What Is Blackout Bingo and How Do You Play?

Blackout Bingo How To Play

Blackout Bingo is one of the most popular ways to play bingo online. The app is available on both the Apple and Google marketplaces, so both Android and iOS users can play it.

But what is Blackout Bingo and why has it become one of the most popular online bingo options? The game is widely available, which has helped fuel its popularity. There are also unique features in this bingo game that make it fun for users.

What Is Blackout Bingo?

What Is Blackout Bingo

Most bingo players know that the term “blackout” refers to a card that has all of the boxes filled. This is a popular style of bingo that can be found in bingo halls all over the US.

Blackout games can be fun, but they are not what we are talking about today. Instead, we are talking about Blackout Bingo, the popular mobile bingo app from Skillz. This app takes classic bingo games and adds several twists.

Is Blackout Bingo Different From Other Online Bingo Games?

Yes, Blackout Bingo is different than many other versions of online bingo. But the changes, for the most part, make the game more fun for players.

First and foremost, games in Blackout Bingo have a two-minute time limit. This makes the pace of the game much faster than most land-based bingo games. Even other online versions of bingo can struggle to keep pace with Blackout Bingo.

Another major change is that players are not necessarily competing against each other. Instead, you are trying to secure as many “bingos” on your card as possible. The more bingos you have, the more prizes you will win. 

How to Play Blackout Bingo

Playing Blackout Bingo is very easy to do. After you have downloaded the casino app from your device’s app store, you can register your account and start playing.

You can choose between free and paid versions of the game. Regardless of the option you choose, you can still be eligible for prizes. The game itself should be similar to other bingo games you have played online.

Players have a 5×5 card to work with. The winning numbers will be revealed one by one, and you will have to mark them off your card as they are called. If you daub your card fast enough, you may even be eligible for a bonus.

After two minutes, the round will end. Players are rewarded based on the number of winning combinations they have on their cards.

Blackout Bingo Rules

Blackout Bingo Rules

One of the reasons Blackout Bingo is so popular is that it is so similar to classic bingo games. However, there are a few differences that players will have to compensate for. Here are three unique rules that you need to know if you want to play this bingo game.

Using Power-Ups

The main goal of Blackout Bingo is to secure as many bingo combinations as possible. One way that players can increase their odds of getting a bingo is by using the power-ups and boosts that are built into the game.

These boosts come in many forms, and you need to know how to use all of them. Here are some of the power-ups currently available in Blackout:

  • Score Multiplier: All of your points for the round are doubled
  • Golden Ball: Pick the next number to be called
  • Freeze: Stops the timer for a set amount of time
  • Free Daub: Choose a square on your bingo card to fill in
  • Extra Time: Put 10 more seconds onto the game clock

You can only have a limited number of power-ups at one time, so make sure to use them wisely.

Earning Money Through Achievements and Trophies

Players can win money in Blackout Bingo by successfully completing bingo combinations. But that is not the only way to profit from playing this game. You can also win cash prizes by completing in-game achievements and winning trophies.

To unlock achievements or win trophies you need to complete specific tasks while playing. As a reward, you can win cash and other prizes. Knowing what these challenges are can help you when you are creating your Blackout Bingo strategy.

Tournaments and Leagues

Part of the fun of bingo is being able to compete against other players. Blackout Bingo has two options for competing against other users: tournaments and leagues.

In tournaments, the person with the highest final score wins. These are fun, short-term options for competing against others. You can even practice with free tournaments to get ready for tournament play.

The other option for competing against your fellow players is to join a league. These are similar to tournaments, but they last longer. You compete over a set amount of time, called a season, and win prizes based on your league rank.

Tips For Playing Blackout Bingo Online

Tips For Playing Blackout Bingo Online

Now that you know how to play Blackout Bingo, you can start enjoying the popular game. But before you go, here are five tips to help you be a more successful online bingo player:

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Online gambling is a great option for people who like casino bonuses and Blackout Bingo is no exception. There are plenty of bonuses available to players, including ones that can be used during the game.

When used correctly, bonuses can significantly improve your chances of winning. The “2x” multiplier boost, for instance, is a great way to increase the number of points earned during a given round. There are other in-game boosts available too, including one that adds more time to the clock.

