It might come as somewhat of a surprise for some to hear that Delaware is one of the most progressive states in the country regarding the gambling industry.

Most forms of gambling online in Delaware have been available for years. Our team of experts will explain how to find the best Delaware online casinos currently operating today.

As many have probably already noticed, there are plenty of Delaware gambling sites to choose from. We’ll explain how to find the safest, most fun options available right now. And later on, our team will also go over the legal situation that surrounds this industry in Delaware.

There’s a lot of information to cover. Those that want to jump straight into the gambling action can check out the Delaware casinos online listed above. Each one is highly reputable and offers a wide range of fun gambling options.

Delaware has some fantastic land-based, Delaware casino apps, and online gambling sites right now. More are likely to become available over the next few months. This is proving to be an extremely valuable industry for the state.

How to Find the Best Delaware Online Casinos

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It’s easier to find the best Delaware online casinos right now than ever before. A quick Google search will bring up many of the ones currently operating in the state. Finding real money Delaware online casinos that’re safe and simple takes a little more time.

Our team has broken down four basic steps that can help you find this exact type of site. Check out these steps below to help with your online casino gambling journey!

Look at the List of Available Payment Options

The biggest fear that online casino gamblers have is joining a site that ends up taking their money. Over the years, there have been several notable cases of this happening. This is why it’s so important to join a site that you know will protect your funds.

We recommend that you take a look at your site’s available payment options. This will allow you to see all of the deposit and withdrawal options available. It’s also a great idea to look at the fees attached to deposits and withdrawals, too.

Never forget to look into the payment systems being offered through different DE casino sites before you decide to join them.

Check Out the Different Games Being Offered

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Nowadays, most online casinos offer more games than the biggest land-based gambling venues in the state.

Every site is different, though. Some are known for offering more games than others.

Don’t be one of those people that sign up to DE online casino sites without looking at the games being offered. This is a very easy mistake to avoid! In fact, most real money Delaware online casinos show their list of games directly on their homepages.

Explore the Customer Support Options

It’s always smart to check out some of the customer support options being offered online. This is the system that real money Delaware online casinos use to solve their players’ issues. We are always quick to recommend joining a site that offers quick, direct support options.

A live chat feature is the best option right now. Having a direct phone line support option is great, too. The important thing is knowing you can always reach out for help if, in any unfortunate circumstance, you need it.

Search for Good Promotional Offers

Just about every single online casino website operating today offers its members great promotions. These help sites to attract new gamblers.

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The good ones can add a significant amount of money to online casino player’s accounts. We recommend that you spend some time looking for great, easy Delaware casino bonuses and promotions. Look at the rollover requirements for each of these offers.

Generally speaking, the better the site is, the better the promotions it will offer to its new and existing members.

Following these four steps will almost guarantee that the first Delaware online casinos you decide to join are fantastic. Now, let’s take a look at how Delaware’s lawmakers view the online casino industry.

Current Online Gambling Laws in Delaware

As we mentioned at the top of this page, Delaware is well-known for being one of the most gambling-friendly states in the country. This was one of the first states to formally legalize and regulate sports betting. Most traditional forms of gambling can be found here.

The first major development to the state’s gambling laws came back in 1974. That year, the Delaware Lottery was formally legalized. This became hugely popular and began bringing the state a large amount of revenue every single month.

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In 2009, casino games became legal inside licensed gaming venues. Initially, this was only allowed inside licensed race tracks. Later, commercial casinos began operating throughout the state.

To the surprise of many analysts, Delaware formally legalized online casino gambling in 2012. This was a huge move for the US gambling industry.

Delaware became the first state to formally begin regulating its internet gambling market.

Delaware residents must be at least 21 years old in order to play casino games online. Fortunately, the registration process through the state’s regulated online casino sites is simple. It takes just a few minutes before you can begin placing wagers.

Since the legalization of online gambling in Delaware, there are now a huge number of real money Delaware online casinos operating in the state!

