The Best Bingo Slots Games To Play Online

Best Bingo Online Slots

Bingo slots are unique online games that combine aspects of two popular gambling options. They have the look of classic bingo games, but they operate using slot machine reels.

These games are the most popular way to play bingo online. Slot-based bingo games are available 24/7 because they do not require a live bingo caller. Also, they are much faster paced than traditional bingo games.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about playing bingo slots online. I will tell you the five best games available in 2023. Also, I will tell you which casino is the best option for playing each game.

What Are Bingo Slots?

The idea of a bingo slot game may sound complicated, but it is actually really simple. Essentially, these games replace the bingo caller with a set of slot machine reels.

So, instead of calling numbers one by one, the game determines the winning numbers all at once. Also, you do not play against other people. This means that the race to see who will get “bingo” first is gone as well.

Instead, you are trying to match winning numbers on your card to predetermined patterns. These patterns are similar to pay lines in the slots real money players enjoy so much. The more patterns available, the better your chances of winning money.

Are Bingo Slots Fair?

If you have never played slot-style bingo games before, then you may be wondering if these games are fair. The simple answer is yes, assuming you are playing at a secure gambling site.

In fact, these unique online casino games may be more fair than traditional bingo games. The games are faster and typically much less expensive to play. They also have a higher return to player (RTP) than regular bingo. 

Amazonia Bingo

Number of CardsWinning PatternsRTP
Up to 4494.87%

The first title on my list of the best bingo slot games is Amazonia Bingo. It is a bingo game set deep in the jungle and has an RTP of 94.87%. You can play up to four cards at once, and there are four winning patterns.

Amazonia Bingo is a 30-ball bingo game that has a lot of great bonus features. For example, each pattern has its own payout rate, ranging from 3x to 1,500x your stake amount. There is also a progressive jackpot that can be won at any time by getting “bingo” in your first 30 balls.

If you do not win in the initial draw, you will have the option to purchase up to 10 more bingo balls. The price of the next extra ball will change depending on your potential winning patterns on your bingo cards. You can easily see how close you are to winning a prize because the game highlights your potential winning combos.

Amazonia Bingo

Play Amazonia Bingo at Bovada

Amazonia Bingo is a great slot-style bingo game, and it is even better at an online casino like Bovada. It is one of the best online casinos for bingo players and offers awesome bonuses. You can play free versions of Amazonia to practice and then switch to the paid version and win real money.

Bovada Casino
Ready to play at Bovada?

Cataratas Bingo

Number of CardsWinning PatternsRTP
Up to 41093.6%

Next up is Cataratas Bingo, which is another bingo slots title with a jungle theme. This game has 10 different winning patterns that can help you win money. Payouts for these patterns range from 2x to 1,500x your bet amount.

You can play between one and four cards at a time in Cataratas Bingo. Also, you can use the same cards for every game or exchange them for new cards before starting the next game.

There are 31 winning numbers selected every round. You also have the option to buy up to 12 additional bingo balls. One of the winning patterns, the Bonus pattern, unlocks the Lucky Wheel Bonus.

You get to spin the bonus wheel to determine your prize. There are no betting requirements to qualify for the bonus round, so you can unlock it at any time as long as you hit the right pattern.

Cataratas Bingo

Play Cataratas Bingo at DuckyLuck Casino

DuckyLuck Casino is the best option for anyone who wants to try their hand at Cataratas Bingo. This casino offers a great rewards program, so you will have tons of extra funds to play bingo slots online. It also offers free games, so you can practice Cataratas Bingo without spending your bankroll.

Ducky Luck Casino
Ready to play at DuckyLuck Casino?

Tribo Bingo

Number of CardsWinning PatternsRTP
Up to 41096.54%

Tribo Bingo is also a great bingo slot game that is a ton of fun to play. It has an RTP of 96.54%, which is super high for a bingo-style game.

There are 10 different winning patterns in Tribo Bingo. You need to fill all 15 squares on one of your cards to get the maximum single-card prize of 1,500x your stake. Players have the option of playing up to four cards at once in this slot-based bingo game.   

You get 31 winning numbers each game, and there is an option to buy up to 12 more winning numbers. With up to 43 bingo balls each round, your chances of getting a winning pattern are high. One of the patterns will trigger the bound round.

In Tribo Bingo’s bonus round, you have to shoot three targets with a bow and arrow. Hitting the targets will reveal your prizes.

Tribo Bingo Extra

Play Tribo Bingo at

You can play Tribo Bingo online today at This casino offers free and paid versions, so you try Tribo before you spend money on it. The $7,500 welcome bonus is a great way to get extra money for playing this bingo slot game.

Slots LV Logo
Ready to play at Slots.LV?

Pesca Bingo

Number of CardsWinning PatternsRTP
Up to 41293.6%

There are also wonderful deep sea-themed bingo slots like Pesca Bingo. You can play up to four cards at once, and there are 12 different winning patterns designed to reward players.

In each round of Pesca Bingo, the game automatically draws 30 bingo balls. You can buy up to 13 more bingo balls each round to help you complete winning combinations. The game will even highlight winning patterns that you are close to completing, so you know if buying more balls is worth the cost.

The bonus round in Pesca Bingo is easy and rewarding, too. You can trigger it by completing the “Bonus” pattern on one of your cards. In the bonus round, you collect fish in a pick-style game until you get three of the same prize value.

Pesca Bingo Extra

Play Pesca Bingo at Cafe Casino

Pesca Bingo is a great game for bingo players who also enjoy fishing and the deep sea. You can play it today by going to Cafe Casino. This casino’s welcome bonus, weekly mystery bonuses, and other promotional offers are all great ways to get more money for playing Pesca Bingo.

Cafe Casino Logo
Ready to play at Cafe Casino?

Bingo Goal

Number of CardsWinning PatternsRTP
Up to 41096.89%

Rounding out my list of the best free bingo slots is Bingo Goal. It is a soccer-themed bingo game that has a high RTP of 96.89%. You can play up to four bingo cards at once, and there are 10 different winning patterns that reward you with a cash prize.

The two features that help set Bingo Goal apart from other slot-style bingo games are the progressive jackpot and the in-game bonus round. To trigger the jackpot, you need to get “Bingo” in the first 30 balls that are drawn. The current prize amount is displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

There is also a bonus game that can be very rewarding. You have the chance to try a penalty kick against the opposing team’s goalie. There are six targets to choose from, and the one you hit will determine your prize amount.

Like the other games on my list, Bingo Goal offers a buy feature that gives you more winning numbers. You will not be eligible for the jackpot when you use this feature, but you can still hit one of the game’s 10 winning patterns.

Bingo Goal

Play Bingo Goal at Ignition Casino

Bingo Goal is a great bingo slot game for sports fans, especially if you like soccer. I recommend playing it at Ignition Casino, which offers free and paid versions of the game. You can use the Ignition Rewards program to earn 10 reward points for every dollar you wager on this specialty casino game.

Ignition Casino
Ready to play at Ignition?

What Are Your Favorite Bingo Slots Games?

Bingo slots combine two popular casino games into one exciting and rewarding experience. They are fast-paced games and often have rewarding bonus features that can help you win more money. You can find my recommendations for the best slot-style bingo games, and where to play them, in the list above.

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