Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Odds: Who Wins A Boxing Match?

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Odds: Who Wins A Boxing Match?

As the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud reaches a boiling point, the top entertainment betting sites have released Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar betting odds for a potential fight! Although a boxing match has not been scheduled for the two rap stars, you can now place your bets on a winner.

Influencer and cross-over boxing matches have recently become popular moneymakers, so would Drake and Lamar step into the ring? Perhaps if the beef simmers a bit, and they realize the massive earning potential of putting on a show in a boxing match.

Currently, though, we are just hoping that the feud doesn’t turn deadly. Below, let’s analyze the odds of this hypothetical fight. Also, you can find my Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar predictions for this potential boxing match!

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Betting Odds

The following Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Kendrick Lamar-120

Drake and Lamar have identical odds of winning a boxing match. Expressed differently, BetOnline does not see either rapper having an advantage in this possible fight.

When BetOnline released the lines for this fight on their social media accounts, they had Lamar as a -600 betting favorite! That is, well, interesting. At -600, Lamar would have an implied probability of 85.7% to beat Drake.

Unfortunately, these Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar odds are not available, or I would have recommended sprinting to BetOnline to lock in Drake at +450 odds. Does the five-time Grammy winner still have betting value at -120? Let’s delve into the matchup!

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Tale Of The Tape

200 lbs (approx.)Weight148 lbs (approx.)

Drake and Lamar have not participated in an officiated boxing match. They may have had some exhibition fights behind closed doors, but nothing is recorded on their resumes.

Aubrey Graham, or Drake, has posted videos of himself training as a boxer in the past. Aside from that, neither Drake nor Lamar have boxing experience.

The physical advantage significantly favors Drake. He stands roughly 6-feet tall and has weight on Lamar. It’s not particularly close.

A fight between a boxer weighing more than 50 pounds would never be sanctioned as an official fight. With this in mind, Drake would tower over Lamar in a boxing ring.

Drake Fighter Analysis

We know that Drake is much bigger, but how would he look in a boxing match? Assuming that the Canadian superstar has time to prepare, he would have an opportunity to put on more muscle to an already large frame.

As I mentioned, a boxing ring wouldn’t be foreign to Drake. In addition to adding more weight and muscle, he would presumably be ready to hit the ground running immediately in the boxing ring. From what I can see, he appears to have a pretty quick and strong right against the pads.

Videos of Drake working out are not uncommon, either. He has spent time lifting weights and working out with a trainer. Drake would likely have a sizable training camp advantage over Lamar.

Furthermore, Drake is worth roughly $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth,1. He would have access to a long list of sparring partners and trainers who would like to join his camp for the right price.

Lamar has money to spend, too, but Drake should easily find the right people for his corner. For a guy who has some boxing experience and a huge size advantage, it would presumably be simpler for coaches to turn Drake into a stronger fighter.

Kendrick Lamar Fighter Analysis

Lamar did not have the easiest life growing up in Compton, California. While the area has cleaned up significantly since the 90s, Lamar was living in Compton as a child for the roughest periods.

High crime and gang cultures were hallmarks of Compton. I do not doubt that Lamar is tough. He has likely been in a scrap or two growing up. Drake didn’t grow up in a wealthy district of Toronto, but Weston Road doesn’t compare to Compton.

Lamar is smaller, but he might survive against Drake with his agility and pure toughness. Nevertheless, he would have to take his training seriously and need at least a year to get ready.

The Swimming Pools and HUMBLE. hitmaker does not appear to be the gym rat and fitness-minded person that Drake is. That would have to change tenfold for this fight.

However, we do know that he’s been in a boxing ring at least once in his life. TMZ Sports has footage of Lamar training in a ring four years ago, where he is seen hitting the pads.

With multiple highlights of Drake training, it’s unlikely that Lamar has done it as much. Still, if he can find the right coach, he might be able to make a fight against Drake pretty interesting.

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Prediction and Betting Pick

Lamar would most likely be a -600 favorite over Drake in a rap battle. The exchange of insults and diss songs has to go to Lamar right now. He has the upper hand in this regard, but I am not confident it would be the same in a boxing ring.

You can’t teach size and strength. Not at any fault of Lamar’s, and he can be competitive off sheer toughness, but Drake’s strength and size would prove to be too difficult to overcome.

From the boxing tapes we’ve seen of Drake, he has a fairly good right hand. While his defensive techniques need a big upgrade, it wouldn’t hurt him against a 5-foot-5 opponent who can’t exploit poor defense.

Also, it’s worth noting that Drake would beef up for a boxing match. Lamar would as well, but Drake’s potential to get bigger far exceeds his opponent.

In a random street fight, I give Lamar a puncher’s chance, though, in a boxing match with rules, Drake has to be the pick. He is a bargain to beat Lamar at -120 odds.

The Bet

Where To Bet On Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar?

Are you looking for Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar odds to place bets on this potential fight at sports betting sites? BetOnline currently has odds on who would win a boxing match.

Although a fight hasn’t been scheduled yet, you can back your favorite rapper today! Do you believe Drake or Lamar has the upper hand in this hypothetical showdown? Consider putting your bets in now!

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