarding if it’s the right one for you or not. For more gambling app reviews, check out the links we’ve included below.

Here, you’ll gain access to additional top-rated online betting apps you may want to consider using. We’re confident you’ll be able to find the ideal app for your unique needs with the help of this page.

Xbet Mobile Gambling FAQ

To help wrap up our review of the real money Xbet betting app, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about it below. If you’re still looking for more information about this online gambling app, you won’t want to miss these FAQs.

Yes. During our complete review of the Xbet online gambling app, we investigated its safety and security. We’re happy to report that we have no worries about you being in good hands if you choose to use this mobile betting app.

Thanks to its excellent mobile-friendly website design, the Xbet app works on nearly all mobile phones and tablets. Users of Apple, Windows, and Android devices shouldn’t have any issues unless they’re using a severely outdated device.

Yes! There’s no charge for you to download or use the real money Xbet betting app.

As of 2022 we don't think so. Currently, our staff is leaning towards BetUS or MyBookie.

To run the Xbet mobile app you will need an internet connection of 3Mbps or better and a smartphone or other device capable of browsing the internet. As you can see, nothing too special is needed to gambling at Xbet.

Yes. Xbet accepts Bitcoin as well as Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Visa, and Mastercard for deposits.

Yes! As long as there are esports in play the team at Xbet works to have odds. You can often see odds for CSGO and LoL.