What Are Buy Bets in Craps?

Craps Buy Bets

Craps buy bets are one of three types of bets where you must pay the casino a commission or vig to place. This is because you’re getting what’s known as ‘true odds.’ For buy bets, the casino pays the gambler winnings based on the real chances of rolling that specific number before the losing. 

What are Buy Bets?

A buy bet is any bet placed on a specific number from 4 to 10, except 7. You can ‘buy’ a number for the next few rolls, until the shooter craps out. Each player pays the vig, or upfront cost of placing the bet, and may remove or add to the bet each roll until the shooter craps out, meaning that they’ve rolled a losing number. If you win, you can keep your bet on the table, or cash the bet out. 

Buy Bet Odds 

Buy bets have true odds, and rather than a house edge you’ll pay to place the bet. You’ll get a return based on the number you choose. 

Buy Bet Number Chance of Rolling in Next Roll  Payout Ratio
4 8.33% 2:1
5 11.11% 3:2
6 13.88% 6:5
8 13.88% 6:5
9 11.11% 3:2
10 8.33% 2:1

Because of the payout to frequency ratio, the four and ten are often considered the top two craps buy bets. The house edge is still 4.76% because of the 5% commission vig charged when you place the bet. If you place a $100 bet, you’ll pay a $5 vig. 

Losing a Buy Bet

You’ll place your buy bet after the come out roll. This means that after a point number is established you’ll bet a buy number. At some casinos, you can place buy bets first by ‘calling on,’ but it’s ill-advised and changes your betting odds for the worse.

If the shooter rolls a seven and craps out all buy bets lose.

Note that some casinos only charge a vig if you lose. In these scenarios, the house edge drops based on other circumstances, such as betting multipliers. 

You could have a coat just like that if you understood buy bets.

Craps Buy Bet Strategy

Which buy bet should you choose and why? Let’s look at different craps buy bet strategies and determine why you might use them. You’ll learn how craps buy bets fit in with other bets. 

Buy Bets Instead of Place bets for the Iron Cross

The Iron Cross is a high wager betting strategy that involves the field bet. If you’re comfortable paying the vig, you can use buy bets instead of place bets for a better payout on the Iron Cross, effectively dropping house edge to under 2%. You can get a detailed look at the Iron Cross in our Field Bet Guide

Bet 4 or 10

The odds and the return on these bets are lucrative enough to stand along. Some players like to ‘bet the outsides’ meaning buying both a four and a ten at the same time, seeing a return on these two bets.

For a 2:1 return, you only need to see either number once to make your bet back, minus the vin.

This gives you a 26.3% chance of a return. Be warned that multiple buy bets lose on seven, so you risk losing both bets and multiple vigs all on one roll.

Coupling Buys and a Pass Line Bet

It’s common to bet both the pass line and other bets. Your opening pass line bet will cover whatever the point is, and then you’ll buy some other number, effectively winning on both the pass line and the buy (with a better return on your buy bet.) 

Buy Betting in Craps and Other Strategies 

Craps buy bets are one of the more lucrative methods of betting at a craps online casino table.
Buy bets turn some gamblers off because of the vig, but you’ll see advanced players developing their own craps strategies that involve buy bets simply because it makes the game more fun and fast paced to be managing multiple bets on the table. 

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