6 Reasons Casual Gamblers Should Avoid Betting on the MLB

Think Twice Betting MLB

The first few weeks of April can be a trying time for sports gamblers. March Madness draws to a close, the NBA is typically in a rather dull part of the season, and baseball is back on television.

The absence of NCAA basketball can leave some people feeling empty and desperate for action.

Unfortunately, the dog days of the NBA season rarely seem to fill that void. Many star players around the NBA are injured, and some teams are simply too unreliable to gamble on.

So, some bettors might feel compelled to try their hand at baseball.

Unfortunately, betting on the MLB is a completely different animal than the NBA or even NCAA basketball.

Baseball is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult sports to bet on. Casual and lazy gamblers alike will find it difficult to figure out a betting system that results in consistent wins.

So, unless you want to invest some serious time and energy into learning the ropes, consider staying away from “America’s pastime.”

Here are six reasons casual sports gamblers should avoid betting on Major League Baseball.

1. Betting on Baseball Has a High Degree of Difficulty

One of the more interesting aspects of this time of year, from a gambler’s perspective, is the stark differences in the types of sports available to bet on.

March Madness is basically several weeks of nonstop, high-intensity, win-or-go-home, dramatic sports action. Some bettors find this style of gambling to be the most exciting and profitable version of betting there is.

Once that comes to an abrupt end, those bettors must turn their attention elsewhere: the MLB.

Gambling on Major League Baseball and March Madness are essentially polar opposites.

Not only is it a completely different viewing experience, betting on baseball can be exceedingly more difficult.

The MLB is more demanding, statistically driven, and less exhilarating than most other sports. The transition between betting on basketball and baseball can devastate an inexperienced gambler’s bankroll.

But those dissimilarities between the two sports aren’t enough to dissuade gamblers from testing the waters.

2. Gamblers Must Be Tuned in Constantly

To be frank, you don’t need to know everything about NCAA Basketball to make money betting on March Madness.

The tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States for fans and gamblers.

There’s nonstop coverage on TV and countless sources of information to turn to when making picks and filling out brackets.

In other words, March Madness is the perfect sporting event for those gamblers who prefer a more hands-off gambling experience. The same thing cannot be said about the MLB.

While baseball is still popular among certain demographics and portions of the gambling public, it’s not as enticing as other leagues and sporting events.

I’ll get into the logic behind this assertion later, but for the time being, let’s just say that the first few weeks of the MLB season isn’t as popular as it once was.

That means baseball gamblers must dig deep to make sure they’re informed enough to place intelligent wagers that have a chance of winning.

Please Note:
Unlike other sports, baseball requires gamblers to arm themselves with up-to-the-minute information about lineups and roster movement.

A fair amount of that information comes from intense statistical analysis of players and teams around the league.

3. Statistical Analysis Is Crucial

There has been a shift in the way experts approach analyzing results related to baseball teams and their players. This shift is a result of the extra attention scouts, handicappers, and oddsmakers give to less apparent statistics—or as many of you might be familiar with, sabermetrics.

Back in the day, the only statistics that really seemed to matter were:

  • Batting average.
  • Home runs.
  • Runs batted in.
  • And earned run average.

If a player hit above .275, or a pitcher’s ERA was below 3.00, that was often enough to convince most people that they were all-star material.

While both batting average and ERA are still relevant statistics, advanced analytics can tell a more complete story about a player.

Please Note:
Nowadays, it seems that there are dozens of different stats you must pay attention to if you want to make the best possible bet. You might think that the more information the better. However, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to casual gamblers. You see, when it comes to betting on other sports, the statistics are often quite straightforward. In NBA basketball betting, it’s easy to pinpoint a certain player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Once a gambler uncovers those strengths and weaknesses, they can take those discoveries and apply them to their slate of potential wagers.

But, someone who doesn’t have experience combing through mounds of baseball statistics will struggle to gain an edge.

4. Baseball Is Slower than Other Sports

The relative decline of baseball’s popularity is due to several reasons.

One of the most glaring issues with the game, according to the MLB’s detractors, is the slow pace of play.

While every sports fan is different, there are a few factors that make sporting events intriguing to viewers. Sports are supposed to be entertaining, and many new-age sports fans and baseball anything but entertaining.

The claim that baseball’s  “boring” is even more widespread amongst fans transitioning from basketball to baseball.

Basketball games often feature nonstop action.

Additionally, the games themselves usually take up less time than an average baseball game.

This makes for a more watchable, entertaining product, that keeps fans and gamblers intrigued throughout the entirety of a matchup.

Please Note:
Baseball, on the other hand, is more of a marathon than a sprint. In basketball, hundreds of points can be scored on any given night. Professional baseball games are lucky to see a score eclipse 10 runs between the two teams.

A lack of scoring and action makes for a more slow-paced and less intriguing style of viewing experience. Die-hard baseball fans might disagree. But if you’re new to the game, it can be hard to maintain your focus—especially if you’re coming to the league after the non-stop thrill ride that is March Madness.

5. Lineups and Rosters Are Constantly in Flux

Betting on sports usually comes down to one question: Which team is superior?

If a gambler thinks a particular team is the better squad, it’s worth placing a wager on them to emerge with a victory.

Determining which is the better team doesn’t usually present sharp gamblers with too many difficulties.

For Example:
If the league-leading Utah Jazz is facing off against the dreadful Minnesota Timberwolves, it’s safe to say the Jazz should be the heavy favorites.

But baseball can be far less predictable than other sports. Even when the best team in the league is facing the worst, there are no guarantees.

  • Pitching matchups.
  • Lineup changes.

As well as random other factors can all lead to underdogs upending heavy favorites on any given night.

If the worst team in the league has its ace on the mound against the league leader’s fifth man in the rotation. It could spell trouble for gamblers.

Baseball’s marathon of a 162-game regular season means stars sit out all the time, resulting in constant tinkering with lineups. Gamblers who aren’t paying attention to these changes might fail to adjust their wagers accordingly.

6. Unexpected Variables Influence Results

Casual gamblers should stick to betting on sports that are somewhat predictable, whose results are consistent.

Sure, nothing is guaranteed when you gamble.

But some sports are simply less consistent than others.

Not only does baseball feature a great deal of variance from night to night, gamblers must also contend with other factors. Whereas leagues like the NBA and NHL host games in a climate-controlled arena, many baseball stadiums are open to the elements.

Sports gambling is already difficult enough, even without nature rearing its ugly head.

Certain variables such as:

  • Wind.
  • Rain.
  • And even snow can impact on-the-field results.

Baseballs also react differently depending on the elevation of the stadium in which certain matchups are played.

These factors rarely impact the results of other types of sports. But anyone with baseball betting experience knows that you always have to keep your eye on the sky.


Casual sports gamblers might be looking for a way to fill a void caused by the end of March Madness.

But there might be more profitable ways to fill that void than betting on baseball online.

It’s not fair to say that every infrequent sports bettor will struggle to win money betting on the MLB at the online sportsbooks.

But baseball is more demanding and more challenging, and it often features less consistent performances on the diamond.

Please Note:
If you have a surplus of time to devote to gambling, then baseball is right up your alley. But if you only want to spend a few minutes researching wagers, consider sticking to basketball.

The modern-day MLB is driven by statistical analysis, and sports gamblers must follow suit if they have any hope of winning money.

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