Roulette Systems Ranked: Martingale, Fibonacci, and More

Roulette Systems Ranked: Martingale, Fibonacci, and More

Roulette systems are very popular, but you should know that even the best strategies cannot lower the house edge in roulette. However, they can still improve your experience and provide structure to your betting approach.

You need to consider all the information about a strategy before you use it. Luckily, you can test popular strategies to see which one works best for you. Here are my rankings of roulette systems that every player should try. 

  • Martingale System
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy
  • Fibonacci System
  • D’Alembert System 
  • Paroli Strategy

Continue reading to learn more about each of these roulette strategies, their good and bad sides, and how to use them.

Martingale System

The Martingale System is one of the best-known roulette systems. For this one, you pick a stake amount and start tarting even-money wagers, such as red or black, for this progressive system. 

When you lose, you double your wager and play again. You continue doubling your stake until you win. After winning rounds, you reset your stake to your original amount. 

Pros and Cons of the Martingale System

The biggest advantage of the Martingale System is that you are virtually guaranteed not to lose. In theory, your next winning bet will make up for all of your previous losses.

This strategy is also easy to learn and even easier to use. Unfortunately, the Martingale Strategy is not a perfect online roulette betting method. Table limits can prevent you from increasing your stake if you lose too many rounds in a row.

Also, your stake can increase very quickly if you hit a run of bad luck. It’s easy to enter dangerous territory where another loss would wipe you out entirely.

Should You Use the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is popular, but is it worth using? No strategy can improve the house edge, but this method is easy to learn and can help you minimize your losses most of the time. As long as you understand the drawbacks of the strategy and don’t expect to crush the game with ease, it’s fine to use it.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The popularity of the Martingale Systems has led to other similar methods, including the Reverse Martingale. Like the original, this strategy requires you to double your stake when certain conditions are met. 

This strategy is also sometimes called the Anti-Martingale. What sets the Reverse Martingale apart is that you double your stake after a win, not a loss. You only reset to your original stake following a losing round. 

Pros and Cons of the Reverse Martingale

The best part of using the Reverse Martingale is that it can lead to huge wins. If you can string together multiple wins, you will be betting four, eight, or 16 times your original stake.

Roulette tables have betting limits, though, so you cannot double your stake forever. Also, you will lose eventually, which could cost you all of your previous winnings. On the other hand, you can reset your stake amount prematurely and pocket your winnings instead of risking them again.

The other drawback to this strategy is that it is more challenging than the original Martingale. Namely, it is hard to win consistently enough to cash in on the big prizes offered by the Reverse Martingale.

Does the Reverse Martingale Strategy Work?

The Reverse Martingale is challenging to master, but it can lead to bigger wins in roulette. However, it is best used in moderation. Otherwise, you will lose all your winnings and walk away with nothing. 

Fibonacci System

Up next on my rankings of roulette strategies is the Fibonacci System. This strategy uses one of the most well-known mathematical sequences to determine your wager each round. 

You start by picking a stake amount you are comfortable with. It is best to pick a smaller wager, as you will be increasing it quickly. Then, you start playing roulette as you normally would, but it is best to stick with even money wagers. 

When you lose, you increase your stake amount, but you do not simply double it. Instead, you use Fibonacci’s Sequence to determine your multiplier. The sequence itself is created by adding the previous two numbers together, such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on. 

Pros and Cons of the Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci System is similar to the Martingale in a lot of ways. Increasing your stake after a loss will help you reclaim your bankroll after a win. However, you are not doubling your stake in most cases, so you may need to win multiple times to win back all of your previous losses.

Your stake does not increase as fast when you use the Fibonacci System, so it takes longer to reach the table’s betting limits. Remembering where you are in the sequence can be somewhat challenging, as opposed to simply doubling your previous bet. This can create issues in faster-paced games, such as live dealer roulette.

Who Should Use the Fibonacci System?

The Fibonacci System can be a great way to add spice to your gambling routine. If you are bored with your normal strategy, then this system can be a good way to try something different without a lot of risk. However, it does not offer any measurable advantage over simpler systems like the Martingale. 

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy is another well-known roulette betting system. In theory, this strategy is one of the least risky strategies for roulette. 

Like many other roulette systems, the D’Alembert Strategy increases your stake after a loss. However, you only increase your stake by one unit. After a win, you decrease your stake by one unit and continue playing until you are back at your original stake amount. 

Pros and Cons of the D’Alembert Strategy

The biggest advantage of the D’Alembert Strategy is that it is low-risk compared to other roulette systems. You only increase your stake by one unit instead of multiple units. Also, since you only decrease your stake by one unit after a win, you still have a chance to make up your losses.

There are plenty of downsides to the D’Alembert Strategy as well. For instance, it is much slower-paced than other systems, so you will need to have a lot of patience for this strategy to work. Also, your margin of victory is very slim, so you will not win as much money as you can with other strategies.

When Should You Use the D’Alembert Strategy?

Bettors who are new to roulette have a lot to learn, including which roulette myths to avoid. Strategies like the D’Alembert are great for new players who want an easy-to-learn system that helps minimize risk. This strategy offers limited benefits for experienced players, though. 

Paroli System

The fifth and final spot on my list of roulette systems ranked is the Paroli System. This is a positive progression system that is similar to the Reverse Martingale. 

When using the Paroli System, you need to double your stake amount after every win. After achieving three wins in a row, you go back to your original stake amount and pocket your winnings. You also return to your original stake after a loss. 

Pros and Cons of the Paroli System

The Paroli System is effectively a more restrictive version of the Reverse Martingale. In theory, it offers the chance at significantly larger wins by re-betting your winnings three consecutive rounds.

You reset your stake after the third win, allowing you to enjoy your winnings. With the Reverse Martingale, you could bet your winnings again but are at a higher risk of losing your winnings. However, this strategy is not perfect, and it can be challenging to win three rounds of roulette in a row.

Is the Paroli System Effective?

No roulette system can guarantee a win, but that does not mean that Paroli is not an effective way of betting. It is less risky than an unchecked Reversed Martingale. With a little luck, the Paroli can help you cash on short winning streaks. 

Want to Try a Roulette System?

Finding the right betting system can help take your roulette game to the next level. Check out the list above to see the five best roulette systems ranked. The best system for you will depend on your preferred playing style and your goals for playing roulette. 

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