Best Belmont Stakes Betting Sites for 2021

Belmont StakesThe Belmont Stakes often becomes the most important race in the entire sport of Thoroughbred horse racing, depending on the outcome of some of the races that have come before. Even in years when the race doesn’t have the entire sports world hanging on the result, it still draws the attention of horse racing fans worldwide. That’s why it is such a crucial endeavor to find the best Belmont Stakes betting sites for your wagering pleasure.

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The sport of horse racing is one that draws bettors unlike any other. This is a byproduct of the fact that fans have been allowed to legally bet on the Thoroughbreds for much longer than some of their other favorite sports. Important races like the Belmont Stakes are held each year in the month of June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. They draw wagering interest from far more than just the usual horse bettors.

Yet, most of those people won’t be able to make it out to New York for the races. Many also won’t have access to an off-track wagering site on the day of the race. This is where Belmont Stakes betting sites come in so handy.

As a matter of fact:

Even those people who do have the ability to wager in another fashion might choose the convenience and ease of Belmont Stakes betting sites to make their wager. After all, an online horse racing betting site can allow you to bet at any time from wherever you are located, as long as you have a wireless connection and a device. You might even find the experience so enjoyable that you go on to wager on other horse races or other sports and casino games on these online betting sites.

But first, you have to know how to choose these sites. Because the race is so popular, there is a slew of Belmont Stakes online racebooks on the internet from which you can choose. It might seem like you can’t go wrong with any of them at first glance.

In actuality, many of the Belmont Stakes racebooks that you encounter will come up short of the standards you need to set. Going with an inferior site can end up costing you a lot of frustration and, worst of all, money. Finding an excellent site can make your online gambling exploits smooth, easy, and pleasurable.

In the following article, we will give you the lowdown on the finest Belmont Stakes betting sites. We are also looking at why these sites are ones that you should choose over other possibilities among sites that will give you odds on the Belmont Stakes. Finally, we’ll give you a quick look at the Belmont Stakes in terms of its betting techniques and strategies.

Identifying the Best Belmont Stakes Betting Sites

When you settle down in front of your computer and search for legitimate Belmont Stakes betting websites, you might just be overwhelmed with all the choices in front of you. But keep in mind, you have to take some time and effort to choose an online betting site. The choice could make the difference between a longtime association with a betting site and a terrible experience that might stray you from online betting completely.

How do you make that choice? Well, you could do the research yourself and pore over all the information in front of you, or you could take advantage of the help that we are providing you by checking out our list of the best Belmont Stakes betting sites.

One of the things that these sites have in common is that they are proven. They have been in existence long enough to ensure that they have some stability and a track record in dealing with bettors. Many of the sites on the internet that give you access to the Belmont Stakes might be up and coming, but those sites might not have had the time to establish the qualities that a bettor would want.

And what are those qualities? Here are six that all the sites we have listed possess:

  • Top-notch Customer Service
  • Excellent Bonus Structures
  • Dependable Deposit and Withdrawal Structure
  • Flexibility in Funding Options
  • Flexibility With Using Different Devices
  • Betting Choices Beyond Horse Racing

Are all of the Belmont Stakes betting websites that we have listed completely perfect in all of these areas? Of course not. No site is perfect, and all have their strengths and weaknesses, which you should further explore. See if the strengths are what you’re seeking and if you can overlook the weaknesses.

The sites that we have listed score well enough throughout these categories to stand above the rest. If you’re new to betting on horse racing or anything else online, you might not know what some of these categories are about. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of them so you’ll have a better idea when making your choice regarding Belmont Stakes betting sites.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Just think about it for a second. There is a good chance that, if you use a betting site often, a sizable amount of money will be flowing back and forth between you and the site. After all, you’re not just betting on the Belmont Stakes and other events. You are in it to make a profit, just as if you were buying a stock or some other investment.

Customer Service Agents

As a result, you need to know that you can get some help the second that you need it. Otherwise, you could be in a bad position if an issue suddenly comes up out of nowhere. Thus, the very first thing you need to know about the customer service of Belmont Stakes betting sites is how quickly they respond to your questions and concerns.

