Spain vs. France (Euro 2024 Semifinal) Betting Odds, Prediction, and Pick

Spain vs. France (Euro 2024 Semifinal) Betting Odds, Prediction, and Pick

The first EURO 2024 semifinal is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9th 3 PM EST. The odds suggest a close clash between in-form Spain and offensively inefficient France.

According to the bookmakers, de la Fuente’s Furia is a slight favorite. However, France has an astonishing class of players who can turn the tide of a match in a single run. Despite their differences in terms of recent performances, this semifinal clash has all the makings of a classic.

Let’s take a closer look and see if there are any viable bets and predictions we could make ahead of this one!

Spain vs. France Betting Odds

The following Spain vs. France odds are courtesy of BetUS. Keep in mind they’re bound to keep changing as we inch closer to the kickoff.

Spain to win+155
France to win+210
Spain to qualify-130
France to qualify+100
Over 2 goals-120
Under 2 goals+100

No big surprises here. According to my research, all online bookmakers see Spain as the favorites, and why wouldn’t they?

The team outclassed Croatia, Albania and Italy in the group stage, whereas France struggled and finished the group with just two goals. Worst of all, they didn’t score from open play – the first was an own goal and the second was a penalty.

On that note, BetUS offers all sorts of props around goals, player and team performances, and more, so feel free to check the bookie for more options! They have the same variety of odds for Netherlands vs. England, too.

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Spain – the Best Team in the Tournament?

Let’s start off with Spain. Many were skeptical about Spain coming into the tournament. They were in a group of death with Croatia, Italy, and Albania. However, Spain took no time to assert dominance, outclassing Croatia 3:0 in the group opener and setting the tempo for the rest of the tournament.

De la Fuente’s Spain loves to play on the ball. They have outstanding midfield maestros in Rodri, Pedri, and Ruiz, and France is going to find it difficult to take possession and keep it. However, if you thought Spain being good on the ball is going to be a big issue for the French, wait till you hear how good they are off the ball.

Here are some reference points – Spain conceded just two goals in 5 matches. One of them was an own goal (in ro16 against Georgia), and the other was against Germany in the 89th minute.

Defensively, the Spaniards are rock solid and leave no empty space near the edge of the box. Once they do get the ball, their transitional play is exceptional, all thanks to midfield artists who sent pinpoint precise passes to the final third.

All in all, Spain has shown us a lot more than France so far. The likes of Lamine Yamal and Dani Olmo could end up running circles around Mbappe and the co.

The only notable concerns for Spain are Pedri’s absence because of injury and the lack of experience at this level. France has more semifinals and finals in big tournaments, which can be a factor.

France – What’s Wrong up Front?

Not sure what’s happening with France. Yes, they’ve made it to the semifinals, but they haven’t shown us a glimpse of their potential Five points from the group stage, scoring just 2 goals and conceding 1 in the process.

One of those two was an own goal and the other came from a penalty. To make the matter even worse, they scored just one goal in the knockouts… and it was an own goal against Belgium  Against Portugal, they scored none until the penalties.

That said, something is obviously wrong with the French attack. They’re creating chances but are struggling with execution and getting into that pitch perfect position to take the shot. In their defense, France has conceded just 1 goal on the whole tournament, so Spain’s job here won’t exactly be a walk in the park.

Considering what we’ve seen from the Spaniards so far, especially up front, they’re the favorites for a reason!

Spain vs. France Prediction and Betting Pick

On paper, these two sides are neck and neck in the pursuit of a EURO 2024 Final. They’ve both found their way into the semifinals, which deserves respect and admiration.

However, Spain have looked superb doing so (despite controversial refereeing decisions against Germany), whereas France have struggled at every step of the process.

With all that in mind, I just have to go with Spain to take this one in regular 90 minutes. The odds of +155 for the team in form are very appealing.

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Spain to win
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