Welcome to our online casino blacklist. This isn’t a topic we enjoy covering, but we’re committed to helping you avoid scam casinos, rogue operators, and online casinos that just don’t cut the mustard. A casino can find its way onto our blacklist for several reasons that we’ll outline below. But whatever the reason ends up being, you can take it as a firm signal that you shouldn’t play there.

Below, you’ll find our online casino blacklist. It’s our list of safe, legit, and fair alternatives, and you’ll find plenty of useful information on the most common casino scams, how to spot a rogue casino for yourself, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Blacklisted Online Casinos

Let’s begin with our list of blacklisted online casinos. These are the casino sites you should avoid for now. We have different reasons for banning each of them, and we’ll explain more about why we blacklist casino sites below. If a site is on this list, it means it has broken one or more of our cardinal rules. We have a zero-tolerance policy for these shenanigans. Our current online casino blacklist includes:

21DukesPayment Issues
Lucky 18 CasinoPayout Refusals
Coolcat CasinoPayment Issues
21NovaPredatory Terms
Euro Grand CasinoPredatory Terms
Jupiter ClubSpam Marketing
Lady Dream CasinoRigged Games
Gold Betting CasinoPredatory Terms
Royal Ace CasinoPayment Issues
Win PalacePayment Issues

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. The truth is that there are plenty of blackjack sites on the market that perform unfavorable business practices and do not work in the best interest of the customer.

We have seen it all from uncooperative customer service and erratic payouts to no licensure and pirate gaming software. Here are some more online gambling sites from groups that would be best for you to avoid.

Ace Revenue Group

If fast, accurate payouts are important to you, do not use any of the sites that fall under this group’s umbrella! They deliver on neither. The customer service at these sites will also be unresponsive or downright uncooperative when it comes to resolving these issues as well.

AffPower Group

This group of blacklisted online casinos use software that has been pirated from others. That’s a big red flag and the primary reason we have included them on this list.

Curgam Group

There is nothing worse than spam that ends up clogging your email account. Unfortunately, this is how the online casinos in this group do their marketing! This is their attempt at drumming up business for themselves and it is kind of sad. You should steer clear of these sites.

Cyberrock Entertainment

Not only are the payouts slow at these sites, but there are a ton of reports and instances where they do not payout their customers correctly either. Who wants to deal with that?

Engaged Entertainment Group

This is another group of casino sites that uses email spamming as a way to generate more customers for their business. Not only that, but these sites also have some really bad, slow gaming content making them even less appealing.

FutureBet Casino Group

These guys cannot get it right when it comes to paying out those they are indebted to! They fail to payout their new and regular customers, their affiliates, and those who provide their licensure. Why take your chances with any of these sites?

Gambling Federation Group

These sites have a long history of unsavory business practices, including downloadable gaming content that contained malware and denying winnings to their customers. You’ll likely get a virus and make no money when you use these sites! And hopefully you never do.

So, the moral of the story here is that you should not patronize these sites by any means!

It will only lead to hurt and headaches for you and create unnecessary problems. We know just the sites you should use, however! They are fully vetted and researched for your convenience and safety.

Why We Blacklist Online Casinos

There are many reasons why a brand might end up on our blacklisted casino sites table. Some casinos end up there for more than one reason, but they’ve all committed at least one of these online casino sins.

  • Revoked Licenses – If an online casino has a valid gaming license from the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, or anywhere else, and that license gets revoked, that’s a major red flag. Regulators don’t want to revoke licenses because casinos are a valuable source of revenue, so when it happens, it’s really bad. It means the casino has been cheating, breaking the law, or refusing to protect vulnerable players. We don’t want to support casinos that conduct themselves this way, so we put those sites on our online casino blacklist.

  • Payout Refusals – As a team of casino players, nothing makes our blood boil more than a casino that refuses to pay out winnings. We’ll ruthlessly add the sites to our list of online casinos to avoid. These rogues damage our industry, leave players devastated, and ruin the fun for everyone. Casinos that don’t pay go straight to our online casino blacklist.

  • Game Malfunctions – We’ll tolerate the odd freeze, jump, or break in a game. It happens to the best of them, but when it becomes excessive, it’s unacceptable. Unreliable casino sites hurt the gaming experience for every player that crosses their digital doors. If they refuse to fix the issues after a few complaints, we don’t trust them to fix larger issues such as player disputes. Yup, you guessed it, these sites go straight to our online casino blacklist.

Monopoly Online Casino Game Error - Horizontal Mobile Phone
  • Cloned Software – This is a major violation of trust, and it’s difficult to spot cloned games unless you’re an online casino veteran. You might think you’re playing the latest RTG or NetEnt slots, never realizing that you’re playing pirated casino games with the code altered to cheat you. As soon as we detect fake games, we send the dishonest casinos in question to our online casino blacklist.

  • Rogue Management – Like other websites, online casinos often change hands. Sometimes, a previously legit casino site can be bought over by a rogue operator. We have sources all over the industry. We’re clued into what’s going on at any given time. We know who the chief offenders are, and as soon as a casino is taken over by them, we put them on our online casino blacklist before they get the chance to scam you.

  • Slow Payouts – This isn’t quite as bad as refusing to pay winnings, but in extreme cases, it can be almost as bad. Many dishonest online casinos drag their feet when it comes time to pay you. They’re hoping you’ll either change your mind and gamble away your winnings or that you’ll give up requesting your payouts altogether. Excessive requests for documentation to verify payouts, lame excuses given by the support team, or slower than average payout times will earn a casino a spot on our online casino blacklist every time.