Reputable Belmont Stakes betting sites will display contact information clearly on their website. You should have the contact information for the site’s customer service, and that information should give you numerous outlets to get in touch, including phone, live chat, and email.

In addition, the customer service team of these sites should make you feel like you are respected and that your business is important to them. When they do solicit with offers, which is standard procedure for these sites, they should know how to take no for an answer if you aren’t interested. Of all the qualities listed here, customer service might just be the most important because it covers all the others.

Excellent Bonus Structure

As we stated above, most Belmont Stakes online raceooks will solicit you with offers. This could come from general promotions that are either available to everyone, clearly detailed on their site, or through their advertising. It can also come from personal bonuses that they offer to you in an effort to acquire or keep your business.

You have to realize that you are in a position of control when it comes to choosing among betting websites. These Belmont Stakes online racebooks are extremely competitive with each other and are pretty much in an all-out marketing war with each other in order to gather as many bettors as possible. Knowing that you have that power won’t mean anything if you don’t exercise it.

That means you should shop for the best bonuses from Belmont Stakes betting sites: deposit bonuses, free bets, VIP perks, and much more.

You should also be aware of which sites offer the lowest rollover requirements. Rollover refers to the amount of money that must be bet before you can collect your winnings, so, the lower the number (such as 10x or 20x), the better.

Finally, you should be aware of the fact that many sites will tie in a promotion with the Belmont Stakes since it’s such a big event. That means that you should have that on your radar as you scope out the best deals. Remember that betting on the Belmont Stakes and other events is an investment, and the best way to secure the maximum profit for your investments is to get the best bonuses from websites.

Dependable Deposit and Withdrawal Structure

We talked earlier about the fact that money will be exchanged between you and the Belmont Stakes betting sites that you choose. Those transactions will essentially come down to deposits, which is the money that you put into your account to wager, and withdrawals, which is the money that you will take out of your account to use in your everyday life. Each site has its own guidelines for these deposits and withdrawals.

  • In terms of deposits, you should find out if there is a minimum requirement before you can start betting (most likely, there will be). You should also check out how much time it takes before the money that you deposit gets into your account since that could make a difference between getting a bet in or being shut out.
  • As for withdrawals, let’s imagine that you score big on the Belmont Stakes and want to take that money for your own use. But then, you find that you aren’t allowed to take it out due to some restrictions imposed by the site of which you weren’t aware. This can be an extremely frustrating situation, and it is quite common for sites that are less than reputable.

The Belmont Stakes betting websites that you choose should have their guidelines for withdrawals clearly detailed on their website, and they should not deviate from those guidelines in the least. If you sense that the guidelines are somewhat sketchy, or that the site tends to change them on the fly just to keep your money, you are going to want to think twice about signing on with them.

Flexibility in Funding Options

Ethereum Horse Race Logo
This is one of the more underrated considerations in terms of making choices about the best Belmont Stakes online racebooks. Many people don’t think about how they are going to be funding their accounts and if it is compatible with the site in question. If that’s the case, they could find themselves disappointed down the road.

Most of the sites you encounter will be based on providing credit card information to fund your account, but not all sites accept every card. On top of that, you also have to be aware that some credit cards might not allow you to use your accounts for online betting.

That’s why the Belmont Stakes betting sites with the widest variety of funding options are what you should be seeking. It could also mean that the site allows you the option to pay with payment services like PayPal. They may also give you the chance to pay with cryptocurrency.

For those who might not know much about them, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are tailor-made for online gambling with their attention to privacy and quick settlements. New sites might not allow you to use them. The Belmont Stakes racebooks that we listed above give you the best options for putting money into your sports gambling account.

How to Fund Your Account

Flexibility with Using Different Devices

If you’re like most of the world that interacts with technology these days, you know how the mobile revolution has really taken over the conversation. It’s not enough that we can do things online; we need to be able to do them while we’re on the move. And that should be taken into consideration when you take a look at online sportsbooks with odds on the Belmont Stakes.

