Top Snooker Betting Sites in 2022

If you are looking for the best sports betting sites for snooker in 2022, there are five great sportsbooks that we have in mind for you! With these top-rated snooker betting sites, you will be able to place bets on this niche sports market as well as a host of other betting markets.

You will be able to snag some generous bonuses for your bankroll, bank with flexibility, and bet on snooker online from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone or mobile device. Take some time to create an account at one of our best snooker gambling sites and begin winning some real money online

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 Bovada

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
3 BetUS

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
4 Everygame

100% up to $500 Go to Site
5 MyBookie

100% up to $1,000 Go to Site

Use the links above to navigate to the sportsbook’s sign page. The process to create a new account should only take five to ten minutes to complete. Do not hesitate. Sign up today! 

Benefits of Betting on Snooker

What are some of the best reasons to begin using our best snooker betting sites? These are the best benefits and perks you will experience betting on snooker online that we can think of. If you are on the fence about creating a new account at one of these sites, it could only take one good reason to help you decide. Check them out below!

Snooker Betting Banner

24/7 Access

Snooker betting sites can be accessed on multiple mobile devices and that means that customers can place their snooker bets 24/7 and do so within seconds, the time it takes to turn on your phone and open up the sportsbook! 

Live Betting Opportunities

Each of these snooker sports betting sites features opportunities for live betting. Bettors can be watching a game of snooker in real-time and be placing bets the entire event as the oddsmakers create, introduce, and adjust betting lines and odds based on the evolving action.  

Tons of Betting Options

There is more than one way to place snooker bets online. Aside from betting on the outcome of a snooker game, bettors can also place wagers on snooker futures and props as well as place bets on games all over the globe!  

Real Money Bonuses

Because you are using one of our favorite, real money online sportsbooks for betting on snooker, you will be able to use funds that you earn with bonuses and promotions. Build up your bankroll using deals that are available at our best snooker betting sites to be fully funded and ready to hit the ground running betting on your favorite sports.

Payout Percentages for Snooker’s Biggest Events

If you are unsure about betting on snooker online, check out the average payout percentages for betting on some of snooker’s biggest events throughout the year! Look at these numbers and tell us that you are still not interested in online snooker betting!

Event Location Payout Percentage
World Snooker Championship England 95.30%
UK Championship England 94.60%
European Masters Germany 94.10%
World Grand Prix England 94.70%
Players Championship England 94.50%
Shoot Out England 94.20%
Scottish Open Scotland 94.40%
Welsh Open Wales 93.90%

Criteria for the Best Snooker Betting Sites

Here is how we determined the best betting sites for snooker gambling overall. There are six primary categories we examined, and we made sure each site that made out list matched up with each of the criteria points.  

We chose online snooker betting sites that were easy to use and navigate. The overall setup is easy to figure out and makes for an experience where there is not a lot of time lost in finding out where things are located at the site or finding the page that you need. There is, perhaps, no better example of this than BetUS sportsbook, smooth handling, easy navigation, and an attractive appearance with great graphics and sounds.

Aside from betting on snooker, there are a ton of great sports betting markets at the sportsbooks on this list. Each site carries the major markets like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball and there are also smaller, niche markets like snooker available as well. Check out BetUS sportsbook for this one as well because they offer a great variety of betting markets.

We made sure that each sportsbook that made our list came with an assortment of bonuses and promotions that can be used to develop and grow customer bankrolls. Check out any of our promoted sportsbooks and you will find many welcome bonuses for newcomers and reload deals, weekly cashback schemes, and VIP programs for regular bettors as well. It is never difficult to bulk up your bankroll using one of these sportsbooks. In fact, check out BetOnline to find a ton of these great offers!

Each sportsbook for betting on snooker online comes with a large variety of banking options for making deposits and collecting payouts. Customers can bank in style and with flexibility as they enjoy options like credit cards, cryptos, e-wallets, e-checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers. and BetOnline sportsbook are both excellent showcases of a top-rated online sportsbook with great banking options for all types of customers.

We are happy to say that all snooker gambling sites on our list can be enjoyed on the go with any mobile device all thanks to mobile connectivity and compatibility. You can bet on snooker any time of the day or night and do so in just minutes or seconds as each site can be used on devices like smartphones and tablets. Bovada sportsbook is a great sportsbook that offers snooker betting and can be used on any mobile device out there.

You can expect to always receive great service and support around the clock when using one of our favorite online sportsbooks for betting on snooker! Helpful and professional service associates are standing by 24/7 and can be reached any time of the day or night through toll-free phone or live chat. Check out MyBookie for a great showcase of customer service that cannot be beaten!


