The Sportsbook

The sportsbook at Tiger Gaming is quite expansive. One of the first things that jumped out to us was just how many prop bets they had on regular-season games. You’ll usually see this online with high-profile games or in the playoffs, but they seemed to be offering this action all across the board. That’s a great intro to the review if you ask us because we love betting flexibility and options.

The layout of the sportsbook was good, but it does appear they have more of a focus on bettors with some experience. The layout is compact which is nice if you’re comfortable navigating a sportsbook, but if you’re fairly new, it might take you a little while to get comfortable moving around things. We’ll cover this more in the user interface section below.

TigerGaming Sportsbook Screenshot

Overall, we liked what we saw with the Tiger Gaming sportsbook. One additional thing we saw that we’d like to mention that was pretty impressive was that they had a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1,000. That’s pretty massive and to be honest, even gets us excited, and we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of online sportsbooks. If you love betting flexibility and the ability to wager on a lot within a game, you’re going to like Tiger Gaming’s sportsbook

Sports You Can Bet On

The list of sports offered for you to bet on at Tiger Gaming was fairly expansive. It was not the most inclusive list that we’ve seen available, but they certainly covered all of the major bases. Additionally, the number of bets available in each sport makes things a lot more appealing. Some sportsbooks out there will offer bets on every sport or event under the sun, but they’ll only offer the barebones basics. Tiger Gaming, on the other hand, makes sure that for every sport they offer, they do it right.

When you go to the site, you will notice that there are two lists of the sports offered. There are the popular sports on the top left (baseball, basketball, football, and soccer) and then further down there is an A to Z list of the rest of the sports.

Keep in mind that on Tiger Gaming the popular picks are not listed twice so you won’t see them in the A to Z list at the bottom. This did throw us off a little at first, but it’s really not that big of a deal.

Overall, we were pleased with the volume of sports you can bet at Tiger Gaming. It’s enough to cover all of the major bases, but not so many sports that you can get lost finding the things you really want to bet on. If you’re dying to bet on Youth Egyptian Soccer played in Denmark or something else precise like that, you may have to look elsewhere.

Types of Bets Offered

The area where Tiger Gaming’s sportsbook shines is in the types of bets offered. None of the sports that they offer action on are done poorly. If they are covering a sport, they are offering extensive action on it. If you’re just a casual bettor who likes to pick game-winners, this is probably not that important to you. But, if you’re someone that likes to mix things up, this is something you’re going to love!

For example:
The standard regular-season NBA basketball game has 10 plus different bets to choose from. We can only imagine what sort of action they are going to offer come playoff time. You can bet on the basics like spread, moneyline, and totals, but you can also bet on things like the team to score first, race to 10 points, race to 20, the first team to make a 3-point FG, etc. It really is an awesome array of bets, and this carries through for all of the sports that they cover.

Overall, this is clearly the shining moment for Tiger Gaming. They might not cover every sport under the sun, but what they do cover, they cover well.

User Interface

Before we make this next comment, we want to be clear on something. The user interface of Tiger Gaming is good. It’s not great, but it’s good. That being said, there are a few areas in that we would like to see some improvement to enhance the user experience. If you’re a serious or experienced sports bettor who knows your way around a book, then this probably won’t bother you at all. But, if you’re a new bettor, the site is going to feel a little cold to you. It’s a lot of numbers, not a lot of explanation, and really no graphics.

Again, if you’ve been around books online or in-person for a while, it will all make sense to you. But our brand new bettors out there might struggle to find their way around at least at first. Once you start to figure out where everything is, it isn’t really an issue anymore, and it’s actually kind of nice to have the no-frills approach.

TigerGaming Homepage Screenshot

Something they do have that we really liked was the ability to change all of the odds to the format you like – decimal, American, or fractional. While this is becoming more common in most online sportsbooks, it’s still not everywhere. Additionally, some sites only have two options to choose from, and other sites still require you to change things by individual bet. With Tiger Gaming, you flip one switch, and all of the odds are changed to the format that you are most comfortable with.

Regarding the betting layout, it’s pretty in line with what you see as standard across most higher-quality online sportsbooks.

The sports are listed along the left side of the screen, the bet options are listed in the middle, and the betting slip activates on the right side of the screen as soon as you select a bet. They do have the option to bet multiple straight bets at once or quickly turn your wagers into a parlay. It’s not quite as user-friendly as we would like for it to be, but it gets the job done. Our guess is that no one will have any issues with it; we’re just obnoxiously nit-picky from time to time.

Overall the interface of the Tiger Gaming sportsbook was good. There were a few areas where we’d like to see some improvement, but it was overall a pretty nice experience. If you’re looking for a breathtaking graphical experience or a beginner-friendly experience, you might not be pleased. But, if you learn fast or already know your way around a sportsbook and like the no-frills approach, you’re going to love the Tiger Gaming software setup.


The Casino

One of the first things that jumped out to us about the casino section of Tiger Gaming was just how many different options they had. The layout of the casino section was a little tough on the eyes as their images were stretched, but that’s just a nit-picky thing. They had games separated with a featured section, table games, slots, a live dealer casino section, video poker, and specialty games (Keno and Bingo).

