Who Will Be the Next NBA Coach Fired This 2022-23 Season?

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The Brooklyn Nets became the first team since the start of the 2022-23 NBA Regular Season to part ways with their head coach when they let go of Steve Nash after a 2-5 start on November 1.

Besides the Nets, there are some other teams off to awful starts and it’s only a matter of time before the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets make a move. The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Orlando Magic are also candidates to jettison their head coach.

The best NBA betting sites, like BetOnline, have odds up on which coach will be fired next. Let’s set a hard screen on this prop bet and make our prediction as to which coach will be next to get the axe.

First NBA Coach Fired Odds

Jamahl Mosley, Magic:
Dwane Casey, Pistons:
Stephen Silas, Rockets:
Darvin Ham, Lakers:
Doc Rivers, 76ers:
Tom Thibodeau, Knicks:
Steve Clifford, Hornets:


Jamahl Moseley, Orlando Magic +300

  • Record 2022-23: 5-13
  • Record 2021-22: 22-60
  • Record Overall: 27-73 (27% win percentage)
  • Age: 44
  • Odds to Have Least Regular Season Wins: 9/2
  • Odds to Win NBA Championship: 750/1

Jamahl Mosley, Magic (+450 to have Least NBA Regular Season Wins, Bovada) played NCAA Basketball, was a Forward at Colorado and was drafted but never made it in the NBA. He started coaching the Magic last season.

With rookie Paolo Banchero (Duke) doing so well and the Orlando 4-5 at Home (1-8 on Road), it’s hard to imagine former Mavericks assistant Moseley being fired by GM John Hammond with so much basketball left to play. Moseley was just hired a year ago and the Hornets (4-14) are also bad.

Dwane Casey, Detroit Pistons +350

  • Record 2022-23: 3-15
  • Record 2021-22: 23-59
  • Record Overall: 107-213 (33.4% win percentage with Pistons)
  • Age: 65
  • Odds to Have Least Regular Season Wins: 7/2
  • Odds to Win NBA Championship: 1000/1

The stress fracture injury to star Cade Cunningham’s foot has throttled Detroit’s season and HC Dwane Casey, Pistons +350. At this writing, the Pistons had lost 7 straight games, were a winless 0-10 on the Road, and there was talk about them tanking before the Thanksgiving turkey is sliced.

Mark Stein has reported that rival executives in the NBA are wondering if the Pistons may be better off now losing games to increase their chances of getting 7-foot-4-inch French sensation Victor Wenbanyama in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Casey started with the Pistons on June 11, 2018, so he has been a fixture longer than most of the others. However, it’s hard to tell if that’s a good thing or not or whether Detroit GM Troy Weaver will think it will do any good with the writing on the wall. He certainly doesn’t need a fall guy.

The NBA coach fired betting odds of +350 look pretty good now to back Casey in this Futures market. But this may be a matter of who gets the axe first between Casey in Detroit or Stephen Silas in Houston with both teams playing so poorly right now and since the NBA season tipped off.

Stephen Silas, Houston Rockets +400

  • Record 2022-23: 3-14
  • Record 2021-22: 20-62
  • Record Overall: 40-131 (23.4% win percentage with Rockets)
  • Age: 49
  • Odds to Have Least Regular Season Wins: -160
  • Odds to Win NBA Championship: 1000/1

Stephen Silas (4/1 NBA Coach Fired Betting Odds) is the son of longtime NBA head coach Paul Silas but the former Brown player hasn’t got much traction in his 2+ years coaching the Rockets now. Currently, the Rockets have lost 2 in a row and have just one win at home (1-5)

The Rockets have some hope with a cadre of decent players like top pick Jabari Smith (10.9 ppg), veteran Eric Gordon (12.9 ppg), Kevin Porter (19.8 ppg) and SG Jalen Green (21.0 ppg). But with a weak 23.4% win percentage in his tenure as the head man on the bench, he is truly on the hot seat.

Backing Silas to be the next Next NBA Coach fired wouldn’t be a bad bet, but as we mentioned, Casey may beat him to the punch. It all comes down to the GM’s, losing streaks, fan outrage, embarrassment and saying enough is enough. Head coaches can be fall guys for bad teams.

Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers +500

  • Record 2022-23: 5-10
  • Record 2021-22: N/A (Ham was Bucks Assistant)
  • Record Overall: 5-10 (23.4% win percentage with Lakers)
  • Age: 49
  • Odds to Have Least Regular Season Wins: 16/1
  • Odds to Win NBA Championship: 100/1

The Lakers had won three in a row to make a horrific start not so bad, so Darvin Ham may not be the best bet in this market. With older stars like LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, President Jeanie Buss and GM Rob Pelinka won’t want to change the Christmas card.

The start for the Lakers was nasty, but this won’t be a team we hear about trying to tank the remainder of the season just to get a shot at Euroleague stud and 18-year-old do-it-all Wenbanyama. On the contrary, the Lakers will fight to get to .500 and the NBA Postseason.

NBA Coach Fired Prediction: Casey or Silas?

Houston has been very bad in the Western Conference, but other teams with better reputations and higher expectations than the Rockets have also had a very bad November by anyone’s standards.

Look at the defending NBA champion Warriors for example. Golden State finally got its first win away from home, this team has been awful on defense and had an 8-10 record. If the NBA Regular Season ended on November 22, the Warriors wouldn’t even make the Postseason.

The Spurs (6-12) had lost five straight and the Thunder (7-10) were struggling but OKC is without rookie Chet Holmgren who is out for the season. GSW and SA may be playing bad basketball, but we all know Steve Kerr (80/1) and Gregg Popovich (80/1) aren’t going anywhere, maybe ever.

Pistons President Ed Stefanski and GM Troy Weaver will have to figure out if trading Bojan Bogdanović will be better for Detroit in the long run. With Jaden Ivey (Purdue) looking like a great guard to build around, there is still some hope in the Motor City.

But this long losing streak and inability to win away from Detroit may end up costing Casey his job.

Next NBA Coach Fired Prediction Pick:
Dwane Casey, Pistons
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