6 BetUS Casino Games You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

6 BetUS Casino Games You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

BetUS casino games selection is full of hundreds of popular titles. In addition to offering popular selections, this casino also has plenty of games that are challenging to find anywhere else.

Online casinos are always looking for a way to get the edge over other gambling sites. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to have casino games that other sites do not. BetUS has several unique games that you will not find at other casinos.

Continue reading to see my list of the top casino games offered by BetUS that you cannot find anywhere else. I will give you a detailed breakdown of each game and tell you why you should try it today.

Best BetUS Casino Games You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Here are six BetUS casino games that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Game TitleType of Game
SkyHigh Crash GameCrash Gambling
Switch BlackjackBlackjack
Mississippi Stud PokerPoker
Landmarks SlotsSlots

As you can see, BetUS Casino has unique casino games in multiple sections. Trying your hand at these games is a great way to have a one-of-a-kind online betting experience. Let’s take a closer look at these games, and I will tell you why you should invest your time and money into them.

SkyHigh Crash Game

Crash gambling games are one of the newest innovations to hit the online gambling scene in recent years. BetUS already had one crash game, Triple Cash or Crash, which was popular with members. The casino recently added a new game in this category: SkyHigh Crash Game.

This new crash game was created by Dragon Gaming. Like other crash games, you have to place your bets before the ship takes off. In this game, the ship is a fighter jet that is launching from an aircraft carrier.

Skyhigh Crash
SkyHigh Crash Game

After the jet is in the air, you will need to pick the right time to cash out. The longer the jet flies, the higher the multiplier becomes. However, if the jet returns to base while you are onboard, then you will lose your stake.

Betting limits for this game range from $1 up to $50. You can adjust your stake manually or select from one of the predetermined betting options for faster betting.

The betting buttons are extremely helpful, as you only have a few seconds to place your bets between rounds. This skill-based game is easy to learn and can be very rewarding once you master it.

Play SkyHigh Crash Game at BetUS

Switch Blackjack

Another unique casino game available at BetUS is Switch Blackjack. This style of blackjack offers a ton of advantages to players. While it is popular at some land-based casinos, Switch Blackjack is not yet widely available online.

BetUS not only offers this unique style of blackjack, but it also has three different styles to choose from. You can pick from the standard, high-limit, and high-roller versions of this blackjack game.

Switch Blackjack
Switch Blackjack

Switch Blackjack stands out from other styles of this classic card game for several reasons. First and foremost, you play two hands every round instead of just one. Also, you have the option to switch your top cards between your hands to make better blackjack combinations.

Being able to rearrange your hands is a huge advantage for players. Blackjack already has a high RTP, and this feature only makes it easier for skilled players to rack up huge wins.

There are plenty of casino bonuses at BetUS to help you win money from this blackjack game, too. For instance, the 300% casino crypto signup bonus is a great way for new members to fund their bankrolls when they play blackjack online. There are also weekly bonuses for existing members, like the $500 Money Back Mondays promotion.

Play Switch Blackjack at BetUS

Mississippi Stud Poker

Another unique card game available at BetUS is Mississippi Stud Poker. Like Switch Blackjack, this game is popular at brick-and-mortar casinos across the US. However, it is challenging to find this game online.

Luckily, BetUS has a great version of this classic casino table game available. Learning how to play Mississippi Stud Poker is easy to do, especially if you have experience playing at online poker sites. The games share similar features, except you play one-on-one with the dealer in Mississippi Stud.

Mississippi Stud Poker
Mississippi Stud Poker

Also, since you are not betting against other players, the payouts for this game are slightly different. Instead of winning money from your opponents, your prize is based on the paytable.

In the version of Mississippi Stud Poker at BetUS, you need at least a pair of sixes or higher to avoid losing money. The highest payout comes from a Royal Flush. You can claim 500:1 odds if you land the highest-ranking hand in poker.

The user interface in this version of Mississippi Stud is easy to navigate, too. You can quickly adjust your stake amount, reference the paytable, review the rules, and more with just the click of a button.

Play Mississippi Stud at BetUS

Slotball Slots Game

BetUS also has a number of unique real money slot games that are hard to find anywhere else. One great example of this is the Slotball slots machine. This football-themed game was created by TLM.

One of the features of Slotball that sets it apart from other slots is its prize multipliers. You can win up to a 200x prize multiplier during the bonus game in this slot.

Slotball Betus

The wilds and scatters in this football-themed slot are also great resources for players. They are the key to unlocking the bonus round. Also, these features will help you gain prize multipliers and win bigger prizes.

You can win free spins in this game, too, which is a great way to get bigger wins without risking another stake. There is also an auto-spin option, which allows you to maximize the number of spins you can make in a given amount of time.

As I mentioned above, BetUS has great bonuses available to players. Slot players have even more options to choose from than table game players. The 50%, 100%, and 110% slot bonuses, for instance, are all great options for slot players to grow their bankrolls.

Play Slotball at BetUS

Landmarks Slots Game

Another unique slot game available at BetUS is Landmarks. This five-reel slot game is another exciting product from TLM. Your betting options range from $0.10 to $45 per spin, and the maximum win in this game is 5,000x your stake amount.

This slot game features some of the most recognizable places in the world, such as:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Taj Mahal
  • Easter Island
  • Tower of Pisa
  • Statue of Liberty
Landmark Slots BetUS
Landmark Slots

Not only can you satisfy your traveling spirit, but you will also have a chance to win tons of money in this slot game. The wilds and scatter symbols are huge advantages for players, too. These will help you complete winning combinations and unlock bonuses during the game.

Like many of the other slot games at BetUS, you can play free and paid versions of this game. Starting with the free version is a great way to learn the ins and outs of this slot machine.

However, you will need to play the paid version if you want to have a chance at winning a prize. You can easily switch to the paid version with the click of a button. As long as you have money deposited into your account, you should be able to start playing right away.

Play Landmark Slots at BetUS

Zombie Slots Machine

The last spot on my list of the top BetUS casino games that you will not find at other casinos is Zombie. This is another five-reel slot game from the bright minds at TLM.

In this horror-themed slot, you need to survive the undead if you want to win a cash prize. The game features many symbols that will be familiar to zombie enthusiasts, including weapons, apocalypse survivors, and, of course, the undead themselves.

Zombie Slot Betus
Zombie Slots

Even slot players who are faint of heart can enjoy a good scare with this slot game. The comic book-style graphics help to minimize the horror factor in this zombie-themed game.

Like the other TLM games on this list, there are great bonus features in Zombie Slots that will help you earn huge wins. The wild and scatter symbols, for instance, are a great way to make winning combinations.

There are also other bonus features, including prize multipliers. The right multiplier can help make a good win great, and a great win unbelievable.

Play Zombie Slots at BetUS

Which BetUS Casino Games Will You Play Today?

BetUS has a large gaming selection, one of the many reasons why it is viewed as one of the top casino sites. Check out the list above to see the unique games at this casino. Then head over to BetUS to try these casino games for yourself.

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