A Don’t Pass Craps Betting Strategy to Try at Online Casinos

Craps Dont Pass Strategy

You’re at the craps table and you’re looking to make more out of the don’t pass bet, what’s your go to strategy? Craps don’t pass bets are also called ‘betting wrong’ in the craps community, simply because at face value you’re working with lower odds compared to the pass line bet. Let’s look at some don’t pass craps betting strategies built to beat the stigma. 

On most online tables, you’ll place your don’t pass wagers by dragging chips to the don’t pass line as seen above.

What is the Don’t Pass Bet?

Here’s a quick refresher. Don’t Pass bets payout when the come out is a 2, 3 or 12. They lose on a 7 or 11 come out roll. If the don’t pass doesn’t win on the come out and a point roll is established, the don’t pass bet in craps wins if a seven is rolled before the point.

This is the opposite of a pass line bet. The don’t pass bets have a lower overall house edge at 1.36%.

Don’t Pass Craps Betting Strategy

Placing a don’t pass bet offers you worse odds on the opening roll, but better odds after the point is established. Here’s a quick look at the odds and payout for the relevant rolls. Note that the combined probability of winning on the opening roll or come out roll is 11.11%. Low compared to the 22.11$ probability of the pass line. 

Winning Rolls  Probability of Roll  Wager:Payout  
2 on the Come Out Only  2.77 1:1
3 on the Come Out Only  5.55 1:1
12 on the Come Out Only  2.77 1:1
7 After the Point is established 16.66 1:1

Your advantage comes after the point is established, when don’t pass bets have the more favorable winning roll. Some new bettors may not recognize that seven is the most common number rolled between two six sided dice. 

Odds Bets on 4 and 10 Don’t Pass Strategy

Once the point is established in craps, you have the option of placing a bet called an odds bet. This is also known as laying odds. It’s a way to double down on your original wager.

The house edge goes down to .07 if you lay odds on a don’t pass bet after the point is established. 

Waiting for 4 and 10

So you’ve bet $5 on the don’t pass. The point should determine when you decide to lay odds. If you wait for the two lowest probability point rolls, 4 and 10, you stand an even greater chance of seeing a seven before the point is rolled again. For the don’t pass bet in craps, this is one of the best statistical betting positions to be in. Your bet will have a 16.6% chance of success in comparison to the point 4 or 10 at 8.3%. 

Don’t Pass Hedge

 This strategy is for players that like to win little bits at a time. If you’re okay with having plenty of chips on the table to lower both the possible upside and downside, start here. Let’s say you have $5 on your don’t pass line bet. The don’t pass hedge says you should play one fifth of that value on the point, hedging against possible losses. If the point comes up, use your winnings to cover the inside place bets of 6 and 8 after the next point is established, as they are the most common. Each time the point is 4 or 10, many Hedge players will lay odds on their don’t pass bet, integrating the above strategy. 

Losing Your Don’t Pass Bet in Craps

If you place a bet on the point and win, doesn’t that mean you lost your don’t pass line bet? Yes, but the winnings will let you double down on place bets, furthering your control of the most common numbers.

Remember to clear the board of your winnings each game to get the most out of the come out roll on your don’t pass bets.

Some players don’t ‘spread the hedge’ buy buying multiple place bets, and simply hedge by betting a place or buy bet on 6 or 8 after each point, maximizing your chances of earning on the

Buy Bets or Place Bets?

In my opinion, you get a better overall return and house edge if you make buy bets on the inside numbers 6 and 8. Yes, it further lowers the value of your don’t pass bet because of the vig, but it lowers the house edge significantly, offering 1:1 odds on the 7 and 5:6 on the 6 and 8. 

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Combo

This strategy is the same as laying odds but you can bet different amounts.

If you lay odds on the don’t pass bet, you must double down on your wager.

If instead you use the don’t come bet after the point is established, you can increase your winnings if a 7 is rolled before the point number, but bet a more conservative amount. 

Don’t Pass + Yo Risky Bet

In craps, the numbers 7 and 11 are the payout for a pass line bet. So a common ‘celebratory bet’ is the don’t pass +yo. After the point number is established, and you now win on seven, pick a roll to bet the yo.

The yo is a single roll bet that wins if an 11 is rolled, emulating the pass line come out scenario.

The don’t pass bet could still win, covering your losses, and the Yo offers 15:1 odds on your wager. This highly lucrative roll is more fun than strategy, and I speak from experience when I say a win on the yo is one of the most gratifying bets in the game. 

Don’t Pass Bets and Online Casinos

There are plenty of strategies that work at online casinos with craps. Unlike card games, where you’re reading the table and the other players, craps has beauty in that it’s you versus random numbers and dice probability, whether you’re playing in Las Vegas or at Wild Casino. The don’t pass craps betting strategies here will work regardless of where or how you’re playing the game.

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