Betting on the Nobel Prize Online

If you’re looking to break out of the conventional sports betting world and are looking for the websites with the best odds, you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of potential winners, wildly varying odds, and a continually evolving set of external factors, betting on who will win a Nobel Prize could offer you a new and exciting way to bet.

Among all the various prize categories, bettors have a multitude of options. The intellectual nature of the candidate’s accomplishments, coupled with the subjective selection process, makes for a unique betting experience.

Top Nobel Prize Betting Sites

Our team of experts has evaluated tons of real money Nobel Prize online sportsbooks, and below are our selections for the best website to bet on who will win a Nobel Prize. We evaluated dozens of sites and used an extensive list of criteria to determine which sites will offer you the best possible online betting experience. Underneath the list, you will find a small selection of the criteria we used. Feel free to use these in evaluating any betting site you may be considering.

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Attributes of Good Nobel Prize Betting Sites

Competitive Nobel Prize Betting Odds

One of the most important things to look for when evaluating Nobel Prize betting sites is the quality of the odds they are offering. It is essential to play on the site offering the best odds so you can maximize your winnings when you pick correctly. With Nobel Prize betting, finding the best odds can be a little unique since not all sites will offer odds on the same potential winners. You’ll want to find a website that provides both the candidate you have in mind and the best odds on that candidate. For more obscure candidates, you may have few options to pick from when it comes to site selections. Our list will provide you with a wide range of potential winners that will likely have you covered.

User Experience

Betting Sports Website - 5 Golden StarsAnother critical factor in determining the quality of your online Nobel Prize betting experience will be the quality of the platform you play on. Our team found sites that have made significant investments in building a high-quality user experience through designing platforms that are clean, straightforward, and beautiful. Not only will betting on these Nobel Prize betting sites be easy, but you will enjoy spending time on these sites.

New Player Bonuses

It is common among online bookies with Nobel Prize odds to offer players bonuses when they sign up. These perks are used as an incentive to draw players away from the competition. Most of the time, these bonuses come in the form of a deposit match when the player initially funds the account.

For example:
If a real money Nobel Prize betting website is offering a 50% match on the first $500 deposited, the player can earn a free $250 just by starting with more than $500.

These bonuses work great for sports betting and Nobel Prizes betting alike, so be sure to play on a site with excellent bonuses and make sure to take advantage of them.


As with any online gambling experience, security should be a key focus. We had our experts evaluate each of the sites that made our list, and all of them are verified secure. You want to play on a website that uses state-of-the-art software to protect player data. Each site on our list will provide you with a completely secure and safe betting experience, and they each have a long list of satisfied customers to prove it.

What Is the Nobel Prize?

While you may think that Nobel Prize refers to a single award, it refers to a collection of six prizes awarded in a variety of categories. Since their inception over 100 years ago in 1901, these accolades have become among the most popular and most sought after in the world. Scores of famous scientists and humanitarians have won these prestigious intellectual awards. The actual prizes themselves consist of a prize medal, a diploma, and nearly $1 million in prize money.

Nobel Prize Event Banner

History of the Nobel Prize

In the late 1800s, famous (and wealthy) Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established his will in which he stated that his fortune should be used to fund five annual prizes given “to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.” The first prize would be awarded in 1901, five years after his death.

In his original conception, there were only five prizes: Nobel Prize for Physics, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Nobel Prize for Medicine, Nobel Prize for Literature, and Nobel Prize for Peace. These five awards remained for nearly 70 years until the Bank of Sweden created the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in 1968 in memory of Alfred Nobel.

Despite not being an official “Nobel Prize,” winners of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize are conferred all the same honors that come with the original five prizes. Winners are announced with the other Nobel Prize recipients, and they receive their award in the same ceremony.

Selection Process

As you might suspect for such a prestigious award, the selection process is grueling. The administration of the prizes is controlled by the Nobel Foundation, established after his death, but the prizes are awarded by four organizations as stipulated in Alfred Nobel’s’ will. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences confers the physics, chemistry, and economics prizes. The Karolinska Institute confers the prize for medicine, The Swedish Academy confers the prize for literature, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee confers the prize for peace.

Beginning over a year in advance, these organizations invite thousands of highly-regarded individuals to submit nominees for the prizes. Nearly 1,000 people generally submit applications, resulting in hundreds of nominees. When someone is nominated, the person nominating them must submit a detailed proposal about why their candidate is qualified to win the prize.

Since self-nomination is prohibited, all nominees are selected and proposed by one (or a group) of their peers. Interestingly, information about nominees who do not win cannot be released until 50 years later. This adds an exciting twist for betting, as the list of nominees is not known before winners are announced. Nominations are due in February of the award year, and the committees spend February to November in deliberation.

Nobel Prize Categories


With over 100 winners in the last century, the Nobel Prize for physics celebrates discoveries and developments in understanding the physical world around us. Winners of this prize include Albert Einstein, the man who discovered X-rays, and John Bardeen, who won the award twice.