You’ll find slots, table games, and video poker available through these Delaware casino websites. As we mentioned above, most also proved some fantastic promotions for new and existing members.

It’s a great time to be an online gambling fan in the state of Delaware. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see more Delaware online casinos operating here over the next few years!

Are There Any Brick and Mortar Casinos in Delaware?

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Yes. There are currently three land-based casinos operating in the state of Delaware. All of these gambling venues are known as “racinos.” These act as both race tracks and traditional casinos.

Below are the names and locations of these venues:

  • Casino at Delaware Park – Newark

  • Dover Downs – Dover

  • Harrington Raceway and Casino – Harrington

Each of these casinos is fantastic. Feel free to check them out if you’re in the cities listed above!

If Delaware online gambling is more your thing, below is our list of the very best Delaware casinos online that offer real money gambling. You can just click any of the casinos below and start playing for money now!

Understanding Online Casino Apps for Delaware Residents

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear there are many real money Delaware online casinos right now. These Delaware casino websites are available in almost every state in the country. In recent years, the popularity of online Delaware casino apps has increased significantly.

Mobile Betting Feature

There are many perks to mobile gambling. DE gambling apps allow you to play your favorite casino games on the go, using just your phone.

Many actually prefer these mobile casino applications to traditional desktop sites!

Much like desktop casino sites, a lot of Delaware casino apps also offer sports betting options to their members.

These mobile sportsbooks work in exactly the same way. Most offer betting options for just about all traditional sports.

Joining mobile Delaware casino apps is simple. Enter in your basic information and deposit some money into your account. Keep an eye out for some great mobile promotions being offered here!

You can learn more about the best real money Delaware casino apps below. Download and play online casino games for money in Delaware within minutes!

Delaware Casino Apps

Common Online Casino Banking Options in Delaware

Making sure that the money you are gambling with is secure should always be priority #1 when joining an online casino site. Most sites operating today offer their members a similar number of banking options. Each one has its pros and cons.

Below are four of the most common ones you are likely to find while playing at online casino sites in Delaware:

Debit and Credit Cards

  • Deposits: Yes

  • Withdrawals: No

The most common banking option available through Delaware casino sites are traditional bank debit and credit cards. Many gamblers love how simple it is to throw money into their casino accounts using these cards.

Keep in mind, however, that most sites only allow this option to make deposits, not withdrawals. Not many online casinos offer payouts to be made using debit cards. Those that do tend to offer massive fees. Hope is that this changes in the future. For now, we recommend that players use this option for deposit purposes.

Cryptocurrency Coins


  • Deposits: Yes

  • Withdrawals: Yes

The second-best banking option available through most of the best Delaware online casinos is to use cryptocurrencies. Many love the fact that this is completely anonymous. Even better is the fact that it comes with extremely low fees. There are many pros to using cryptocurrencies. Some still are unsure of how to use these cryptocurrencies.

Fortunately, the majority of the best online casinos in Delaware clearly explain how to use cryptos to deposit and withdraw your money.


  • Deposits: Yes

  • Withdrawals: Yes

E-wallets are great ways to both deposit and withdraw your money. For those unaware, these are third-party banking systems now available through many DE casino sites. PayPal is a common e-wallet most are familiar with.

Some of these e-wallets are now offering their members debit cards. That essentially turns these into their own banks. If you want to avoid sending your money through traditional banking institutions, this might be the best option available.

Direct Bank Transfers

  • Deposits: No

  • Withdrawals: Yes

The final option you might come across through Delaware online casinos is a direct bank transfer. This cuts out all of the middlemen and connects your money directly to your online casino account. It’s generally only available for withdrawals.

Generally speaking, our team does not recommend this option. It almost always comes with very high fees and can take weeks to process.

If you find a site offering this option with low fees and quick processing times, however, it might be worth utilizing this banking option.

These are the most common payment options you’ll find through the best Delaware online casinos. Take a look at each of them and choose which one you enjoy the most!

Casino Games Banner Variety

As we mentioned earlier, all of the Delaware online casinos offer their members different games. Now is a great time to look at some of the best ones available right now.

