Hunter Biden Odds, Predictions, and Best Bets

Hunter Biden Odds, Predictions, and Best Bets

The Hunter Biden odds make it look like the president’s son could end up in prison! He’s facing three counts, each of which is a felony, so he’s definitely in trouble. It’s a storyline that political betting sites have picked up.  

The president’s son had a plea deal that fell apart, so the likelihood of a lenient sentence has dropped too. In this article, I analyze the latest Hunter Biden betting odds and share my best bets for the saga!

Hunter Biden Trial Outcome Odds and Best Bet

  • Fine -200
  • Not Guilty +300
  • Probation +600
  • Community Service +1400
  • Custodial Sentence +2000
  • House Arrest +3300

Hunter Biden’s being charged for lying on his gun purchase form about his drug use, attempting to deceive a gun manufacturer, and possessing a firearm while addicted to drugs or alcohol. Each of those counts is a felony and carries the risk of prison time and a large fine. The maximum sentence for all three is a $750,000 fine and 25 years in prison.

While a fine will likely be part of Hunter Biden’s sentence, he could service prison time. It’s hard to imagine facing three felonies concerning drug and alcohol use when he’s released a memoir detailing his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.  

The best bet here is for a custodial sentence. It’s not only the most likely, but the odds also seem to be inflated from misperceptions about the leniency Hunter Biden will enjoy as the president’s son.

The odds of +2000 are simply insane given the charges, so I’m more than happy to take that wager!

The Bet
Custodial Sentence

Hunter Biden to Serve Jail Time Before 2025 Odds and Best Pick

  • Yes +1200
  • No -5000

It’s difficult to imagine Hunter Biden avoiding jail time. Ever since his plea deal fell apart in July 2023, it was inevitable for him to face three felony charges in court.

The details of the charges seem difficult to escape. Hunter Biden’s addiction struggles are well documented. The paperwork for the gun is dated, and one of his exes, Hallie Biden, testified that she found the gun and threw it away.

This trial isn’t facing long delays, either. CNN reports that “the trial is expected to last between three and six days.” Even if sentencing is a month later like Donald Trump’s trial, Hunter Biden still has time to report to his prison sentence before the new year.

Since there are three felony counts, it seems likely that the combination of broken laws will include prison time. The best bet is to pick “yes” on Hunter Biden serving jail time before 2025.

And yet, if you’re going to take this one, I recommend placing a wager on the +2000 available for a custodial sentence in the previous Hunter Biden betting market I explored. It’s a similar bet, but the odds are much higher!

If Hunter Biden Acquitted, First to Say “No One is Above the Law” Odds and Betting Pick

  • Donald Trump; +300
  • James Comer; +300
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene; +600

Republicans were already paying close attention to Hunter Biden before Donald Trump’s felony conviction. Hunter Biden’s laptop broke in conservative media shortly before the 2020 election and has been a prominent storyline ever since.

After Donald Trump’s conviction, many Republicans will be looking for ways to exploit the verdict for their own side. None of them more than Donald Trump himself.

He has been on the attack against Joe Biden for years now, so this would be a golden opportunity to use Hunter Biden’s issues to boost his US presidential election odds.

The price of +300 for Trump is pretty solid, given the circumstances, making him the best pick for this market.

The Bet
Donald Trump

Where to Find Hunter Biden Betting Odds?

Hunter Biden seems like he’s heading to prison before the end of the year. The odds also seem to be skewed against severe legal penalties against the president’s son. After Trump’s felony convictions, more money should be put on the courts upholding serous charges against major figures.

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