Strikeforce Betting

If you’re familiar with UFC betting, then you already know how to bet on Strikeforce MMA fights. The differences are that it’s harder to find sportsbooks that offer odds on Strikeforce, and it’s harder to find prop bets. The BetUS Sportsbook tends to offer the best selection of Strikeforce matches to bet on, but even they are limited on props.

How to Bet on Strikeforce MMA Fights

The most common bets you’ll find for Strikeforce will be on the outright winner of a fight. These are simple bets where the punter simply chooses the fighter they think will win. Since there’s no way to handicap MMA fights, odds are offered on the money line.


Alistair Overeem -230

Lavar Johnson +190

Favored fighters are indicated by a minus (-) sign, called a negative money line. Underdogs are indicated by a plus (+) sign, called a positive money line.

Negative money lines tell us how much money would have to be wagered to win $100 in profit. Positive money lines tell us how much profit we would win on a $100 wager. In the example above, a bet of $230 would be required to win $100 profit on Overeem (or $23 to win $10). For Johnson, a bet of $100 would result in a $190 profit ($10 to win $19).

Strikeforce MMA Prop Bets

While it’s harder to find prop bets for Strikeforce than the UFC, some online sportsbooks offer them for the biggest fights. When they can be found, some common Strikeforce prop bets might include:

  • Exact number of rounds a fight will last.
  • Will the fight end in knockout or go the distance?
  • Will either fighter tap-out?

Best Strikeforce Betting Site

BetUS: All bettors welcome. The BetUS Sportsbook is a premier online betting site, and a leader in MMA betting. They offer odds on a nice selection of Strikeforce MMA fights, along with occasional prop bets for the biggest fights. Some Strikeforce fights have odds offered weeks in advance of fight night, while others get posted later. If you don’t see odds for the fight you’re interested in, go back to BetUS when the fight gets closer.

The juice is about average for the industry, but considering the low number of books that offer betting for Strikeforce, average isn’t so bad. They also offer a huge selection of betting options for UFC fights, including tons of prop bets close to fight night. Odds for big Bellator fights are offered as well.