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As far as online soccer betting is concerned, props/specials are pretty much the most popular betting options. Proposition bets (props from now on) offer bettors a wide variety of different scenarios to bet on. Also known as specials, these types of bets usually focus on a specific in-game variable that are vastly different from the standard match-winner wagers. Most popular soccer props offer plenty of entertainment for the bettors, allowing them to spice things up a notch and creating a unique spectating experience.

However, even though the most popular soccer props are a common sight to see with experts’ slips, they’re not that common among newcomers. It’s almost as if props scare away new betting enthusiasts. If you’ve found yourself in that sentence, we advise you to drop that attitude and start experimenting. Take things slowly with smaller bets to build up your confidence for the bigger ones.

This page ought to be of help too. In fact, most popular soccer props are our focal point here. That said, let’s kick things off by answering the most basic question, what are soccer props.

What Are Soccer Props

Since you’ve come to this website, chances are you want to learn more about soccer props. No worries, that’s exactly what this page is made for. Let’s start off with the simplest of questions – what are soccer props?

Proposition bets are special types of sports bets available on all sorts of online betting platforms, and they’re typically more complex than their standard, match-winner counterparts. They haven’t been that popular in the States until very recently. Their popularity flourished overseas, mainly in Europe. In fact, soccer prop bets were the driving force that brought the term to the USA.

While some props may appear similar to match-winner bets, most of them are vastly different. Instead of betting on the match outcome, prop bets allow players to bet on specific in-game occurrences. For instance, the number of goals in each half, the number of goals in total, individual goal scorers, and the list goes on and on.

In short, the most popular soccer props are indeed an interesting section to explore. However, if you have zero experience with soccer specials, sit back, relax and try to soak in as much info as you can from the following tips and tricks section.

Tips and Tricks for Soccer Props Betting

We won’t go too deep as far s the tips and tricks section is concerned. There’s really no need, in fact, since the most popular soccer props are pretty much straight forward.

First up, don’t get too carried away with your soccer props betting experiments. Yes, we will show you a great variety of soccer props you can explore, but that doesn’t mean you should start going all in on them. Take your time, be selective, and don’t ever bet solely for the sake of betting. Time your bets, do a lot of research, and only bet your money once you’re sure you’ve found proper value in your selections.


Some of these bets aren’t really viable as far as informed judgment predictions go. For instance, player-specific specials that require you to guess the minute of the goal, the goal scorer, and the goalscoring distance (f.e. inside or outside the box). Another great example of this are the goals odd/even bets. Specials such as these are basically a lottery, and are in no way good for the long run.

However, there are props that can be heavily exploited with the right know-how. In other words, a lot of stat-crawling is required. A number of goals over/under, number of cards over/under, heck, even halftime/fulltime (which usually possess great value) can be great choices for profitable betting enthusiasts.

Most Popular Soccer Props

Let’s be realistic here, the number of soccer props is huge. However, the selection tends to vary from website to website. That said, it’s best to check in advance if your bookie of choice has the specials you want to experiment with. If it doesn’t, we have a page dedicated to the best soccer betting websites and it ought to give you a few excellent suggestions.

Going back to the matter at hand, we decided to divide the most popular soccer props into two sections, based on their length. Let’s kick things off with the long-term bunch and build our way to the more popular short-term options!

Long-Term Soccer Props

The most popular long-term soccer props are as follows:

  • Group Winner
    If a given event features a group stage, chances are this type of bet will be available on the most popular soccer betting sites. The premise is as simple as it can be, you get to bet on a single team that you believe will win the group. Of course, the rest of the tournament doesn’t count towards this bet, only the group stage.
  • To Reach the Playoffs
    Similar to the first one, To Reach the Playoffs bet also focuses on the group stage results. However, instead of betting on the group winners, with this one you’ll be betting on teams that go through to the knockout phase. As far as group stages of soccer events are concerned, most of the time you’ll be looking at the two top spots in a group.
  • To Reach the Finals
    Instead of betting on playoffs-reaching teams, this soccer prop is a bit more specific, taking only the finalists into account. The odds are, obviously, much bigger than on To Reach the Finals, but predicting this bet is much more difficult too.
  • Outright Winner
    And finally, the last event-based long-term special. The most straightforward one, come to think of it. This bet basically represents betting on the whole event instead of a single match. Yep, outright winner bets are based on tournament winners, nothing more and nothing less. If you pick the team that ends up winning the event, congratulations, you’ve won your slip.
  • Manager-Based Props
    There are several notable types of manager-based props. Most popular ones are Manager of the Year and Next Manager to Get Sacked. While they can be difficult to predict, stats-crawling usually leads to good results. Still, you shouldn’t go all crazy with these types of bets since they’re not that good in the grand scheme of things.
  • Award Props
    Finally, the last type of long-term soccer specials are the so-called awards props. These are available in the most recognized soccer leagues in the world, such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga. These bets basically allow you to wager your money on the winners of the Golden Boot, Player of the Year, Most Assists, and so on. These can lead to an interesting set of bets, great for long-term accumulators to keep tabs on for the entirety of the season.

Short-Term Soccer Props

The most popular short-term soccer props are as follows:

  • Handicap
    The first short-term soccer prop we’re going to talk about here is handicap. Believe it or not, handicap belongs to the most popular soccer props, all thanks to its simplicity and solid odds balancing. Handicap bets are a common sight to see in fixtures with clear favorites. Obviously, in such fixtures, the odds on the heavy favorites are ridiculously low.