  • Predatory Terms – Very few players take the time to read the user terms and conditions of online casinos. That’s a shame because it’s one of the key ways to spot rogue online casinos. Predatory terms include the right to close your account without warning, inactive account charges that drain your balance dry, the right to refuse to pay winnings for any reason, or that the casino’s word is final in disputes without any third-party adjudication.

If ever there was a justified reason for an addition to the online casino blacklist, predatory, sneaky terms would be it.

  • Subpar Service – Lots of casino review sites overlook customer service or don’t give it much weight in their overall rankings. For us, it’s one of the most important things of all. Customer support only matters when you need it most, and that tends to be when games malfunction, payouts are delayed, or you have a pressing and urgent question or dispute. If a casino support operator replies to a valued player with a bad attitude, responds days or weeks after you file an urgent request, or gives you the runaround instead of being honest, it gets placed on the online casino blacklist without delay.

How to Spot Rogue Casino Sites

We’ll always be here for our readers, but we also know that at times, you might go out exploring casinos on your own. That’s why we think it’s best to teach you how to spot unsafe online casinos. This way, you can make informed decisions about casinos we haven’t added to our online casino blacklist yet.

  • Check Licenses – Some casino gaming licenses are worth more than others, but any license is better than none at all. If a casino has a license from a respected government authority, that’s a good sign. If it doesn’t, that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s a reason to be more cautious. If it has previously had a license and it has been revoked, that’s a massive red flag.

  • Read Reviews – We’ve written lots of reviews to help you find the top online casinos. However, when we haven’t reviewed a site, you can often find impartial site reviews on general forums like Reddit. These player critiques likely won’t understand everything in the way that our experts do, but they’ll give you unbiased, honest opinions about their experiences for the most part. If you see more than a few negative reviews, add the site to your own online casino blacklist.

  • Run Tests – Here’s a little trick you can implement when trying to spot scam casinos or blacklisted casino sites. Read the terms and conditions, make a note of a few things, then ask the customer support agents related questions. If they either lie to you or don’t know the answer, you know you’re either dealing with dishonesty or incompetence. Either way, that’s an online casino to avoid. Another way to test a casino is to make a small deposit via Bitcoin or another payment method that doesn’t involve sharing your financial details.

Try to play some games and make a withdrawal. You’ll soon find out what type of casino you’re dealing with. Losing a $10 test deposit is better than losing hundreds, right?

  • Verify Info – Many casinos try to fake that they have valid gaming licenses, but most iGaming authorities keep an open database that you can search for verification. Likewise, if you suspect that a casino might be running rigged or cloned games, shoot the casino software company an email and ask if they really work with the casino site in question. Waiting a few days for this verification could save you lots of money and time.

  • Trust Intuition – Always trust your gut feeling about an online casino. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. If you get a bad vibe from the support team, pay attention to it. If you don’t think the site looks professional or legit, it probably isn’t. Always believe what your intuition tells you. It exists to warn you of danger.

We suggest building your own online casino blacklist in Excel or by writing it down. There are so many casinos out there that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Having a list of blacklisted casino sites saves valuable time.

Scam Casinos – Look for These Common Hustles

Before we get into this section, we’d like to make one thing clear. Not all of the sites on our online casino blacklist are scammers. Some of them simply don’t perform to our standards but are otherwise honest. However, some of them are scam casino sites. In this section, we’ll tell you about some of the cons they run.

li>Identity Theft – These untrustworthy online casinos lure you in with huge bonuses and promises. They ask you to verify your identity to receive the bonus funds, then they lock your account. They’ll either sell your details on or will steal your identity. This is a common casino scam.
  • Deposit Theft – This is a more direct kind of theft, and it happens in many different forms. After you’ve made a deposit, the casino will make it impossible for you to withdraw. They’ll either freeze your account for an arbitrary reason, or they’ll just stop responding to contact when you make a deposit of a large enough size. Sites that do this will never make it back off our online casino blacklist.
  • Malicious Software – This online casino con is associated with casino apps and software. You download it, and it steals your information, spies on you, or in the worst cases (ransomware), encrypts your device and demands payment to unlock it. Always make sure to download online casinos from a reputable source.
  • These are just some of the common swindles that online casino cheats run. You can avoid them by sticking with our safe, fair, and approved casino sites and avoiding the offenders on the online casino blacklist above.

    Safe Online Casino Sites You Can Trust

    So far, this page has been a little doom and gloom. It’d be enough to put many players off playing at online casinos altogether. However, we have to make you aware of the other side of the story. There are some really awesome, fair, and trustworthy online casinos. Here’s a list of the ones we have reviewed and rated as worthy.

    Player’s Questions About Blacklisted Online Casinos

    Yes, but it will have to go above and beyond to do so. For example, if a new operator buys over a casino and fixes the issues and behaves honestly, then we’re willing to give it a second chance. It’s not easy to make it off the online casino blacklist, but a casino can earn our trust back with time, effort, and consistent, honest conduct.

    If they have a gaming license from any government regulator, you can report the dishonest behavior to them. This could cause the casino to lose its license, and rightfully so. However, some of them operate in jurisdictions that make them virtually untouchable. In those cases, just keep your distance and warn other players about them.

    Yes. Some of the sites on our online casino blacklist accept American players. You should be extra cautious if you’re an American gambler because these rogue operators know that US players don’t have a national gaming regulator to complain to. You have no protection and no legal recourse if you get scammed. Extra due diligence is required.

    As long as there’s a serious concern, definitely! Our real money online casino blacklist is made up of sites we’ve had issues with, as well as online casinos that have slighted our users. To report a rogue gambling site to our team send us a message with the details.

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