After all, you’ll need access to all the odds for the race wherever you are and up to the minute. Otherwise, you could be missing out on crucial online betting information. That’s why you should have some sort of mobile component for your horse racing betting website.

Please Note:

Some Belmont Stakes betting websites will provide you with a betting app to make it easy for you to bet on races, or other events, from wherever your location might be. In addition to that, you also should be checking to see if these sites are easily readable on mobile devices. The best sites will have made that a major consideration for the design of their site.

You should be aware of a site’s functionality as a general rule before placing a bet on the Belmont stakes online. If you discover that pages are loading too slow or that you can’t get to some portion of the website due to technical errors, it could be a bad sign. Glitches happen occasionally, but if they are a regular occurrence, the website in question is one that you shouldn’t take a chance on.

Betting Choices Beyond Horse Racing

If you are only looking for a site to bet on the Belmont Stakes, the process of choosing a betting site should not be that intricate and involved. But if you are looking for more of a full-service kind of deal, you should be aware of the betting options that the various Belmont Stakes online racebooks can provide you. You’ll want your scope for betting to be as wide and inclusive as possible.

Obviously, if you’re a fan of the Belmont Stakes, you are probably going to be a fan of horse racing as well. You’ll want the ability to wager on races from around the world on a daily basis. This also means that you get exposure to races other than the most famous ones, such as races like the Belmont Stakes which make up the Triple Crown.

It’s also possible that the events in which you are interested will spread beyond horse racing. If a Belmont Stakes betting site also has a fully functioning sportsbook, it could really be a boost. You could boost your winnings by sports betting with your favorite teams and athletes from around the globe.

Finally, you should consider the prospect of online casino gambling when looking at a betting site. The ability to play games like poker, slot machines, video poker, blackjack, and more in a convenient manner, while still getting the same kind of odds you would at a physical casino, is an invaluable asset. Look for sites that give you exposure to every kind of event and game you could possibly want.

Belmont Stakes Information

We’ve talked a lot about why choosing Belmont Stakes betting sites is such an important process for those who are interested in the race. As for those who might not know too much about the race other than its name, we’re here to give you a little primer. In the end, you should have an idea of what makes this race, considering the amazing history behind it, so special.

When and Where

Belmont Park
The Belmont Stakes is held every year in June. It takes place at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. Horses must travel a distance of 1 ½ miles on the dirt to win the race.


Three-year-old horses are eligible for the race. That means that the competitors will only have one shot in their careers to win this prestigious race.

Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown

In addition to being an important race in its own right, the Belmont Stakes also owns a special place in horse racing as the final leg of American Thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is a trio of races, all for three-year-old horses, held in a short stretch of five weeks in May and June. First up is the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, followed by the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland, before culminating in the Belmont Stakes.
Horse Racing - Triple Crown
Because the races are so close to each other and each track contains specific challenges, it is extremely difficult for a horse to win the Triple Crown. Whenever a horse is talented enough to win the first two legs of the Triple Crown, the attention on the Belmont Stakes is really magnified. Since it is such a rare feat, more people tune in for this race and seek out online sportsbooks with odds on the Belmont Stakes when a horse has won the first two legs of the Triple Crown.

In rare cases, the horse that wins the first two legs of the Triple Crown finds a way to summon up the energy to come through and win the Belmont as well, even though it is the longest race of the three. But many times, horses who have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes find that a third consecutive win is too tough to pull off, even when they are the heavy race favorite.

No matter how it turns out, the Belmont Stakes is the center of the sports universe when a horse comes in on the brink of a Triple Crown. And it’s no surprise that interest in Belmont Stakes racebooks intensifies in those years as well.

Types of Bets You Can Make on Belmont Stakes Betting Sites

There are many ways that you can approach betting on the Belmont Stakes or betting on any other horse race for that matter. You can play it conservatively and hope to get just a positive return from your wagers, or you can go for broke, hope to beat long odds, and win a big chunk of money despite a very small bet.

No matter your approach, there is a wager that will likely fit your style at online betting sites with Belmont Stakes odds. Keep in mind that the odds will keep changing right up to race time, based on how much action is put on the various horses on the race. That’s why you should choose Belmont Stakes online racebooks that can keep you up to date on those odds.