The field of chemistry was near to Alfred Nobel’s heart and was the second category listed in his will. As his own field of study and the area in which he made all of his scientific advancements, chemistry is truly a foundational component of his intent when instituting the Nobel Prize. With famous winners such as Marie Curie, who won a prize in both chemistry and physics, many a great scientist has graced the list of winners with their advancement in everything from understanding the human body to the invention of lithium-ion batteries.


Awarded by the Karolinska Institute, the prize for medicine was the third to be noted in Nobel’s will. This prize focuses on advancements in human health. Winners include Sir Alexander Fleming and his associates for their discovery of penicillin, many individuals who have worked on mapping DNA, and various other medical advancements such as the invention of the MRI.


Despite being one of the lesser-known prizes, the Nobel Prize in Literature has been granted over 100 times and has been won by a wide range of authors. Some of the more notable winners include Bob Dylan, Pablo Neruda, Ernest Hemingway, and Winston Churchill.


As one of the most prominent prizes, the Nobel Peace Prize has many notable winners with a dazzling list of humanitarian accomplishments. This prize can be won by both individuals as well as by organizations. Winners include Nelson Mandela, the UN, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King.

Economic Sciences

Added in the 1960s by Sveriges Riksbank, the prize for economics is awarded based on merits in the field of economics. With fewer winners than the other prizes, the recipients of this award are generally lesser-known. Notable winners include Milton Friedman and the team that developed “game theory.”

Tips for Betting on the Nobel Prize

Bet on What You Know the Most

In this case, if chemistry is your area of expertise, you will likely do better betting there than on the other prizes. Having background knowledge about the category you are betting on will give you better insight into the merit of each candidate’s accomplishments and enable you to determine their relative contribution more accurately.

Research Before Nobel Prize Betting

Nobel Prize MedalRead as much as you can on the candidate you want to bet on to win the Nobel Prize. You need to understand their entire body of work to make the most informed decision possible. Since there is no published list, you may be limited to the candidates who are being offered on your online Nobel Prize betting site.

Use this as a starting point, then use your category knowledge to determine if other candidates may be worth consideration. In that case, you may need to look around for Nobel Prize winner odds for a lesser known candidate.

Keep a Pulse on Current Events

Unlike sports, there is no clear and defined set of rules determining a winner. Humans award these prizes based on their subjective evaluation of the nominees in the context of the greater societal environment. While one candidate may have more technical accomplishments, they may lack the public appeal or notoriety enjoyed by some of their competing candidates.

World events can have a massive impact on the odds of who will win a Nobel Prize. And as those events change throughout the year, your bets can be dramatically affected. Keep a close eye on current events, and be sure to adjust your betting strategy accordingly as things change.

Final Words on Nobel Prize Betting

Whether you are an avid scientist with expertise in a very narrow field of study or someone interested in global events, Nobel Prizes betting has something for you. With candidates that vary from world leaders to international organizations, there are hundreds of possible bets to take with all kinds of varying odds. The dynamic yet subjective nature of winner selection makes for an exciting and unique type of betting you can’t find in sports.

Hopefully, we’ve educated you a bit more about the nature of the Nobel Prize, helped you get an idea of how to bet on the Nobel Prize, and pointed you in the right direction to start placing bets. Be sure to check out The Sports Geek for info on other kinds of interesting and unconventional bets. Always bet responsibly, have fun, and good luck!

Nobel Prize Betting Sites FAQ

Yes. Bettors can place bets on any legitimate real money Nobel Prize betting site that is offering odds on potential winners.

Keep in mind, betting on who will win a Nobel Prize is very similar to betting on sports. In general, the legality of betting on these prizes will align with the legality of betting on sports. When betting on any kind of an event, the bet is offered by a bookmaker.

While sports are the primary focus of most betting, and therefore dominate the headlines, legalization of “sports betting” generally refers to the legalization of operating a bookmaker. Once legalized, these bookmakers can offer odds on a wide variety of bets, including the Nobel Prize winners.

No, the “Nobel Prize” refers to a collection of six prizes awarded annually in six different areas of intellectual and humanitarian achievement.

Many online sportsbooks offer a wide range of bets well beyond sports. Chances are, your sports betting website will provide you with odds on things you never thought possible, including Nobel Prize winner odds.

You’ll want to double-check with your specific site, but your site will likely offer odds. One thing to consider in deciding where to place your bet is that Nobel Prize odds will vary between sites. Look for a site offering the most favorable odds on the candidate you expect to win.

Also, since a list of nominees is not published ahead of time, you’ll see each site offering odds on unique sets of candidates. Not all sites with odds on the Nobel Prize will offer bets on all potential winners. If you want to bet on a specific winner who is outside the consensus, you may need to dig around to find an entertainment betting site offering that bet.

Since the list of nominees is not released until 50 years after awards are granted, you can bet on any person or organization that is being offered by a bookmaker. With no definitive list of possible winners, each site may offer odds on different potential candidates.

Nobel Prizes are awarded in early December after nearly a year of evaluation.

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