6 Tips to Prepare for Betting on the World Cup

Betting On The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will soon get underway with 64 matches on tap in Qatar from November 20 through December 18. France looks to defend its title in the quadrennial event. This will be the first time the FIFA World Cup is being held in an Arab country.

Let’s take a look at six World Cup betting tips before the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets underway next as we try to prepare you for this massive event. We’ll also preview some of the odds available at the best sportsbook for Soccer.

1. Understand Difference Between Group, Knockout Stages

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ tournament is like most major Soccer tournaments in that it starts with a Group Stage—where losses don’t really matter—and ends with the Knockout Stage where a loss means you’re eliminated.

This means that the first three matches the 32 teams will play in the tournament will have a different feel and pace than others after that point. That’s if the teams are lucky enough to win and advance to the Knockout Stage.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Knockout Stage (Round of 16) will begin on December 3 with the 16 teams all advancing suddenly facing a position where if they don’t win, they are out. So, the way to look at this is very similar to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

In the World Cup, if a team advances to the Knockout Stage, they need to win four straight games to become the sole survivor. In the Big Dance, teams need to win six straight to become national champions.

Usually there are more Draws and close games in the Knockout Stage as matches are closer. In the Group Stage, you will see teams trying to score more in their first three matches as the Goal Differential (GD) becomes important.

It is also very important to remember that when betting Totals in the World Cup that in matches that are tied after 90 minutes, the goal added on to the Final Score doesn’t count when grading the wager.

For example, if a game ends 1-1 after 90 minutes, and a goal (or goals) are scored or there needs to be a Penalty (Kick) Shootout, the goal that makes the score read 2-1 isn’t counted in the Total. A match that was 1-1 after 90 minutes (and added Injury time) is just 2 Total goals.

2. Do Your Homework

The best of the World Cup betting tips, but maybe the hardest thing, is putting the time in researching the match or matches on which you want to bet. With Starting XI’s changing as well as rosters, injuries, specific sites, weather and streaky teams, there are so many variables.

And with a four-year period between play in this quadrennial tournament of all tournaments, the Rosters of the national teams change so much. Seeing who is on the team and actually going to Qatar would be a good idea.

Players retire, now younger ones come up and make squads and Goalkeepers can be notoriously hot or cold, so pay attention. Take notes. Look up FIFA rankings and head-to-head Records.

Websites worldfootball.net and soccerstats 247 have some good numbers to consider before making your World Cup wagers. And there is nothing wrong in taking the World Cup betting tips from writers or handicappers you respect.

And definitely don’t assume teams you saw play in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™ are the same as here in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Four years is a very long time in sports.

3. Draws Happen: Not All Soccer Matches Have Winners

In Soccer betting, the 3-way marketplace always has Draw odds as an option. But very few Soccer bettors go into a handicap thinking that a Draw may be a possibility. Even fewer people ever bet on Draws in Soccer. But Draws happen all the time.

And a huge betting mistake in Soccer is neglecting the possibility of a Draw.

Bet the Draw more often. But try to look for a logical spot when handicapping Soccer. There is no real Homepitch Advantage in the World Cup—unless you are Qatar—so there is a greater chance of parity.

And if teams have already qualified for the Group Stage and don’t necessarily have to win that third match in the Group Stage, then just playing and getting through the match healthy becomes more of a priority than winning. Therefore, a Draw becomes more of a possibility.

And two teams tied on the scoreboard in the third Group Stage match who know they will be moving on to the Knockout Stage won’t really care about beating the other side. This sets up a reality where Draws are both more acceptable and more probable.

4. To Avoid Draw Possibilities, Use Draw No Bet Lines

Yes, there are Draws and yes, they can make matches harder to bet on. However, if you are wise and know where to look and where to bet, you can find the Draw No Bet market.

This can make things very simple psychologically and when viewing a match. It’s simple. If the team you bet on wins, you win your bet. If the team you bet on loses, you lose your bet. And if the match ends in a Draw? No bet. You get your original stake amount back.

Please Note:
The Draw No Bet market in soccer is the same as the PK (Pick or Pick ‘em), reducing the possibilities to a simple two-way wager. And this can be a good market to turn to in games you want to bet, but fear a Draw might happen and ruin your chances of a profit.

Obviously, the odds on the two sides playing are affected in this market. For example, in Match 1 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the 3-way odds for the opener on November 21 see Ecuador as a +110, host Qatar is priced at +285 with a Draw at +233.

In the same match in the Draw No Bet market, Ecuador is priced at +200 with Qatar lined at +150. The Draw No Bet market gives Soccer gamblers a larger level of security but with lower odds. Not all online sportsbooks serve up the Draw No Bet market, so if you want some safety, shop around.

5. Remember Futures and Props Markets, Live Wagering

There has never been more Futures or Props markets in soccer than right now. And having stakes in some of these markets is often more profitable—and fun—than betting solely on the individual matches and the basic Side or Totals bets.

It can be fun and profitable to looking at Players performance Futures in the World Cup like the following:

  • FIFA Young Player Award
  • Top Goalscorer
  • To Win FIFA World Cup Golden Ball
  • To Win FIFA World Cup Golden Glove

Additionally, there are also Futures like the following:

  • Winning Confederation
  • Winning Continent
  • To Reach the Final
  • To Qualify (for Knockout Stage) from the various Groups
  • To Reach the Quarterfinals
  • To Win any of the specific groups (A-H)
  • Exact Group Points
  • Runner Up
  • Finalists

Props markets with the individual games are also worth having in your betting toolbox with markets like First Half, Second Half, Alternate Lines, Alternate Totals, and of course, Live Wagering, are all out there.

Being aware of Futures, Props, and Live Wagering are strong FIFA World Cup betting tips and like knowing what toppings you can put on your pizza.

6. Shop Around For the Best Possible Betting Numbers

Once you know who you want to back in the FIFA World Cup, one of the smartest things you can do is look through all of your “outs” (sportsbooks with accounts) and find the best numbers where you can lock in your bet.

Odds are always changing, and these 2022 FIFA World Cup odds have been up for months. And oddsmakers are always adjusting their lines as the money comes in, so shopping around for the best possible number is a discipline that is necessary for all sports and not just Soccer.

And don’t forget this includes Totals (Over/Unders). For example, if you like the Under in a specific match and there is a line of 2½o -150 and a 3u -120, you obviously want to bet at the sportsbook that is hanging a 3 on the betting board.

Why? Very simple. If the game somehow ends up 3-0 or 2 -1, a 4 will Push the bet and return the stake. If you never saw that one sportsbook had a 3, you would never know you could avoid (Under 2½) a Loss by betting your money at that out.

You can also use the Alternate Totals market to find 3’s (and other Totals) and then make sure you have the Totals number most comfortable with, although the vigorish obviously changes.

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