Online Blackjack

Most online casino sites in Delaware offer their members blackjack. It’s the most popular casino game in the world and is simple enough for beginners to quickly pick it up.

Best Blackjack Sites Online

Online Slots

Slot games are hugely popular with online casino gambling fans, too. Some of the real money Delaware online casinos operating today offer more slots than most land-based casinos.

Real Money Online Slots

Online Poker

Poker is another one of the world’s most popular casino games. The majority of online casinos in DE offer their members video poker options. Some even put on major tournaments that their players can participate in.

Top Online Poker Sites

Tips to Stay Safe Gambling Online in Delaware

Are you new to online casino gambling? If so, you might have some concerns about safety. That is perfectly understandable! The great thing is that the vast majority of real money online casinos in Delaware are completely safe and work hard to protect your money.

The majority of online casino players never experience any issues. Below are just five simple tips to help ensure you have a fun, safe gambling experience.

Put Research Into a Casino Site Before You Join It

It’s extremely easy to learn about all of the different Delaware casino sites operating today. There are reviews available for just about all of them. We always recommend our readers to research a site’s payment options, games, etc.

Understand How Different Casino Games Work

Many are astounded to see many different games are offered through the internet casinos in Delaware nowadays. It’s recommended that you research every game before deciding to play it. Knowing how games work will increase your chances of winning.

Read the Details of All Online Casino Bonuses

Expect to see just about every single online casino site in Delaware offering at least some kind of bonus. Most of them are great and help boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. Make sure to always read the details of these Delaware casino bonuses! It will help you truly know whether or not to utilize these bonuses.

Protect Your Online Casino Account Information

One of the best ways to stay safe while gambling online is to keep your account’s information private. Make sure to never give out your log-in information to those you do not know. Anyone with this information has the ability to withdraw your funds.

Track Your Wins and Losses

Playing through real money Delaware casinos online is extremely fun. It’s gambling, though, meaning you aren’t always guaranteed to win. It’s a great idea to track your wins and losses. If you begin to realize a large increase in losses, make sure to take a break for a little while.

Delaware Gambling Laws

FAQs About Online Casino Gambling in Delaware

Our team tends to believe that a site’s payment system is the most important feature. Ensuring that your money is safe is absolutely crucial. We tend to recommend Delaware casinos online that offer a wide range of different payment options with low fees and quick processing times.

Almost no online casinos set specific limits on how much their players are able to win. Those that bet smartly on games they understand can win large amounts of money every single month. Sometimes, however, these sites limit how much players can withdraw from their accounts each month.

Yes. Mobile gambling in Delaware is more popular than ever before. There are many incredible Delaware gambling apps offering a wide range of different games. You can play online casino games in Delaware within minutes. Check them out from your mobile device today and see why they are growing so popular.

This one is completely subjective. Our team is always quick to recommend Bovada Casino and Las Atlantic Casino. They are both known for being safe and offering their members a variety of fun games.

Of course! In fact, these Delaware casino apps occasionally offer even more games than desktop sites. Those in Delaware can play slots, table games, and video poker using just their phone. These Delaware casino apps are growing more popular every single month and make for a fast and easy gambling online experience.

Some of the larger, more established real money Delaware casinos online provide their members with sports betting options. The smaller ones tend to focus only on casino games. If you plan to wager on sports, make sure to join a site that offers these options. You can check out the top real money sports betting sites available online today!

Most online casinos provide their members with the option to play all of the most popular casino games. Many believe online blackjack is the easiest and offers the best opportunities to win.


Delaware has been a game-changer for the US online gambling industry. Lawmakers here have been instrumental in getting federal laws towards Delaware gambling online changed. Residents here can enjoy knowing they have a wide range of fun gambling options available.

Take your time finding a fun, safe Delaware casino site. Following the steps we listed at the top of this page should help with this process. Make sure to reach out to our team with any additional questions you have.

Have fun and good luck making bets and gambling online for real money in Delaware!

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