6 Hidden Gambling Secrets That Can Make You Rich

Gambling Secrets Make You Rich

If you’ve been looking for the secrets that winning gamblers may have been keeping you from winning, you’re in luck. I’m going to share six big secrets in the gambling world that can help you win.

Just knowing these secrets alone isn’t going to make you a winner. You’re going to have to take these secrets and work on your skills in order to use them efficiently.

The good news is that once you know the secrets, you know what you need to work on at the very least. Whether or not you use these secrets for profit is up to how hard you’re willing to work.

1. Progressive Slot Machine Return to Player Percentages

The closest guarded secret in most casinos is the return percentage for the slot machines. Every slot machine has a return to player percentage, and each machine is unique.

Please Note:
This means that in any given casino, either online or land-based, there’s a wide range of returns available on different slot machines.

The slot machine return to player percentage is the programmed return that the machine gives you when you play. If a slot machine has a return of 98%, this means that on average, you win back 98% of all of the money you bet on the machine.

For example:
You bet $2 a spin and play 2,000 spins in a playing session. This means that you bet a total of $4,000. The amount you’re going to win back on average is $3,920.

This is just an average, so sometimes, you’re going to win back more and other times, you’re going to win back less.

You want to play on slot machines that have the highest return to player percentage, but these numbers are hard to find. Do as much research as you can to identify the return for as many slot machines as you can.

When you can combine a high return percentage with a progressive slot machine, you have a chance of the progressive jackpot actually pushing the return over 100%.

2. High Return Video Poker and Compensation

Some video poker machines have pay tables that pay back close to 100%. To get the highest return, you have to find the machines with the correct pay tables, and you also have to use optimal video poker strategy.

You can learn which paytables are good and learn how to use optimal strategy with some research. When you do these two things, you can get returns of 99.5% or higher on certain video poker games.

But even a return this high still means that you’re losing a little bit of money. To win, you have to get a return over 100%. To break even, your return needs to be 100%.

Please Note:
You can get a couple different forms of compensation when you play video poker that can help your returns. The first form of compensation is called comps, which you earn through a casino club of some sort.

The second form of compensation is bonuses, which are offered in many mobile and online casinos.

3. Hidden Card Tricks

This is one of the most advanced advantage plays in gambling, and it’s so hard to do and fairly rare that I almost didn’t include it in this article. But when you learn how to do it and the opportunity is presented, it can be wildly profitable and powerful.

  • If playing blackjack, could you make money if you knew what the value of the dealer down card is?
  • What if you’re playing Let It Ride and know what the two down cards are?
  • Or maybe you’re playing Mississippi Stud and knew the value of the down cards?

It’s clear that if you know the value of the cards that are supposed to be hidden, you could win more often.

But how do you know what these cards are?

This card trick is only possible when a dealer isn’t doing a good job. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

Some casino dealers don’t deal the cards in a way that protects them completely. This means that if you’re looking at the right place at the right time, and you have sharp eyes, you can see the value of cards as they’re dealt.

Closely watch the cards as they’re being dealt every time you gamble. Eventually, you’re likely to find a dealer who shows you more than you’re supposed to know.

4. Blackjack Counting Strategy

This is a big secret that casinos have tried to keep hidden for years. The casinos are so scared of this secret that they’ve tried to make gamblers believe that it’s illegal to use it.

But the fact is that this secret isn’t illegal.

The big secret is that because of the way blackjack works, you can get an advantage if you keep track of the cards that have been played. This is tricky, but it’s not as hard as it sounds.

The basics work like this:
By tracking the cards that have been played, you can figure out when you have an advantage. And when you have an advantage, you can bet more money. Over time, you end up winning more money than you lose.

You don’t have to remember every card that gets played. All you do is track the ratio of cards, high vs. low, to see if the cards that are left to be dealt are rich in high or low cards. Counting cards is a complicated process, but it’s been proven to beat the casinos. You need to start learning why it works and how to do it.

5. Cash Poker Game Strategy

One place where you can find more profitable gamblers than anywhere else is the poker room. While most poker players are losing money, there’s a small percentage of them that make money week after week.

These winning poker gamblers have learned enough strategy to get better results than the other players they compete against.

And the secret is that most of these strategies aren’t that hard. But there are dozens of different strategies that you need to get good at.

One way to start taking advantage of this secret is to learn about one strategy at a time. Master one strategy first, only then should you start learning about the next. As you master more and more techniques, you’ll find that you start winning more often than not.

You can learn poker strategies two ways, and you need to use both of these ways.

  • The first way is to read about them.
  • The second way is to use them in play and learn from your mistakes.

Here’s another secret about poker that can make you a lot of money. Once you master poker strategy, there are always plenty of games available where you can make money. And you can continue making money playing poker for the rest of your life.

6. Sports Gambling Handicapping

Another place you can find winning gamblers is at the sportsbooks. Just like poker rooms, there aren’t that many profitable sports gamblers, but there are some who win consistently.

Winning sports gamblers know how to handicap or evaluate sporting events, and they know how to identify value when they look at lines.

These are skills that are hard to build, but they are skills that you can learn. They take a lot of work and practice. But if you can build the skills you need, you’re never going to run out of games to bet on.

When you place bets with sportsbooks, you’re betting against the edge the sportsbook has.

This edge is in the vig you pay when you bet. But you can overcome this vig if you learn to handicap properly and identify lines with value.

Here’s a big secret in sports gambling.
Sometimes, you can find ways to make bets without paying vig. This makes it much easier to make a profit over time. You just need to figure out how to make more bets with no vig. You still have to learn how to handicap games and find value, but betting with no vig is more profitable than betting with the sportsbooks.


It’s impossible to win when you gamble without either a lot of luck or a couple of strategies for skill-based games up your sleeve. Now, you know the same secrets that most winning gamblers know.

With the six tips in this article, you have a fighting chance to win whenever you gamble at the casino. You no longer have to rely on luck and chance.

Just because you know the secrets, it doesn’t mean that your journey is going to be easy. In fact, it might be even harder than you think. But if you put in the work on mastering these secrets, you can join the ranks of the winners soon.

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