Knowing how to use these bonuses is a key part of being a winning Blackout Bingo player. The more effectively you can use these boosts, the better your chances of winning.

Keep an Eye on Your Bankroll

You can play Blackout Bingo for free, but the best prizes are only available to paid members. If you do decide to play paid games, then you need to make sure you keep an eye on your bankroll.

Your bankroll is the funds you plan to use to play the game. When your bankroll runs out, then you either have to stop playing or make another deposit. Proper bankroll management is a crucial part of being a winning player.

If you do not monitor your bankroll, you can easily run out of funds before you are done playing. Also, you put yourself at risk of not staying within your betting limits.

Stick to Your Limits

Speaking of sticking to your limits, that is our next tip for being a successful Blackout Bingo player. Your bankroll is just one of the limitations that you need to be concerned with. Setting and sticking to limits on your playtime is also vital to being a winning player.

All online casino games, including bingo games like Blackout Bingo, have a house edge. Simply put, the house always wins in the end.

Walking away from a game as fun as Blackout Bingo can be hard to do. But it is necessary if you want to be able to enjoy any of your winnings. Otherwise, the house will when them back eventually.  

Practice With Free Games First

One of the best parts of online gambling is the availability of free games. Blackout Bingo allows players to enjoy both free and paid versions of the game. Free games can provide huge benefits to players.

First and foremost, you can use free games to see if you like playing this version of bingo. Also, it can be a great way to learn how to use all of the bonus features available in Blackout. Once you have mastered the in-game features, you can switch to the paid version of the game.

Free games are also a great way to enjoy the game once you have hit your betting limits. You can still play the game without risking any more of your bankroll or your previous winnings.

Limit Your Distractions

Playing bingo online is a fun and convenient way to enjoy the fan-favorite game. While Blackout is fun even if you lose, serious players will want to do everything they can to win. This includes limiting the number of potential distractions.

Blackout rewards players who are able to daub their cards quickly. Also, you need to mark as many numbers on your card as possible to increase your number of winning combinations.

If you are distracted, then your performance will suffer for it. Luckily, the rounds only last two minutes each. As long as you can remain focused on the game for that long, you should have no problem being successful.

Alternative Blackout Bingo Options

Blackout Bingo is a great option for playing online bingo, but it is not the only option for a thrilling bingo experience. Here are three alternatives to Blackout Bingo that all bingo enthusiasts should try today:

Tribo Bingo

DuckyLuck Casino has a well-rounded selection of bingo games, and one of the best games available is Tribo Bingo. This game was developed by Qora Gaming and has a ton of bonus features.

You can play up to four 3×5 cards at once in Tribo bingo. The game automatically marks your winning numbers too, so you will not miss any of your potential winning combinations. There are 31 numbers drawn each game, but you can buy up to 12 extra balls each round to help complete bingo combinations.

Tribo Bingo also has a bonus game that you can unlock with the right bingo combo. During the game, you simply shoot the target you want and claim the prize assigned to that target.

Play Tribo Bingo Now

Go Go Bingo

GoGo Bingo

Another fantastic alternative to Blackout Bingo is Go Go Bingo, which is available at Bovada. You play four bingo cards at the same time and each card has 12 winning patterns.

30 winning balls with numbers between one and 60 will be revealed. If you need more winning numbers, you can purchase them using the extra ball feature. You can buy nine extra balls each round.

Go Go Bingo will even highlight potential winning combinations that you are one number away from hitting. This can be a huge help when you are deciding to buy an extra ball or not. Bovada offers both free and paid versions of this game, so you can practice for free before trying the paid version. 

Play Go Go Bingo Now

Pesca Bingo

Pesca Bingo

Last, but certainly not least, is Pesca Bingo, which can be found at Ignition Casino. You can play free or paid versions of this deep sea-themed bingo game. Practicing with free games can be a huge help for new players.

You can play up to four cards at once and each card has 12 potential winning bingo combinations. There are 30 winning numbers that will be revealed each round, but you can buy 13 more balls every round. 

Pesca Bingo has a fishing-themed bonus feature. You have to catch fish until you get three with the same prize value. You then win a prize associated with the matching fish that you caught.

Play Pesca Bingo Now

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