Should You Play Blackjack at a Full Table or Just Against the Dealer?

Blackjack Vs Dealer

Blackjack has been the most popular casino game in the world for a very long time. The game is simple enough that new players can learn it quickly. Blackjack is also complex enough that it keeps even the most advanced players coming back again and again.

The game is very popular, so you will likely have to ask yourself if it is better to play blackjack alone or at a full table. Top blackjack casinos usually have enough tables that you can do either.

There are pros and cons to playing blackjack at a full or empty table. In this article, I am going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Then, you can decide which tables you should be playing at the next time that you take a seat at a blackjack table.

Playing Blackjack at an Empty Table

Should you be playing your blackjack by yourself, just you against the dealer? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of playing blackjack at an empty table below.


There are a couple of major advantages to playing at an empty table. One of the biggest benefits is that the game will move much faster.

Playing at a faster pace can be a major advantage for skilled blackjack players. The more hands that you can play, the more you can exploit your edge over the casino.

Another major pro to going solo at the blackjack table is that you have more control over the game. Specifically, you will not have to worry about other players making mistakes that will cost you money.

There are few things more frustrating than seeing a bad blackjack player do something stupid and have it cost you money. Other players hitting or splitting at the wrong time will take cards out of the deck. Those cards could have been exactly what you need to beat the dealer that hand.

A third advantage of playing by yourself is that you can take advantage of online casino bonuses. These bonuses are a great way to fund your blackjack bankroll. However, they usually cannot be used in live dealer settings, so they are not available if you want to play with other people.


There are also cons of playing at an empty blackjack table. One of the biggest disadvantages is that you won’t be able to see as many cards per round. If you are a card counter, seeing as many cards as possible helps make your count more accurate.

Even if you aren’t counting cards, seeing additional cards will still help you make your decision. The more cards you see, the better you can judge your chances of getting the card you need. That is even more true if you are playing a single or double-deck game.

The other con to playing at an empty blackjack table is that it can get kind of lonely. Blackjack can be a very social game, and playing at a hot table is more fun when other people are there to celebrate with.

The vast majority of blackjack players are casual players who play the game for enjoyment. Playing by yourself absolutely takes some of the fun out of the game.

How to Play Blackjack by Yourself

If you do decide to play that playing blackjack alone is the best option for you, then your best bet is to play online. The top real money casinos are great options for playing blackjack by yourself anytime you want to.

Red Dog Casino, for instance, has multiple random number generator (RNG) powered table games. It has great variations of online blackjack games available. These games allow you to play blackjack by yourself against a computer dealer. The RNG ensures that the game remains fair.

As I mentioned above, playing RNG blackjack games alone also allows you to use bonus promotions. Red Dog’s welcome offer is worth up to $8,000 and can be used on blackjack games.

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Playing Blackjack at a Full Table

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of playing at an empty blackjack table, let’s switch gears. Here are the pros and cons of playing full-table blackjack.


Many of the advantages of playing at full table correlate to the cons of playing alone. For instance, playing blackjack with other people allows you to enjoy the social aspects of the game. There is a special bond between gamblers, and crushing the house as a team can be a ton of fun.

And it’s not always just the camaraderie that you miss out on when you are playing alone. Other players can give you advice on how to play your hand, which can be very profitable.

I would always be a little leery of taking free advice at the blackjack table. But there are times when the other players at the table see or remember something you missed, and it can be nice to have some backup. This can be especially helpful for inexperienced players.

Playing at a full table can also be helpful if you are counting cards. Having more players in the game allows you to see more cards each round. This will help make your count more accurate.


There are disadvantages to playing blackjack at a full table, especially if you are trying to win money. Having a lot of other players at the table can slow down the game. Slow blackjack can be painful, and no blackjack table moves slower than a table full of players.

When you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, there will be times when you will want the game to move quickly. Playing at a fast pace lets you maximize the hands you face and your potential profits. A full table is slower, which decreases the amount of money you can earn.

A full table can also decrease your ability to use some advantage play techniques, like hole carding. The slower pace makes it more challenging to use the dealer’s mistakes against them.

The benefits of playing with other people will also depend on who those players are. For instance, it can be difficult to focus on your hand if the other players are talking a lot. Some players also offer bad advice, which can cost you even more money.

How Many Seats Are at a Blackjack Table?

The number of seats at a blackjack table can vary from one casino to another. Generally speaking, brick-and-mortar casinos will have six seats available for players.

Similarly, online live dealer games will typically have six or seven seats. However, some casinos may allow you to bet from behind when the table is full. This allows more players to get in on the action.

Is a Full Table or Empty Table Better for Blackjack?

Now that you know the pros and cons of both options, you can decide if it is better to play blackjack alone or with others. The biggest factor to consider is whether you want to focus on having fun or making money. 

If you are playing for the sole purpose of making money, then I would suggest playing heads-up with the dealer. Adding additional players into the equation adds too many variables that are out of your control. These extra variables can make it harder to win money consistently.

But if you play blackjack as a form of entertainment, playing at a full table is a lot of fun and can’t be beat. The frustrations of the slower pace are minimized because you are not worried about winning money. Playing with people that you know can make the game even more fun.

Do You Prefer Playing Blackjack Alone or at a Full Table?

There are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether you should play blackjack at a full table or alone. Regardless of how you choose to play, you should take your skills to Red Dog Casino. The casino has great RNG and live dealer blackjack games, so you can enjoy the benefits of playing alone or with others.

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