Betting Options for Snooker Online

Just as with betting on any other sport, there are a whole slew of ways to place bets and wagers when following the game of snooker. You don’t just have to bet on the winner of a match or an overall season winner. There are many more ways to place your bets and that is great news because there are all sorts of ways to rake in some extra coin betting on snooker.

Type of Bet Details
Moneylines Moneyline bets are the simplest form of online snooker betting. This is a bet or wager placed on a snooker match that correctly predicts the winner. This kind of betting is the type most people think of when they consider gambling in a general sense.
Accumulators These are the parlay bets of the snooker gambling world. This is where you string together several bets, and all must be correctly predicted in order for the bet to be considered a win. The more you add on, the riskier the bet gets, but the payout amount increases along the way which could lead you to a massive win!
Handicaps Handicaps are essentially points spread bets. An artificial handicap is placed on the favorite to win which encourages bettors to place wagers on the underdog. You can bet on the favorite or underdog on who you think will cover the point spread better than the other.
Futures As the name of this bet suggests, these are wagers that bettors can place well in advance to the actual snooker event or match. This can be as far out as days, weeks, months, or even a year! Futures bets are not always easy to predict, but if you are correct, the payouts can be quite lucrative.
Live Betting Using the live betting format, bettors can watch a snooker match and be placing wagers during the entirety of the event. That is because many sports featured at our favorite betting sites run live and have oddsmakers putting out lines all during the event as the action changes and evolves. If you are diligent in keeping up with everything that is going on, you can take advantage of some great betting opportunities which could lead to some payouts with volume.

Aside from these primary bets that you can place on snooker, there are several other types of bets that delve into more of the specific outcomes that could surface throughout the season during any given game of snooker. These include betting on:

  • The correct final score of the match
  • An outright winner of a tournament
  • Specific players to make the finals
  • Specific player to win the quarters
  • The highest break in the contest
  • The frame winner
  • The total centuries played
  • The total frames played

Major Events for Snooker Sports Betting

There are a ton of snooker events that take place throughout the year as indicated by the payout chart toward the beginning of the review. However, we will quickly touch on the Triple Crown events of the British cue sport.

World Snooker Championship

This is one of the most renowned events in the snooker world. In fact, it is the first part of snooker’s Triple Crown, the other two being the UK Championship and the Masters. This is the annual event where 32 of the best snooker player go head-to-head to see who is the best and compete for a large grand prize!

UK Championship

Along with the World Snooker Championship and the Masters, the UK Championship is one-third of the Triple Crown in the snooker world and is the second leg of the journey! This event is a big deal! It began in 1977 and is held every year in York, England with the reigning champ being Zhao Xintong who won the title for the first time in just 2021.

European Masters

The third and final leg of the snooker Triple Crown is the European Masters and has been occurring annually since 1989. The total prize fund is 407,000 quid and the event is organized by World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Snooker Betting Strategies

Check out a few of our best tips to experience more wins when you play snooker online! These will add a bit more oomph to the overall betting strategy and can allow you to end up on the right side of the curve more often than not!

Strategy Details
Good Bankroll Management This involves setting up a budget before going into your snooker gambling session and sticking to that amount. The key is not to go over. This can minimize potential losses. It also allows you to move on more easily from losses because nothing should be unexpected if you budgeted ahead of time.
Knowledge of the Game Familiarize yourself with how the game of snooker is played. Study the rules of the game and get an idea of what needs to be done to succeed in the game. This can be invaluable to your betting strategy as knowledge of the game and how it is played competitively can help to inform your bets and wagers down the road.
Learn About the Players Do some initial research on the players before placing bets on your favorite snooker betting sites. It is always good to know where they generally rank amongst each other in terms of skill level and prowess. Of course, there are always odds that give you an idea of which are considered favorites as well as underdogs. Also, look into how players have performed in past tournaments or competitions.
Be Aware of Tournament Formats for Live Betting When betting on snooker for real money, you will want to pace yourself correctly throughout a live betting session. Know how the game will unfold by being aware of the number of frames played in each game and leg of the tournament. That way you will not go too aggressive to begin and deplete your bankroll quickly leaving inadequate funds to bet with for the rest of the session.
Seek Value Bets You can play it safe and bet on the favorites to win but these kinds of bets do not get you too far in terms of a large bankroll balance. A lot of the time, the most value can be found in placing bets on players that are not as appreciated and that are on the cusp of a big break.
Fund Your Bankroll With Bonuses One of your greatest resources for building your bankroll outside of betting on snooker online is using bonuses and promotions offered at real money sportsbooks. Take advantage of as many bonuses as possible to grow your bankroll. The more funds you have at your disposal means that you can take some bigger risks betting on snooker and the possibility of some big payouts!