For the most part, placing bets on the Belmont Stakes can be broken down into two major categories: straight bets and exotic bets. Straight bets require you to pick just a single horse to finish near or at the top of the order of finish. Exotic bets, on the other hand, involve multiple horses.

Straight bets include the following:

  • Win: You bet on your horse to win the race
  • Place: You bet on your horse to finish first or second in the race
  • Show: You bet on your horse to finish first, second, or third in the race

Exotic bets at Belmont Stakes betting sites include the following:

  • Exacta: You bet on the horses that you think will finish first and second in the race
  • Trifecta or Triple: You bet on the horses that you think will finish first, second, and third in the race
  • Superfecta: You bet on the horses that you think will finish first, second, third, and fourth in the race
  • Daily Double + Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, etc.: You bet on the horses that you think will win two consecutive races on the program or as many consecutive races as the bet requires

In general, straight bets are easier to hit and, therefore, will pay less than exotic bets. There might be cases where you can make a lot of money on a straight bet at Belmont Stakes betting sites. You can achieve this by betting a lot of money on a horse with short odds or a little bit on a horse that is considered a long shot on the odds board.

By contrast, exotic wagers are much more difficult to hit. First of all, it is difficult to project a race with such accuracy. In addition, you are talking about many different combinations that can possibly be played in a horse race like the Belmont Stakes which usually has ten horses or more.

One way to narrow your odds for exotic wagers is to do something called “boxing” your bets. When you “box” your bets on exactas, trifectas, and superfectas on online betting sites with Belmont Stakes odds, you still have to select the top two, three, or four finishers. But you will still win no matter what order they come in that order of finish.

For example:

Let’s say that you box a superfecta with horses #2, #4, #6, and #8. You would win if the race comes in 2-4-6-8, or 4-6-2-8, or 8-4-2-6, and so on. Boxing a race costs you more money on your bet, but it also makes winning an exotic wager a bit more manageable.

Your decision on what kinds of bets to make on Belmont Stakes betting sites will come down to the kind of budget you have and your tolerance for risk. But you also have to know which horses you are going to bet. That’s why we’ve dedicated this next section to some tips on picking winners in the Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Stakes Betting Tips

As we mentioned above, the Belmont Stakes is the longest of the three races in the Triple Crown. In fact, at 1 ½ miles, it is a longer race than what most of the horses who compete will run in their entire career. You must look for horses who have shown in previous races with shorter distances that they were getting stronger at the final stages of their races instead of weaker.

This really comes into play when you have a horse in the Belmont Stakes who has already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes and is a heavy favorite in the final leg. In many cases, horses who haven’t run in the first two legs will enter the Belmont and won’t be nearly as leg-weary. These are the kinds of horses who might be in line for an upset bid, and ones you should be focusing on with Belmont Stakes betting sites.

For whatever reason, the Belmont Stakes seems to play better for horses who are used to racing in New York than the other Triple Crown races do for horses in their home states. This can be in part due to the owners, trainers, and jockeys who are based in New York, knowing the lay of the land and all of the nooks and crannies at Belmont. That is why you should keep in mind those horses who might have a New York background when placing bets on the Belmont Stakes.

If you see that the race is overloaded with horses that like to come from off the pace, you should consider horses with early speed since they might be able to get away with a soft, uncontested pace. By contrast, a race full of early speed could set up well for the closers. When choosing a horse on Belmont Stakes online racebooks, try to imagine how the race will play out in terms of the different styles of the horses involved.

Conclusion on Belmont Stakes Online Racebooks

The Belmont Stakes presents some of the best betting opportunities that a horse racing enthusiast could desire. You also could end up betting on a very historic race if a horse is going for a Triple Crown in the race. You shouldn’t take for granted that you will easily find a betting site for the Belmont Stakes.

In this article, we have given you the right tools to choose Belmont Stakes betting sites and get started placing bets on the Belmont Stakes online. We have even given you a list of proven and high-quality sites where you can start the search. Using these resources, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a great site to make your wager and, hopefully, come up with some big winnings as well.

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