Overall, we would say that the casino section of Tiger Gaming falls somewhere between good and great, probably closer towards the upper end by great.

The only real reason that we knocked things down a little bit as we’d like to see the website area showcasing all the games organized a little bit better. The images are a bit too big, and it can make it tough to scroll and find the games you want. The “View More” button is also easily missed, but it’s the key to seeing all of the different options they have available.

One last thing that we want to add at the risk of sounding shallow, but in some of their ads they showcase what their live dealers look like. Now, we’re not trying to be shallow, but it’s clear that they are trying to showcase the attractiveness of their dealers. What’s interesting, though, is that the dealers showcased in the ads are clearly not the actual dealers that they use in their games.

TigerGaming Casino Screenshot

We’re not trying to say that either is more attractive than the other, but we’re just going to say that it’s clear that the dealers shown in the ads are not the same ones running the tables. So, if you’re drawn in by the live dealer ads and want dealers that look like that, just take a second and flip to that section of the site to make sure that it’s in line with what you are looking for.

Overall, though, the casino is a good fit as an add-on to the sports betting side of things. If you’re predominantly a casino or slot player, you can probably find better options, but if you like to sports bet or play poker and occasionally want some casino action, it will be a good fit. As we said, good not great.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Methods

Tiger Gaming does an awesome job when it comes to deposit methods. The limits are MUCH higher than we see at most sites, but they do this while still keeping the minimums low for smaller-level players. They take most forms of Bitcoin, Visa, and Mastercard, some third-party ewallets, and even bank transfers. The minimums and maximums are listed below for your convenience.

Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash

  • Minimum: $20
  • Maximum: $25,000

Ethereum / Litecoin / Dogecoin

  • Minimum: $20
  • Maximum: $25,000

Visa / Mastercard

  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: $5,000

Skrill / Entropay / EcoPayz / Neteller

  • Minimum: $10
  • Maximum: $10,000

Bank Wire Transfer

  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: $2,000

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal options at Tiger Gaming are also pretty on point with our last count being nine different options. The minimum withdrawal is $20, and the maximum per transaction is $10,000. We didn’t see any fees listed for any of the methods, but we would recommend double-checking with support before making a withdrawal.

Bitcoin / Litecoin

  • Minimum: $20
  • Maximum: $10,000


  • Minimum: $25
  • Maximum: $10,000

Skrill / Neteller

  • Minimum: $25
  • Maximum: $5,000


  • Minimum: $25
  • Maximum: $2,500

Eco Payz / Instadebit

  • Minimum: $25
  • Maximum: $1,000

Bank Wire Transfer

  • Minimum: $1,000
  • Maximum: $3,000

Bonuses and Promotions

Tiger Gaming definitely swung for the fences in the promotions and bonuses department. At the last time we updated this review, they had 22 separate promotions running!

Welcome Bonus and more:
It was an impressive 100% up to $1000 on your first deposit. Additionally, they had a lot of big monthly contests and promos with prize pools of $25,000 each and sometimes more. Their poker bad beat jackpot was somewhere north of $600,000 the last time we checked the site!

For sports bettors, the promos looked to be limited to the welcome bonus. If you’re a casino, slot, or poker player, though, you get a lot at Tiger Gaming. We would like to see them add some additional sports betting promos, but the $1,000 welcome bonus is pretty impressive and is probably more than when you add up the smaller promos at other online sportsbooks.

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with the level of bonuses and promotions at Tiger Gaming. We would like to see them add some more fun stuff for sports bettors, but we can’t complain thanks to the welcome bonus.


Customer Service

Customer Support IconThe customer service section of Tiger Gaming was a little behind the times. From what we could find, there was just an email address and that was it. In this day and age, we would like to see at least one form of live option where you could either call or chat with customer support. There was a mention if an FAQ in the Contact Us section, but the link is not working so it really does you no good.

They do say that they have customer service available 24/7, so it’s possible the email support could be good. But, in this day and age, we’d like to see multiple options and be able to get someone live within a few minutes at the most. If there’s one area that we would like to see the most improvement from Tiger Gaming, it would be in their customer service department. It’s possible they had more options somewhere, but we were not able to find them during our review.

The Bottom Line About Tiger Gaming

The bottom line is this. Tiger Gaming is a good, not great online sportsbook. But, if they were closer to one of those two, they would be closer to great. There was absolutely nothing major wrong with the site. We just had quite a few little things that we would like to see them correct, mainly with their customer service and user interface.

The betting options available are fantastic and the deposits and withdrawal options and parameters are some of the best we’ve seen. The casino options are also good, not great but would serve as a great add-on if you’re someone who likes to sports bet first with a little side of casino action every now and then.

Overall, we definitely think Tiger Gaming is worth checking out especially because they’ve been around since the late ’90s. Any company that can stay in this business that long is obviously doing something right and should not be ignored. If anything, the trust factor with Tiger Gaming is reason enough to check them out.

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