The Best Florida Online Casinos to Play Craps At

The Best Online Craps Florida

Craps players in Florida will need to go online if they want 24/7 access to the popular casino game. Tribal casinos in the Sunshine State do not typically offer craps because it is a Class III game.

Luckily, the top Florida online casinos make it easy to play the fan-favorite table game. All you need to do is sign up and make your deposit. Then, you can start playing craps in Florida in no time at all.

For the best craps experience, you will need to use the top online casino sites. Fortunately, we’ve already rolled the dice for you and have compiled a list of the top Florida casinos for online craps.

Why Is There No Craps in Florida Casinos?

There has been a surge in new gambling legislation in recent years. Many states, including Florida, have tried to make it easier for residents to access their favorite gambling options online.

Gambling laws in the Sunshine State are even more complicated because of the presence of the Seminole Tribe, who own many of the tribal casinos in Florida. Tribal leaders and the state agreed to a new gaming compact in 2021, but it has been stalled in court.

For now, gambling activities must still operate under the old compact and follow the rules of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. According to the IGRA, craps is classified as a Class III gambling activity. State and tribal leaders would need to negotiate a new gaming compact to allow for Class III games such as craps.

It is unclear when craps will be available in Florida’s land-based casinos. Luckily, craps players in Florida can bypass the current gambling landscape in the Sunshine State by using these casino sites.

Wild Casino

For the best craps casino in Florida, players should sign up for Wild Casino. This casino site has a great selection of table games, including craps. You can even find craps in the casino’s live dealer section, making this casino one of the few options for live craps in Florida.

Wild Casino is a great place for people who are new to playing craps at Florida’s casinos online. There is a helpful FAQ section, which includes an in-depth breakdown of multiple table games. Members can access this section and learn the basics of craps, game etiquette, and more.

One of the biggest reasons why craps players like Wild Casino is that it offers great casino bonuses. There are two welcome bonuses to choose from, including an offer worth up to $9,000 for cryptocurrency users.

Existing members of Wild Casino have a great selection of bonuses to grow their craps bankroll too. There are multiple weekly bonuses available, including weekly rebates and deposit match bonuses.

Bonus funds cannot be used on live dealer games. But Florida craps players can still use their extra casino cash to play craps in the Random Number Generator (RNG) table games section. The RNGs at Wild undergo regular audits, so you can gamble with confidence knowing that the game is safe to play.


Craps players in the Sunshine State should also consider Bovada. This casino is perfect for craps players who are on a tight budget.

The minimum bet craps players can make at this casino is $1. Also, Bovada allows you to try every game in their casino for free using a demo mode. This means you can play craps without even having to make an account.

Playing free games at Bovada is a great way for Florida bettors to test their craps strategies. Once you are ready to play for real prizes, you can easily create your new account and deposit. Creating your account is a super quick process and should not take more than a few minutes.

Bovada offers a great selection of safe banking options for craps players to choose from, including Bitcoin and credit cards.

Once your funds are in your account, you will be able to play craps for hours on end. Bovada also has a great mobile casino app, so you can play from your preferred mobile device at-home or on the go.

Craps players in the Sunshine State have a lot of casino bonus options to choose from at Bovada as well. The $3,750 Bitcoin welcome bonus is a great way to grow your craps bankroll. There are also tons of bonus options available in the casino’s VIP rewards program.

Ignition Casino 

Another great option for craps players in Florida is Ignition Casino. You can play for free before you even make your first deposit. Once you make your deposit, craps players will automatically be enrolled in the casino’s rewards program.

Craps players will earn one reward point for every $2 they wager. Once you have saved up enough reward points, you can cash them in for a variety of prizes, including cash bonuses.

Your reward points are tracked across the lifetime of your account, too. This makes it easier for craps players to move up to new levels in the program. The higher your level, the better your reward options are.

There are a ton of bonus offers for craps players to take advantage of outside of the rewards program. Florida bettors can start playing craps at Ignition with thousands in bonus funds thanks to the casino’s two welcome offers.

However, your funds will be split between casino and poker funds. We suggest taking advantage of the $3,000 crypto welcome offer to maximize your craps bankroll. Ignition also offers weekly boosts and special bonuses for crypto users, so there is always a way to get more funds for playing craps.

Rounding out this list of the best online casinos for online craps in Florida is This casino has everything that craps players in the Sunshine State could want. is a safe gambling site that has a ton of benefits for craps players. First and foremost, you can play both free and paid versions of craps at this casino. Also, there is a great welcome bonus that can be worth up to $7,500 for qualifying deposits.

Another fantastic attribute about this casino is that has a great customer support section. There is even a detailed explanation of the game of craps in the craps game section. This is perfect for Florida gamblers who may need a refresher on how the table game works.

Florida craps players will also have plenty of bonus options at their disposal. In addition to the welcome bonuses that I mentioned earlier, this casino also offers a top-notch rewards program. You can earn one reward point for every $1 you gamble on craps, and members can cash in their points at any time.

Tips for Playing Craps

Tips Craps Florida Online Casinos

Craps is not a game that is found in Florida’s brick-and-mortar casinos. So, bettors in the Sunshine State may need some extra help getting started playing craps online. Here are three tips to help you with online craps:

Stick to Low Edge Wagers

One of the best pieces of advice for any gambler is to know the odds of any wager you plan to make. This is especially true for craps players because there are so many betting options to choose from.

New players can easily be overwhelmed by all of the bets available in craps. In general, many experienced players choose to stick to the wagers with the lowest house edge. This includes options like the pass/don’t pass bet and the come/don’t come wagers.

Use a Craps Cheat Sheet

Remembering all of the bets in craps can be a lot for new players. Luckily, online craps players in Florida have the advantage of being able to use cheat sheets. The casino cannot see you, so you can use strategy sheets to help you remember what each means.

These helpful cards can also help you follow your craps betting strategy. For instance, you can write down all of the wagers that you want to make. This will make it easier to stick to bets with a low house edge and conserve your bankroll.

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Playing craps in Florida online also gives players the chance to use more casino bonuses. These offers can reward players in a variety of ways, including thousands of dollars in bonus cash.

Some tribal casinos in the Sunshine State may offer bonuses to reward members. But their offers pale in comparison to the bonus options at online casinos available in Florida. Not only can you receive bonuses for signing up, but you can also earn rewards for playing craps.

Which Florida Craps Casino Will You Choose?

Craps players in the Sunshine State cannot play their favorite game at the state’s land-based casinos. Luckily, the list above is full of great options for playing craps online in Florida.

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