What Is Bonus Spin Blackjack and Why Should You Care About It?

Bonus Spin Blackjack With Chips Background

Blackjack is one of the most classic casino games. It has existed in some form or another for hundreds of years.

Amazingly, blackjack is still perhaps the world’s most popular table game. Many gamblers love the challenge that this game presents. Nevertheless, even blackjack can get stale after a while. This is why some physical and online casinos offer unique variations. Developed by AGS, Bonus Spin Blackjack is definitely one of these unique variants.

It combines a spinning wheel with a progressive jackpot to maximize the excitement. You can read more about this unique game below.

Basics of Bonus Spin Blackjack

Bonus Spin isn’t the only blackjack variation that offers side payouts. However, it provides these additional payouts in a more original manner than any other game.

Assuming you make the bonus bet, then you can win side prizes through two different ways:

  • Any ace within the first two cards pays even money.
  • When dealt a natural blackjack, you push a button to spin a virtual wheel.

You need to get a natural blackjack in order to push the spin button. The wheel will then spin to determine which prize you receive.

Available prizes include everything from $15 to a new car, which is essentially the jackpot. You can also win cash payouts worth as much as $5,000.

On the surface, all of this sounds pretty good, but is it a better game than plain old blackjack? Find out if this is a game to play or skip below.

How to Play

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to play Bonus Spin Blackjack:

  • You place a regular bet on the standard betting circle.
  • You can also put a bonus bet on the red circle/button, but it’s optional.
  • The dealer will deal your first two cards.
  • If you receive an ace within the first two cards, you’ll collect an even-money payout.
  • If you make the bonus bet and get a natural blackjack, you’ll push the red button to spin the bonus wheel. You’re guaranteed at least $15.

The bonus wager relies entirely on you getting an ace or natural blackjack. Any other hand results in you automatically losing.

Where Can You Find This Game?

A few Las Vegas casinos offer Bonus Spin tables. The Vegas establishments that currently feature this game include:

  • 4 Queens
  • Binion’s
  • Golden Nugget

You may have luck finding Bonus Spin in other popular gambling destinations as well. After all, this game has proven popular in multiple Vegas casinos so far. However, I can only confirm that it’s available in Sin City right now.

Pros to Playing Bonus Spin Blackjack

Bonus Spin offers some unique advantages over other blackjack variations. You can check out the key benefits this game below.

Win Side Payouts

In a normal blackjack game, the only extra payouts are for natural blackjacks. You’ll be paid either 3:2 or 6:5 on a natural.

Bonus Spin blackjack Meanwhile:
Offers more chances to win side payouts. The bonus wheel gives you a chance to win any number of prizes. It features multiple slices that each represent a different prize.

You get to hit the spin button any time that you’re dealt a natural blackjack. The ultimate goal is to win the new car. However, you can also look forward to payouts worth $5,000, $750, $500, and more.

Additionally, you’ll automatically win a 1:1 payout with an ace.

This rule helps you recoup money when you don’t receive that all-important natural.

Chase a Large Jackpot

Normally, you must either experience a hot run or play high stakes to win big in blackjack. Bonus Spin, on the other hand, provides another route to win serious money.

The car and $5,000 payout both deliver significant value. These prizes are quite large when considering that you only have to place a small bonus wager.

As mentioned before, the prize wheel is filled with many other payouts. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you can look forward to plenty of solid prizes.

Try Something New in the Blackjack World

You may absolutely love playing blackjack. Eventually, though, you’ll be interested in a different variation of it. Bonus Spin Blackjack is about as unique of a variant as you’ll find.

It combines classic play with special payouts and a spinning wheel. You don’t even need to get any remarkable hands, such as two suited aces, to spin the wheel. Instead, you just need a natural blackjack.

Provided you’ve made the bonus wager, you get to hit the spin button and hope for a large payout. With everything from $5k to a car available, every spin is exciting.

Cons to Playing Bonus Spin Blackjack

As covered above, Bonus Spin has plenty of good qualities. You should also consider the following downsides, though, before seeking this game out.

Extra Bet Required for Side Payouts

Like with any blackjack game, Bonus Spin requires you to make an initial bet. This wager, however, doesn’t cover the bonus aspect.

You’ll need to place a special bet to qualify for the prize wheel. Depending upon the casino, this wager is only worth between $1 and $5.

Nevertheless, it does require you to put extra money on the table. As a low roller, you’ll find that Bonus Spin Blackjack gets expensive after a while.

High House Edge

Blackjack generally offers one of the lowest house advantages in the casino. Many Vegas casinos feature tables with less than a 1% house advantage. The average online blackjack game only carries a 0.5% house edge.

Unfortunately, Bonus Spin blows these games out of the water. Assuming you make the optional side bet, then you’ll be facing a 5% house advantage or higher.

The 5% house edge is ridiculous for blackjack. It’s more comparable to the most-unfavorable table games, such as Caribbean Stud (5.22%) and American Roulette (5.26%).

High Volatility

The extra bets and high house advantage lead to lots of volatility. You’ll likely find your bankroll disappearing much faster with Bonus Spin versus any other blackjack variation.

Bonus Spin isn’t the greatest game if you’re a low roller who’s trying to stretch your money.

Instead, you’re banking on winning large side payouts every now and then to sustain your bankroll. Based on the odds, though, you’ll be waiting a while for these large prizes to come through.

With that said
You might opt for regular blackjack if your bankroll is really small.

All regular games offer a lower house advantage than the Bonus Spin version. In some cases, you can even find tables with less than a 0.5% house edge.

Should You Play Bonus Spin Blackjack?

Bonus Spin is definitely an exciting blackjack variation that’s worth trying. You should consider giving it at least one chance when possible.

It presents blackjack in a new light.

It’s sort of like a slot machine with a bonus round. You trigger the bonus when getting a natural blackjack.

If you’re somebody who loves going after jackpots, then you’ll appreciate Bonus Spin even more. Its top prize is a car that’s worth thousands of dollars. On the other hand, your odds of winning big with this game any time soon are low. You’ll blank out with the bonus wager many times.

I suggest having a larger bankroll if you’re going to play this game and make the bonus bet. It’s a volatile variation that will drain your money faster than a normal blackjack table.


Bonus Spin Blackjack presents this classic casino game in a new light. It features a prize wheel and bonus bet that you can activate when getting a natural.

You might consider playing this game if you’re looking for something new.

Bonus Spin is definitely different than any other blackjack variation.

You should be aware, though:
That the big prizes don’t come around very often. Furthermore, you’ll need to get a natural before even being able to spin the wheel.

Nevertheless, Bonus Spin blackjack is still an exciting game. You might consider giving it a chance if you ever find it available in a casino.

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