Simple Strategies for Double Deck Blackjack

Simple Strategies for Double Deck Blackjack

Playing the best blackjack games is the first step to making money at the blackjack tables. It is imperative to gamble at blackjack tables that have the best rules and payouts. We are looking at the best double deck blackjack strategies for your next blackjack session.

Double deck blackjack is a table that any sharp gambler should seriously consider playing.

Single deck blackjack is becoming an extinct game. However, there are double deck blackjack games floating around in North America. If you find single deck games, it’s probably with poor rules.

It largely depends on the rules of the blackjack game. However, a 3:2 single deck game is going to be the best blackjack you can find. Unfortunately, these are incredibly tough to find in casinos.

Are there double deck blackjack tables in Las Vegas? You can execute your double deck blackjack strategies in Las Vegas casinos. The cheaper the casino, the more likely there is going to be double deck blackjack on the casino floor at low limits.

For our double deck blackjack strategy, start with low limits at a practice table. You are free to find free-to-play blackjack apps online. Alternatively, setting up a mock blackjack table with friends can work.

What about six and eight deck blackjack games? It is tough to have a specific strategy for six and eight deck. Keeping a running count of cards is important in double deck blackjack, but it’s incredibly difficult with more decks involved.

Let’s get into the benefits of playing double deck blackjack. We will also delve into the top double deck strategies to utilize in the pits.

Double Deck Blackjack Odds

As we noted, double deck blackjack is one of the best blackjack games gamblers can play. It all comes down to what the math indicates. The math points favorably in the direction of double deck blackjack.

The house edge of double deck blackjack is around 0.34%, but can drop under 0.25%.

The house edge is dependent on the rules of the game. It can be higher or better than 0.34%. This is assuming that the player is using basic strategy and making all of the right decisions.

There are bad double deck games available and you will have to be on the lookout. These games can have a house edge north of 1.80%.

When more decks are added to the blackjack game, the odds drop for the player. Six and eight deck games are most certainly using an automatic shuffler.

An eight card blackjack game can see the house edge go well over 2%. We can’t stress enough how important it is to seek out double deck blackjack.

Double Deck Blackjack Strategies

Once you have found double deck blackjack games, your next job is to put your plan into action. While this won’t guarantee a profit for every blackjack session, it will certainly help cut down on the house edge.

For any gambling game in the casino, the ultimate goal is to reduce the house edge. Fortunately, blackjack is one of the best games in the casino for altering the odds of success.

Blackjack isn’t like the game of roulette or craps where the results are completely random. There is some element of skill involved. Find our best double deck blackjack strategies below.

Only Play 3:2 Double Deck Blackjack Tables

There is a chance you see a double deck blackjack table and immediately gravitate toward it. That is a smart move. Going to double deck blackjack instead of another table with more decks isn’t what the casino wants.

However, if it isn’t a 3:2 double deck blackjack table, then you should keep searching. We advise finding a 3:2 double deck table. If you are at a high-end casino, this might only be in the high-limit room.

Only the most success at blackjack is going to happen at a 3:2 table. Try your best to avoid 6:5, or even worse, blackjack that offers even odds. The house edge for 6:5 double deck blackjack can reach over 1.80%.

At this point, a gambling strategy with a house edge of 1.80% is pretty pointless. There is no strong strategy that we can recommend playing 6:5 blackjack tables.

Find Blackjack Tables With The Best Rules

After locating 3:2 blackjack tables, your job is not done yet. Do not sit down or play online blackjack if the rules at the game are poor.

The rules for the game will be on the felt of the table, or you can simply ask the dealer.

Double deck blackjack tables will typically have varying rules. Finding the best games can be a bit of a scavenger hunt, but it is going to be well worth the hassle. The blackjack rules below are favorable to the player.

Dealer Must Stand on Soft 17
Player Can Double Down On Any Two Cards (DA)
Player Can Double Down After Splitting (DAS)
Player Can Resplit Aces (RSA)

The dealer standing on soft 17 rule is the most important at double deck blackjack. At worst, the house edge for this game is going to be at 0.26%. Ensure that this rule is in place for your double deck blackjack strategy.

Where can you find the best double deck blackjack tables? has a list of the best double deck blackjack tables available in Las Vegas. The M Resort has all of the rules listed above, beginning at $50 a hand.

Learn To Count Cards

Locating the best blackjack tables is most of what makes a double deck blackjack strategy successful. For most players, their job is done. However, if you’d like to be more advanced, we recommend learning how to count cards.

The only way to guarantee a profit over time in the long term at blackjack is to count cards. Fortunately, double deck blackjack games make it much easier to keep a running count.

Any more decks, and the odds of being good at card counting diminish quickly. Single deck and double deck blackjack are the only games you should be concerned with in this instance.

If you want to learn more, check out our tips for card counting at TheSportsGeek.

Please understand that you are going to be under immense scrutiny from the casino. Any double deck blackjack tables are being watched by employees. If you are feeling the heat from the house, get up and move off the table.

It is not illegal to count cards, but they can ban you from playing blackjack. Even worse, there is the chance of getting banned. The best advice is to hit and run.

Study Double Deck Blackjack Basic Strategy

If you aren’t up for counting cards, fortunately, there is another option to keep things simpler. Basic strategy is not going to guarantee long-term profits, but you will get as close as possible.

Following a double deck blackjack chart will ensure the player is getting the best odds. In other words, blackjack players can get the most out of the house edge by following a basic strategy chart.

Casinos do not frown on gamblers using basic double deck blackjack strategy charts. They are free to bring a double deck blackjack strategy chart with them to the table. And if you are playing blackjack online, this is even easier to follow.

The chart will inform the player of the right move to make. It compares your card to the dealer’s card and what your next move should be. Find your hand on the vertical axis and then the dealer’s on the horizontal axis.

The recommended decisions are based entirely on the best mathematical move. This guarantees the player is playing the blackjack odds correctly. Anything else and the blackjack player is playing on a hunch or feeling “lucky”.

Please note that if you are counting cards, a blackjack strategy chart will not apply in this case. Counting cards and basic strategy are not the same. Learning how to count cards or AP play is the only way to guarantee long-term success.


Blackjack is the best gambling game in the casino. However, this is only correct if they are playing the right blackjack tables and following double deck blackjack strategies.

We discussed instances where blackjack can have a house edge of over 1.80%. Baccarat has a house edge of 1.06%. Therefore, baccarat is a better bet if you are playing on a bad blackjack table.

Even craps at a 1.40% house edge can be better than gambling at a bad blackjack table. That being said, smart gamblers know that strategies for double deck blackjack are going to be more advantageous.

Our best advice is to play at a double deck blackjack table with the best rules in the casino. This is more than half of the battle.

Are you looking to play blackjack online? Visit TheSportsGeek’s blackjack sites for the top online casinos to play blackjack at today.

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