Snooker Betting Terms You Should Know

Because snooker is a cue game that was created in Britain, many of our readers outside of the UK might be unfamiliar with the game, how it is played, and some of the terminology that they will encounter along the way. Use our helpful glossary of terms below to learn everything that is going on when it comes to snooker gambling.

  1. Angled Ball: a cue ball that cannot be struck directly with the cue because it is angled in the mouth of the table pocket.
  2. Black Ball: this ball is the one that is worth the most on the table at seven points.
  3. Break: this is similar to pool or billiards and is the first shot that is taken with the cue at the triangle of cue balls on the opposite side of the table.
  4. Bridge: a wooden structure that is used to assist players in making difficult shots.
  5. Century Break: this occurs when a break creates one hundred or more points.
  6. Dead Ball: these are older cue balls that have seen better days and can be spotted due to their dirty surfaces.
  7. Fluke: a shot that occurs that was not planned by the player but still affects their game in a positive way.
  8. Frame: this is the time from the break until a winner is declared.
  9. Match: a competition between two players that consists of multiple frames.
  10. Miss: a foul given to a player who misses the ball completely.
  11. Pot: the act of sinking a ball in a pocket.
  12. Snooker: the act of allowing the cue ball to block the path of the opposing player in order to prevent them from getting a clear shot.
  13. Whitewash: this occurs when a player wins every given frame of a match and their opponent does not win anything.

How to Bet on Snooker Online

If you are ready to begin placing snooker bets online, we encourage you to join one of our favorite snooker betting sites. The account creation process has never been easier and can be accomplished in 10 minutes. Use the guide below to learn how to bet on snooker get a jump-start on snooker sports betting online!

  1. Choose one of the best snooker betting sites that are featured in this review. Each sportsbook is fully vetted and researched by our team of experts, completely safe and secure to use.
  2. Fill out your application for a new account at the site’s sign-up page. This will mean creating a username and password as well as providing details like your name, email, and date of birth. Submit your information for review by the site.
  3. Once your new account has been approved and is ready to use, log in using your new username and password. Head over to the BANKING section in order to get your bankroll established. Choose your method of depositing and withdrawing funds.
  4. Head over to the SPORTS or SPORTSBOOK section and find the snooker betting lines and odds that are available. Add the lines and odds you want to your bets slip. This will typically appear on the right-hand side of the screen, opposite of the lines and odds rows.
  5. Submit your bet slip. If your predictions are correct, you will be paid out in the timeframe specified by your payout methods of choice.

Snooker Betting Sites FAQ

Yes, you can legally place bets on snooker for real money using our best online sportsbooks! Each online betting site can legally accept bets from customers in the US and many other countries around the world. Although these companies are located overseas and are accountable to the laws of that land in order to run their business, they can legally accept bets and wagers from players in other countries. However, it is always a good idea to do your own research and check the local laws in your area first.

We highly recommend using BetUS sportsbook as they are our favorite online sportsbooks, especially when it comes to snooker! There are also a ton of other sports betting markets for customers to choose from including the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA as well as betting opportunities for entertainment and politics. BetUS also comes complete with top-notch customer service that can be accessed any time of the day or night and can feature some fantastic bonuses that can help customers, new and old, develop and grow their online bankroll.

Snooker is one of the lesser markets when you look at all sports offered at our favorite online sportsbooks. Snooker is a game that was created in the UK, so it is not super popular to bet on when it comes to US bettors. There are some people who follow the sport, and they place enough wagers to justify having them appear in most online sportsbooks, but overall, this market is more niche than others.

If you are betting on snooker using one of our favorite online sportsbooks, you can do so in complete safety and security! Each site vets all new customers and uses an encrypted connection to keep all information shared with the platform safe from any outside threats. Every sportsbook we featured in this review is fully licensed by a legit gambling authority that conducts third-party reviews throughout the year to make sure each site is complying with rules and regulations that keep the customer experience safe and secure!

Online snooker betting gets much better when you use multiple sportsbooks! When you can access odds and betting lines from multiple sources, you can develop better bets and be more accurate in your predictions. The more snooker betting sites the merrier! There is nothing wrong with having multiple accounts in different sportsbooks. In fact, it is the way that many professional gamblers are able to be on the right side of the curve more often than not with their bets and wagers.