What Does it Mean to Crap Out in Craps?

Crap Out Craps Background

 New bettors use crapping out as a blanket term for losing in craps, but that’s not really what it means. It especially means losing on the opening roll or before the point roll is made. Let’s go over how you crap out, the meaning of crapping out and the numbers you’ll see on the dice. 

What Does it Mean to Crap Out in Craps?

We’re going to define crapping out in gambling terms, and give you a little explanation of why it’s called crapping out. In the simplest terms, it’s rolling a 2,3 or 12 on the first roll, or a seven after the point number is established. These numbers win on a Don’t Come or Don’t Pass Bet, so while the table may have crapped out, you can still win. 

Crapping Out is Losing on the Basic Pass Line or Come Bets

The two most common bets in the game; the Pass Line and Come Bet. These basic bets are generally placed before the come out or first roll. The come out is the roll that determines the point number.

For example, the first roll is a six. No one craps out

. If a six is rolled in any successive roll, the don’t pass bets win. If the seven is rolled after the first number, (six in the above example) the don’t pass and come bets crap out. 

RollWhen Don’t Pass and Come Bets Crap Out 
Point Roll, The First Roll of a New Shooter2,3 or 12 
All Rolls other than the Point Roll 7

So not all losses are crapping out. There are specific numbers and circumstances associated with this kind of loss, which is a win on a don’t come or don’t pass bet. 

Meaning and Origin of Crapping Out

This term comes from riverboat gambling in the 1920’s. Outside of craps, the crap out meaning has been lost. It’s likely it was a colloquial slang in the Southern USA for quitting or losing.

Modern players use the term to describe any loss in craps, but it may sound out of place unless you lost during the above rolls.

For instance, you don’t crap out because you missed a place bet, you just lost. 

Learn How to Stop Crapping Out 

If you’re new to craps and just discovering the basics, start with our walkthrough of basic Craps terms. You’ll can’t control crap out, but you can increase your odds of winning with better betting strategies at online casinos. 

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