    However, what handicap bets do is they “balance out” the playing field, giving a specified number of goals advantage to the undergods. So, for instance, -2.5 handicap on Manchester City against Norwich. If you bet on Manchester City, the Blues have to win by three goals difference for your bet to be successful.

  • Will There be a Goal
    If your stats-crawling process brought you to the conclusion that both teams have rock-solid defenses and flimsy attacks, then this soccer special ought to do the trick for you. It’s basically a yes/no bet which typically has high odds on the no option. In fact, there are matches that don’t even have yes as an option.

    There are several variations too. Most important ones are will there be a goal in the first half, will there be a goal from a penalty, will there be a goal from outside the box and so on. As was the case with some of the above-explained long-term props, these variations are also not that viable in terms of informed judgments. That said, it’s best not to experiment with them too much.

  • Time of First Goal
    These types of bets are based on a certain number of periods in the regular 90 minutes. Your only goal is to correctly guess the period in which the first goal will be scored. It doesn’t matter which team ends up scoring it, as long as it happens in your chosen period. Most of the time, bookies will allow you to bet on a 15-minute period, for example, between 15th and 30th or 45th and 60th minute.

    The odds can greatly vary from period to period, heavily depending on the attacking qualities of the teams in play as well as the periods in which they usually score the most goals. There’s also a variation of this bet that focuses on the time of the last goal. The premise stays exactly the same, except for the fact you’re now cheering for the last goal to fall inside your chosen period.

  • First Team to Score
    Only the first goal counts towards this bet. It’s pretty straightforward, you have to choose the team which you think will score first. As was the case with time of first goal bets, this soccer prop bet also has a conclusive variation. In other words, in addition to the first team to score, some bookies also feature the last team to score. This set of bets is quite interesting, especially when built into lengthier accumulators.
  • Half with Most Goals
    As the name suggests, in this bet you need to correctly guess the half with the most goals. Even though many recreational bettors use this as their go-to soccer prop bet, it’s still considered as the bread and butter of more experienced bettors. People who follow a given number of teams and explore their goalscoring habits to extreme depths, allowing them to correctly predict per half numbers.
  • Total Goals/Corners/Cards
    Quantifiable in-game totals can bring you a whole heap of constant profit. If you can track the records, compare the stats, and do the number crunching in a brilliant manner. We’re being serious here, these are some of the most popular soccer props out there, all thanks to the fact they can be “easily” mastered.

    The premise is quite simple, the bookie gives you a certain number of goals/corners/cards and you have to guess whether the final count will be lower or higher than that number. A variation of this bet is team instead of total goals/corners/cards. In this prop bet, you only focus on your desired teams and only that team’s goals/corners/cards count.

    If you want to master these types of bets (and we advise you do, since they’re great for a constant flow of solid returns), our prop betting strategy guide might be of service!

  • Halftime & Fulltime Props
    As far as the most popular soccer props based on halftime and fulltime scores are concerned, there are two highly notable specimens. Even though their premise is similar, the bets themselves couldn’t be more different. Let’s start off with halftime or fulltime bets. It allows you to choose one of three possible outcomes, home win, away win or draw. However, instead of only taking fulltime result into account, this soccer prop takes halftime result as well. In other words, if you went with a home win and the home team goes into the halftime break with a lead, you’ve won your bet.

    On the other side of the spectrum, we have halftime/fulltime bets. Instead of having two halves to win one scenario, halftime/fulltime bets require you to correctly guess the results on both of them. Yep, you need to correctly guess the halftime result as well as the result after the final whistle. So, for instance, you can bet 1/x if you think the home team will be leading at half time but succumb to the pressure late on and end with a draw. Or, you can bet 2/1 if you think the away team will surprise the home crowd at halftime, but get absolutely obliterated in the second.

    Their odds can range anywhere from +200 to +2000, depending on which scenario you go for. Obviously, the biggest odds are on comeback scenarios in which the halftime losing team makes a comeback in the second half and wins the match. Needless to say, such comebacks are extremely difficult to predict but yield extraordinary returns if nailed correctly.

  • Player-Based Specials
    We’re sure you’ve already seen such props appear on your favorite soccer betting sites. The likes of Player to Score, Player to Get Booked, To Miss a Penalty, To Get Sent Off and so on. These are all player-based props, they’re quite tricky to predict since, obviously, they’re not that suitable for making informed judgments. In fact, most of them are catered towards recreational bettors, people who just want to spice up their spectating experience. As such, they’re not really ideal for long-term betting success.

    There are also player-based combinations, bets that combine player-based props with other types of bets. Most frequently, soccer betting sites will offer something like Leo Messi Scores and Team Wins. Even though these are still catered mostly towards recreational bettors, they’re still among the most popular soccer props out there.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether or not you’ve already tried some of the most popular soccer props out there, you have to admit they are pretty interesting. While they do take a lot of time to get used to, especially if you’re coming into this market with no prior online soccer betting experience, they shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp after a bit of practice. You know how they say, practice makes perfect!

In addition to the most popular soccer specials explained above, there’s a ton of additional options available. As we stated earlier, the selection of props greatly varies from bookie to bookie. Some online betting platforms focus on the standard match-winner bets without going into proper depth in terms of specials.

Others, luckily, go out of their way to present their users with the freshest and most abundant selection of props. If you want to join such bookies, make sure you check out our ultimate soccer betting sites page. Most bookies listed there are known for having deep prop coverage, making them the ideal solutions for people craving for that entertaining prop betting action.

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