Top Snooker Betting Sites in 2021

With roots dating back to 1875, the sport of snooker has been around for quite some time. For many, it’s a fun game to be played with friends or in competitions against others. However, for others, it’s an excellent sport to place wagers on. In this guide, we’ll present you with our list of the best snooker betting sites in the industry along with other pertinent information to help you get the most out of your snooker wagers.

To jump-start our guide, we first wanted to roll out our list of recommendations for the top snooker online sportsbooks. In short, if you’re planning to bet on snooker online, our suggestions below represent the best of the best in the industry. To come up with this list, our team spent a significant amount of time analyzing all operations offering action on snooker. Check out the section that follows to get more color on our in-depth selection process.

Betting Site
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The good news for you is we’ve got much more in our guide about the best snooker online betting sites than just the suggestions above. In addition, there’s a slew of other information and details you can use to increase your knowledge about betting on the sport both online and off. Check out the sections preview below, and feel free to click on any of them if you’d like to jump ahead.

About Our Snooker Betting Sites Selection Process

Are you new to our website? If you are, then you’re probably wondering why you should trust our recommendations above for the top real money snooker betting sites. To help those of you who are new understand why we stand behind our suggestions, we’ve included this section. In it, we’ll provide you with color on our very detailed selection process used to come up with the picks above. After checking these out, we’re sure you’ll feel confident in using our recommendations.

Trustworthiness and Security:
Before diving into other criteria, one of the first things we investigated was the trustworthiness and security of any given snooker online sportsbook. Here, we wanted to ensure any operation on our recommendations list above is one we trust to protect you and keep you safe while you gamble online. Sadly, not all the online sportsbooks in the industry are trustworthy or secure places to gamble. Protect yourself by working with one of our trusted suggestions above.
Selection of Snooker Bets:
Once we were sure about the trustworthiness and safety of a site, we turned our attention to the size and quality of their collection of snooker bets. The point of this part of the investigation was to pinpoint which snooker sportsbooks online would allow you the chance to place all your wagers in one location. With that in mind, we found operations providing a wide variety of snooker bet types alongside access to snooker events from all over the world. Besides all of the standard bet types, it was also vital to us to find online sportsbooks providing live betting on snooker matches, allowing you the ability to bet mid-match.
Leading Odds on Snooker Bets:
For us, it’s not enough if snooker online sportsbooks just offer lots of wager types across matches from across the globe. We also want to know our readers will have access to some of the best odds and lines on snooker wagers. Therefore, we stacked up all the operations on our list of possibilities to see which of them provided industry best odds on snooker action. If you decide to signup with any of our recommendations above, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re getting great value on your bets.
Additional Criteria:
While the items included above were the most vital components in our quest to find the top snooker online betting sites, they were not the only ones. In addition, our team dug into things like customer service quality, response times, available banking methods, and much more. In the end, any online sportsbook which failed to meet our high expectations to be one of the best of the best was struck from our list of the possibilities.

Common Snooker Bet Types

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of our top picks and why we stand behind them, we next wanted to help get you up to speed on different types of snooker bets. In this portion of our guide, we’re going to provide you with a high-level overview of some of the most common types of wagers you’ll be able to place on the sport on online sportsbooks with snooker odds and lines. Check out the list of possibilities below and see which ones of them seem like an excellent fit for your style of snooker betting.

  • Moneyline Bet: If you’re just looking to pick the winner of a snooker match, you’ll want to place a moneyline wager. All you need to do to win this bet is correctly chose which player will come out on top.
  • Handicap Bet: For each snooker match, sportsbooks will issue handicaps on each player. In turn, one player will be favored by a certain amount over the other. You can choose which of the two players you think will cover this perceived spread.
  • Accumulator Bet: If you’re a regular sports bettor, then you’re probably familiar with accumulator bets. Here, you’ll bet on the outcome of several matches at once. The goal of these bet types is to pick the winner correctly for each one. As you add more matches, the bet gets progressively riskier. But, if you can select right across all matches, your reward can be massive.
  • Live Bet: One of the greatest ways to enjoy snooker matches while you watch them is to bet on the action as it happens. With live betting wagers, you can bet on things such as who will win the next frame or which player will be the first to pot the ball.
  • Futures Bet: Lastly, one other common type of snooker wager is a futures bet. With this form of wager, you’ll bet on the outcome of a snooker match or tournament well in advance of it happening. Because of the long timelines often involved, this bet type can be highly risky, but also potentially rewarding.

Snooker Betting Strategy Tips

Up next, we also wanted to bring you a collection of tips you can use for betting at online sportsbooks with snooker odds and lines. No matter if you’re an experienced bettor on the sport or someone who is brand new, there are tips below which can help you increase your odds of becoming profitable. As you move forward in your real money snooker betting career, be sure to keep each of these suggestions in mind.

Learn the Game

Because it’s not overly popular as a sport, chances are good you don’t understand much about the game of snooker. However, if you’re planning to bet on it, it’s a great idea to learn how it functions. By doing this, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions for your bets. Check out the helpful video below to learn how the rules of snooker function.

Study the Players

Once you’ve got a good understanding of snooker itself, it’s also essential you study the players participating in the events you’re planning to bet on. As you’re researching things, pay attention to items such as their injuries, form, historic statistics, and more.

Know the Tournament Format

Finally, one other step you can take is to understand the snooker tournament you’re planning to wager on. Here, you’ll want to know the overall tournament framework. Study things like the number of frames to help you sort out your betting strategy. Pair this knowledge with the statistics of players in similar past tournament layouts to increase your chances of betting correctly.

Popular Snooker Events to Bet On

Something many folks new to real money betting on snooker are curious about is where they should begin regarding events to bet on. In this section of our guide about snooker online betting sites, we’ve added some ideas of snooker tournaments from around the globe, which are popular for wagers. Take a moment to look these over and see which ones might be good for you to try your hand at betting on them.

  • The UK Snooker Championship is one of the most famous snooker events out there. The 2021 version of this tournament will begin on November 24th and run through December 6th.
  • An even larger snooker tournament you might consider betting on is the World Snooker Championship. In total, 32 of the best snooker players from around the world come together to compete to see who can claim the grand prize. The 2021 version of the tournament was delayed due to public health concerns and is expected to be rescheduled for a future date.
  • A smaller snooker tournament that’s a great one to get betting action in on is the Masters Tournament. Each year, 16 of the top-ranked players from around the world compete to see which one of them can best all others.

Why You Should Bet on Snooker Online

Before we wrap things up, we wanted to include this section featured on some of the top benefits of betting on snooker online. If you’re new to the idea of doing it, be sure to check these reasons out to see why you might consider using a snooker betting site. As you’ll soon find out, there are many excellent benefits of using an online sportsbook for all your snooker wagers.

  • Convenience: One of our favorite reasons to bet on snooker online is because of the convenience that comes along with it. When you use sports betting sites with snooker odds, you’ll be able to bet on the sport in a matter of moments across a variety of devices like your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. In turn, you can bet whenever and wherever you’d like without needing to travel to your closest brick and mortar sportsbook.
  • In-Play Snooker Betting: If you’re used to wagering on snooker at traditional sportsbooks, you’re probably aware of how hard it can be to find live betting on the sport. While it’s not impossible, you’ll always find it much more widely available at quality snooker betting websites like the ones we’ve suggested at the top of this page.
  • Vast Collection of Snooker Betting Options: In addition to the ability to enjoy live betting with online sportsbooks, you’ll also find a massive lineup of snooker wagering options. For starters, you’ll be able to bet on snooker matches from all over the globe. On top of that, snooker betting sites will also offer you the broadest assortment of bet types you can use on the sport to diversify your strategy.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Something else to consider when deciding if the use of snooker sportsbooks online is right for you or not are the bonuses and promotions often associated with online sportsbooks. For those of you who are new to using them, online operations are notorious for providing their clients with tons of bonus opportunities. Through them, you’ll have the ability to earn upwards of thousands of dollars of free bets and bonus matches. Simply put, physical sportsbooks simply can’t compete with the quality bonuses available online.

Snooker Betting Sites FAQ

Are you still missing some answers after checking out everything we’ve included on this page about the top snooker online sportsbooks? If you are, then you won’t want to miss the frequently asked questions we’ve included below. Hopefully, these FAQs will be able to help you find everything you’re still seeking information about.

It probably won’t surprise you that snooker isn’t overly popular. Even though folks from the UK have invented the game, there’s not a ton of the UK population playing the game today. In the image below from Statista, you can see the estimates of how many people in England played the game each year. As of 2018, the total figure was less than 24,000 individuals.

Graph Number of People Participating in Snooker in England (2016-2019)

No. If you decide to use one of our recommended real money snooker betting sites from the top of this page, you’ll have the ability to bet on snooker action from all over the globe. This is one of the main reasons we’re such huge fans of betting on snooker online.

Traditionally, snooker is associated with the country of England, as its roots come from British Army officers. However, over time, the sport became popular in other countries such as Australia, Ireland, and Scotland. In addition, the sport of snooker has most recently become very popular among many Chinese residents, too.

Absolutely not! If you’re looking to start betting on snooker online, we’re happy to report it’s a very easy process. To get the ball rolling, first select one of our trusted snooker betting websites at the top of this guide. Then, you’ll open an account with them by entering some basic details like your email address and name. The final step before you can start placing wagers is to fund your account.

To do this, select one of the banking methods offered to move money into your account. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to start betting on snooker online. In total, this entire process should take you less than 10 minutes.

To some individuals, it can be advantageous to use multiple snooker betting sites. Their reasoning for using this strategy is to be able to shop the lines of the bets they’re planning to place. By doing this, they’re more likely to find the best odds and increase their profits when they win their bets. In addition to being able to shop lines, using multiple sports betting sites with snooker odds offers them the ability to take advantage of more bonuses and promotions when wagering online.

Wrap Up on Snooker Betting Sites

Thanks for stopping by to check out our guide about the top snooker online betting sites. We hope you found all the details you were in search of and many more. If you’ve never visited our website before, we’ve got much more to offer you. Check out some of the other sections of our site like our industry news page, online sportsbook reviews, and free sports betting picks to see different ways we can help benefit your sports betting skills and knowledge. Thanks for reading, and good luck with all of your upcoming real money snooker bets!